March 4, 2009

Update on New Years Resolutions

Well I made these a little while and so far my progress toward keeping them has been OK

No more new games - Kept this one
Do not assemble or even unpack my Vampire Counts until my Dwarf and High Elf painting & assembly backlog is complete - Um, I weakened and assembled them, and even started painting some, but I couldnt help it they were calling to me
Finish my Dwarf & High Elf painting & assembly backlog - Elves are nearly done, but I keep adding to my Dwarfs *sigh*
Enter at least one WHFB tournament this year - Panzershrek is coming up in July and should have a Warhammer component to it
Get the shelves up in my gaming room so I can store my stuff properly and my wife wont get so annoyed with the mess - done, I even put up the bookshelves I'd been talking about for the last two years
Crush Toshi's WHFB Chaos's army beneath the boots of my Dwarfs - well I crushed a Chaos army, it just wasnt Toshi's
Do some more work on my WHFB Dwarven army history project blog, Karak Thorinkin - thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it *sigh*

1 comment:

Toshi David said...

Nice :D Ill give you a chance to crush my Chaos army soon enough...