March 5, 2009

WIP - High Elves and Vampire Counts

I haven't posted any WIP pics for a little while so thought I'd post some of the units I'm currently working on my HE Dragon Princes, VC Grave Guard, and in the completed section my recently finished Silver Helms - who have just had their shields completed.

Looking at these and all my other units though I really can't flock bases to save myself - the whole static grass look just completing eludes me. Going to have to work on it somehow :(

Silver Helm Champion with completed shield & runes

Chamions runes up close

Silver Helms Banner
Grave Guard in various stages of completion

Dragon Princes also in various stages of completion

1 comment:

Skirza said...

The bases look fine; they complement the minis nicely. I remember reading this blog about a guy who played 40k and would rant on about having to do the bases and all he was doing was painting them green. He was really angry and directed a lot of vitriol at people who spend time making their miniatures look nice. It was a funny read. Unfortunately I cannot find a link.