March 17, 2009

Warhammer Conversion Project

Tomb Kings into Vampire Count Black Knights

Started assembling and modifying my recently purchased Tomb King Horseman last night. Luckily I had a large number of left over bits from my VC Skeleton units, VC Grave Guard as well as a large assortment of Warriors of Chaos bits as well.

Modifying the Riders
Basic changes to Skeleton soldiers were:
- TK Heads replaced by VC Skeleton, Grave Guard and Warriors of Chaos Heads
- TK Spears replaced by VC Skeleton spears
- VC Skeleton command group pieces used to make banner bearer & musician
- Cloaks from Warriors of Chaos, Dark Elves & Chaos Marauders added to some models
- TK shields replaced by VC Skeleton, Grave Guard & Chaos Maruader shields

Modifiying the Horses
For the horses I wanted to try and hide the kind of bland moulding on the TK models by adding some barding. For this I used:
- TK shields as front plates
- Chaos Marauder shields cut in half as side plates
- Cloaks from Dark Elves & Chaos Marauders as cloaks for some horses

Next Stages
- Green stuff over barding areas to close up gaps and create straps holding them on
- Green stuff saddles or saddle blankets
- Undercoating & flocking bases (going to try and get static grass thing right this time)

Still have one unit of TK Horsemen to open and assemble but ill have to leave them until I get another box set of Skeletons and Grave Guard as I don't have enough spare bits left over to make any more modifications.

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