March 24, 2009

Vampire Count Skeletons [Work in progress]

Started work on my VC Skeleton unit two nights ago and have been making reasonable progress. Process so far has been...

Skeletal Frame
- Undercoat Chaos Black
- Basecoat Khemri Brown (thinned down, 2 layers)
- Flesh Wash
- Dry brush Fortress Grey
- Dry brush Skull White

- Chaos black undercoat
- Boltgun Metal
- Badab Black wash

Cloaks, coloured areas
- Chaos Black
- Scab Red
- Badab Black wash
- Scab Red

Dry-brushing of Skeletal frames is complete currently retouching red areas, only front rank done so far. After that it will be the leather strapping, finish off the armour, basing, and maybe a wash to the skeletal frames (not sure). Thinking about drybrushing a light coat of rotting flesh onto some areas of the Skeletal frames, the model on the extreme left of the front rank in the 1st picture has had his skull done this way and it gives it an interesting look.

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