March 13, 2009

Warhammer Battle Reports [Dwarfs]

Two battles, two different results, both fun
750pts per side

Two matches tonight, first against Caleb and his Chaos and the second against Doug and his Skaven (only my second against a Skaven force). With only 750pts I decided in the end to take my Dwarfs and opt for a strong shooting force, so used Dwarf List 1 for both games.

  • Thane w. MR Gromil, GW & Handgun
  • Warriors x25 w. SB & MU
  • Quarrellers x10 (3 units)
  • Organ Gun

Game 1 - Dwarfs vs. Chaos
I was fully expecting Caleb to bring his Chaos Knights but in the end he didnt and opted for Chaos Ogres instead. This gave him a quite large force, which in terms of numbers severly outnumbered my own. His list in basic terms consisted of:

  • Nurgle Sorcerer Level 2
  • Maruader Horseman x5 (2 units)
  • Chaos Warhounds (with Chaos armour)
  • Marauders x25
  • Chaos Ogres x4
I deployed first, and after winning the dice roll started first as well. Standard deployment for a small force. Quarrellers strung out in a single line 30 models wide, the Organ Gun hiden in a forest on the left flank to get some protection (but while allowing it to see out), and the Warriors and General also on the left angled across the front of the Quarrellers.
Chaos deployment was basically aimed at my centre, but with the 2 units of Horseman out on the flank which was a worry. We were using a standard sized table 6'x4' so there was a lot of room.

Turn 1
For some reason Caleb deployed all of his units right on the deployment zone. As I was only just behind mine I had all 30 of my Quarrellers in range of his units, the Organ Gun was unfortunately 1 inch short. 30 shots resulted in 3 kills on Warhounds, 3 on one unit of Horseman, and 3 from the Maruaders - not a bad result. Caleb responded by marching forward with everybody, and firing his two Magic Missle spells at me. Both were dispelled.
Turn 2
More shooting on my part, this time the Organ Gun came into play. One unit of Maruader Horsemen is wiped out, the Marauders lose two more models, and the Warhounds manage to save against the other Quarreller unit. The Organ Gun scores big though 8 hits @ S5 on the Ogres, killing 1 and wounding another. Luckily for me the unit of Horsemen killed was the only one in charge range of my Quarrellers on the right flank.
Calebs response is to march his guys further forward, the Marauders coming in to block the Warriors. The Dogs move toward the Organ Gun but don't charge (can't remember why now), and the Chaos Ogres charge the Quarrellers. Luck goes my way again though as the Stand and Shoot from the Quarrellers scores 8 hits and 4 wounds, killing another Ogre and putting a wound of one of the two remaining.

In the resulting combat the Quarrellers lose but manage to pass their leadership test and hold on for one more turn. Magic kills one Quarreller in another unit, and fails to wound the Organ Gun crew.

Turn 3
The Warrior unit moves forward ready to charge across the front of the Quarrellers and into the Marauders. The Quarrellers on the right flank decide to turn and face the oncoming Cavalry hoping that their comrades fighting the Ogres will hold them up. The reform also means any overrun by the Ogres will see them run past them and into their line of fire. Shooting goes well again. The Organ Gun cuts down the Warhounds before they can charge, and the remaining Quarreller unit takes out 2 more Marauders.
In combat the Ogres finally break the Quarrellers and overrun them nearly hitting the edge of the board. They however dont move far enough to come into range of the reformed unit, but are now smack in line to be hit by the Organ Gun.

In Chaos turn the Horsemen charge the other Quarreller unit who are too close to stand and shoot, and the Marauders charge the other Quarrellers. Combat sees both Dwarf units lose but due to some bad positioning both of the overrunning Chaos units hit eachother and become locked face to face in the middle of the field. This leaves the Warriors on the Marauders flank and the Organ Gun free to fire.

Turn 4
The Organ Gun finishes off the Ogres 6 hits this time killing the last two. The Warriors then charge into the Marauders. In the resulting combat the Dwarfs win and the Marauders flee, with the Dwarfs falling 1 inch short on the pursuit.
Chaos turn sees the Marauder Horseman charge the Warriors principally to stop them hitting the retreating Marauders. They lose on combat and flee, the Warriors restraining their pursuit. Meanwhile the Marauders rally to face the Dwarf Warriors

Turn 5
The Organ Gun blasts the Marauder Horseman out off the saddle with 8 hits (my dice rolling was awesome with it in this game), and the Warriors charge the Marauders again. In combat the Dwarf Warriors fail to score any wounds, but luckily the Thane does and in CR I win by 2 (outnumber and ranks) and once again Chaos breaks and runs. Once again I fall 1 inch short in the pursuit. Chaos turn sees the Marauders rally, and turn to face the Dwarfs.
Turn 6
Guess what - I CHARGE... AGAIN - kill 3 or 4 more Marauders and break the unit, and yet again fall short on the pursuit. I had for a brief minute thought about moving the Warriors out of the way and shooting the Marauders with the Organ Gun, but thought better of it.

Chaos ends the game by rallying his final unit and we tally up the points

Result & Final Thoughts


All up I lost 330pts - the 3 units of Quarrellers. Chaos lost approximately 400 + a banner, and another 50-100 for losing half of the Marauder unit. At 750pts this gave me a nice Solid Victory. The game itself was incredibly fast, which was the whole point of playing 750pt games, and took less than an hour (having two guys who know the rules helps here as well). Shooting worked bloody well and the Organ Gun was great, but I think in future I will drop one of the Quarreller units and try to put in some more infantry somewhere just to hold up one flank. The strong shooting force is good but too one dimensional, if Caleb had used his Chaos Knights the outcome could have been very different. However, if he had I would have used 2 units of Thunderers rather than 3 of Quarrellers, this would have at least reduced his Knights AS from 1+ to 3+ meaning I could, with 10 shots, expect to kill at least one with each round of firing.

Game 2 - Dwarfs vs. Skaven
My first game against Doug and only my 2nd against a Skaven army my first was also at 750pts. I used the same list as Game 1 and this time was definately outnumbered with the Skaven army mustering a huge array of different units. These included:

  • Slaves x20 (2 Units)
  • Clanrats x25 (2 Units)
  • Skirimishing rat things x7 (2 units)
  • Skaven artillery (2 units)
  • Skaven Mage
  • Skaven Hero
  • Rats and dudes with whips ??
I have no idea what they were all called and didnt write it down unfortunately, there were just a hell of a lot of them. This meant my deployment was slightly different with one unit of Quarrellers going on the left flank and only 2 strung out in a line on the exposed right.

Turns 1 -3
I went first and got some really good shooting in causing both units of Slaves enough wounds to have them take panic tests, which they failed seeing one unit run off the board and the other come close. Skaven artillery couldnt really hit me but the Skirmishers and Rats with Whip guys marched at my left flank, with everything else - bar 1 big unit of Clan Rats coming straight at my Quarrellers. The 2nd unit of slaves managed to rally, and marched toward me as well.

Shooting continued but unfortunately my Organ Gun was badly out of position and could only hit the centre left and left flank of the Skaven army. However, it and the Quarrellers took out several of the advancing Clan Rats as did the Organ Gun. But on my left the Skaven Skirimisher units charged my unit of Quarrellers along with the Whip guys and their little rat things. Somehow I survived one round of combat only to have the Dwarfs break the next turn and flee. The pursuing Skaven overran them and went straight into the Organ Gun taking it out of commission.

Turns 4-6
Things got messy here with the Clan Rats on my right cleaving through the Quarrellers who managed to score some wounds before going down. The resulting overruns saw them march past my Warriors and expose their flanks. Unfortunately I had repositioned my Warriors to deal with the Skaven attacking the Organ Gun and was in no position to flank charge. The Organ Gun crew managed (being Stubborn) to survive two rounds of combat, including one in which they were rear charged by Skaven Skirmishers before going down. The victorious Skaven were then hit in the rear by the Warriors who wiped them out and routed the Whip boys and their little slaves. The pursuit however dropped 1 inch short (common theme tonight).

On my right the overrunning Skaven Clan Rats had reformed and were now in position to hit my Dwarf Warriors who had turned around and moved back into the forest for cover. This was principally to stop the Skaven artillery hitting them. The final turn saw a full unit of Clan Rats and the Whip Boys charge the Warriors and the accompanying Thane. I lost the resulting combat by 2 after my Warriors all missed, and then failed - YES FAILED - my leadership test rolling an 11 when I only needed a 7 to pass. Result my final unit fled was caught and cut-down and the Skaven earned a massive victory.

Once again the Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin are defeated by the vile Skaven

Final Thoughts
Against Skaven the gun line army list was definately too weak. Given the low toughness of their units another infantry unit could have easily turned the tide of battle. Even giving the Quarrellers shields and GW (which I didnt do in order to have 3 units) would have turned the battle my way. A slightly different deployment would have served me better as well. The right hand side of the board was dominated by a small village that would have broken up the Skaven charge and prevented them from getting massed charge attacks on my units. It would have also given my units Hard Cover against his artillery.

NEXT WEEK - Time to play test my 2,250pt High Elf list for RUNEFANG II

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