March 10, 2009

Upcoming Warhammer Tournament - Awesome!!!

Khandallah, Wellington, May 16th-17th

Just recieved an email informing me about an upcoming Warhammer Fantasy tournament in Wellington in May which I am DEFINATELY going to be attending. First tournament to be hold close enough to home for me to be able to make it without spending a fortune on travel costs - most are in Auckland (and I hate Auckland).

Only have limited details so far, but it looks like a really friendly tournament with the following format:

  • 2,250 points
  • Five rounds (3 Sat, 2 Sun)
  • Scoring - 40% gameplay, 30% list composition, 30% sportsmanship
  • Painting competition
  • Entry fee - $30/40 depending on when you do it

Have already emailed off asking for a player pack, and looks like Toshi is keen on going as well so should make for a fun weekend. Just have to figure out what army I am going to take!?!?

Dwarves I have more off (7,000pts+), they are all painted and I have far more options when it comes to picking out a decent army. High Elves I have fewer available units (only 32 Spears & 10 Archers), and the painting isn't that flash on some of them. Vampire Counts I could probably at a stretch put out 2,250 pts but there is no way I could paint them all in time. But as much as I love my Dwarfs it is going to have to be High Elves as I really want to take my Dragon, and with 2250 pts I can use him as a Level 4 Archmage!!!

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Binz said...

Yeah I am very keen, looks like ill be taking practically my entire warriors of chaos army, including 36 Chaos Warriors, and probably a dragon :)

Should be fun!