April 30, 2009

8th Edition Warhammer Dwarfs wishlist

If I have to wait till 2011 this is what I would love to see

I think I can wait till 2011, gives me time to save up for more stuff and I have my Vampire Counts and Nauticans to keep me busy. Plus I still have more Protectorate to buy and paint and some White Lions to add to my High Elves. Still if we are going to have to wait till 2011 here is my (short) wish list of changes I would like to see to the Dwarf army book.

Slayers given the Scout Skirmish rule.
Considering that these guys are supposed to be loners fulfilling a blood oath it seems contradictory to me to have them fight in ranked units. Give them the option to play as Skirmishers or in ranks (if you want to take a Slayer army) at a point cost per model.

A steam-tank warmachine
Empire has them why not Dwarfs who after all taught the Empire Engineers everything they know. It wouldnt be outside the current lore/history of the Dwarves either as the majority of Warhammer Dwarf novels make reference to Steam Tanks or similar engines being used to pull the Dwarven artillery and supply trains when their armies march to battle.

Rangers as core choice with Skirmish
Again not totally outside the existing lore as far as Skirmish rule goes, but give it a point cost so it becomes a matter of choice either they skirmish or they dont. As a core choice they would make sense given that all Dwarven holds have Rangers to some degree responsible for scouting and protecting the above ground territory.

Thunderers move and shoot
Bring back the Thunderers ability to move and shoot - enough said, given superior nature of Dwarven handguns this again shouldnt be considered unrealistic.

Increase special and rare choice limits
Probably not likely, but given that Dwarven war machines are a defining feature of the army they should have the ability to take more of these options i.e., in a 2000pt game I dont consider it unreasonable to be able to field 2 Gyrocopters and an Organ Gun.

Pre-designed special Runic items
Designing your own is fun but the gaming community is full of standard builds commonly used by most players. Why not make some of them standard runic items.

Thane leadership to 10
Again not likely but given that Thanes are historically capable of being Lords of small Dwarven holds I wouldnt consider increasing their LS from 9 to 10 too unreasonable. Most opponents not familiar with Dwarves assume its 10 anyway and are surprised when you correct them.

Plastic models for everything
I love the metal Hammerers and Gyrocopter think they are fantastic models. But given the new range of plastic Chaos and Vampire counts units it seems strange to me that many of the key Dwarven units are still sold in metal in blisters of 3-5. This makes them extremely costly, e.g., my 1st 20 strong unit of Hammerers (all metal) cost me NZ$50 for the Command Group, and then NZ$150 for 3 box sets of 5 models to complete the unit. I purchased my 2nd unit of 20 off TradeMe for only $70 - but overall would love to see these guys come out in plastic. (Same thing for High Elf Dragon Princes, White Lions and Phoenix Guard).

There are probably other things I have thought about over the last year or so but these are the ones that stick in my mind at the moment...

I really really need a game!!!

Its been 3 weeks since I last played Warhammer and at least 2 months since I played Warmachine and I am really hanging out for a game. Unfortunately as I have been overseas for last week or so I don't have anything organised for the Club tonight. I might just have to risk heading down and seeing whats happening.

Need lots of practice with my High Elves as the RUNEFANG tournament is now only 17 days away.... slightly nervous as it will be my first one ever. On another note I've been following the rumours about new Warhammer army books and I just have to ask WHY OH WHY do I have to wait to 2011 and the new 8th Edition rules to get a new Dwarf army book?!?!? *sigh*

April 28, 2009

Final list for RUNEFANG II

Sticking with my gut: High Elves @ 2,250pts

Ok, I thought about some big changes but honestly I am too damn busy at work at the moment to devote any energy to it so made one minor change to the final list swapping out the third bolt-thrower and putting the Shadow Warriors back in. Final list for RUNEFANG II will be:

Archmage Level 4
- Folraiths Robe, Seerstaff of Saphery, Dispell Scroll
Mage Level 2
- Ring of Fury, Silver Wand
- Armour of Caledor, GW, Battle Standard, Amulet of Light
Spears x20
- FC, Lion Banner
Archers x10
Phoenix Guard x18
- FC, War Banner, Champion with Gem of Courage
Dragon Princes x5
Dragon Princes x5
Swordmasters x10
Swordmasters x10
Shadow Warriors x5
Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower


To gain extra composition points it would have been easy enough to slot my Silver Helms into the mix by dropping one unit of DP's and 2 Swordmaster models. The Silver Helms are also painted far better than the DP's are so might have earned a few more points in the painting side of things. However, I am sticking with my gut and keeping the original list pretty much intact. One big change since my first version, this is version 12, is the absence of the Dragon Mage. You also got points for having more than 2 core unit choices but the 30 models I have here are basically the only core models I have (until they make SH core choices again), so I can't take anymore there.

Option of going to NICON 2009 in Napier is on the table as well, and I am considering it but as it comes 2 weeks after RUNEFANG II i may not be able to make it. Still it might be fun to take my Dwarfs to that one as it is playing an unusual format - 2 x1000pt rounds and 4x2250 rounds with the 1000 pt armies built out of your 2250 pt list. Dwarves at 1000pts give you much better options - BIG ARSE GUN LINES for a start - even though composition points wise you will lose out there.

April 25, 2009

I'm nearly home and damn I have to redo my Tournament list again!!!

I'm currently at Changi airport in Singapore waiting for my flight back to New Zealand to board won't be home for another 20 hours or so give or take a few hours. For those who follow this blog apologies for lack of posts over last week or so, I will be posting again soon. Have not one but TWO tournaments to go in May now both local and both Warhammer so should have lots to write about.

Might have to modify my RUNEFANG II list though as I just recieved an email from the tournament organisers regarding points weighting for army list composition. Judging by their criteria my list is going to get pinged pretty heavily unless I make some modifications. Current list I submitted to them two weeks ago was

HIGH ELVES 2,250 pts RUNEFANG II Tournament List

Archmage Lvl 4 (w. Phoenix Guard)
- Folraiths Robe, Seerstaff of Saphery
Mage Lvl 2
- Silver Wand, Ring of Fury
- Armour of Caledor, GW, Battle Standard Bearer, Amulet of Light
Spearmen x 20
- FC, Lion Banner
Archers x10
Phoenix Guard x18
- FC, War Banner
Dragon Princes x5
Dragon Princes x5
Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower

Based on this list I will lose points for having 3 Bolt-Throwers and possibly for the Ring of Fury, but you never know. To earn a few more army composition points I might have to swap out one of the Bolt-Throwers and put my Shadow Warriors back in, but hey I'm going to this tournament to have not necessarily to win the thing so maybe I won't ?!? I'd also need to get an Anvil of Doom before then as well, even though I usually on take one in 4000pt + games.

April 20, 2009

Nauticans why they deserve a chance!!!

Good army just needs time

Having read a bit of the forum etc traffic on the Nautican army project I think it is important to point out that so far only 5 official battle reports have come into the developer (Sigmar) for this army. Consequently, it is FAR FAR too early for anybody to be bagging the army as weak, underpowered or unbalanced.

After working through the Nautican blog, putting together my own PDF version of the book, building multiple lists and playing two 1000pt games with the army I have to say that it MOST definately has a lot of potential. Anyone following the Nautican army needs to realise that as a new force it will take time to develop and longer for people to figure out the best way of using it in battle. I mean readers of this blog will know (depending on how long they have been reading it of course) that it took me nearly 5 months of playing WHFB to get my first win and that was with my High Elves not the Dwarfs with whom I regularly played.

I have played dozens of games now with my High Elves and Dwarfs and am still learning how best to fit units together, build appropriate lists, deploy and move my troops and tackle different opponents (and as you can see there are a lot of armies I havent played against yet, e.g., Bretonnians, Beasts of Chaos). And I am still losing regularly due mainly to my poor general ship in a lot of situations, and to my often better generaled opponents. NONE of my losses can be attributed solely to my armies being weak and poorly developed. Every army has its weaknesses just as they all have their strengths, and overall GW has endeavoured to ensure that these are balanced out across all the army books.

The Nautican list is no different offering a range of capabilities that make it strong in some areas while also creating that balance that is so important to an effective, workable and playable army. So please for those of you who have been following the Nauticans and thinking about giving them a go give them time, they are a great army, and have a lot of potential. I have no doubt that in time they too will be "kicking arse and taking names" just like my Dwarfs and High Elves do on a *cough* semi-regular basis.

April 15, 2009

Building a Nautican army

So cool but where are the miniatures?

The Nautican army is lot of fun to play and quite easy to put together with a great mix of units questions is how do you play an unofficial army without any official figures? Well you proxy what you have and borrow or make what you don't. To complete my Nautican lists yesterday, and the lists I will run tomorrow night at the Club I used the following unit conversions.

Nautican Prince
Lizardman Saurus Old Blood

LM Saurus Old Blood converted to include Sharks Head

HE Mage for these games, but a Wood Elf Spell Singer or Branch Wraith would be better

Core Units
Coral Hunters & Crest Riders
I used old edition Skinks which are smaller than the new ones and a perfect fit

Wavebreakers & Tide Watchers
New edition Lizardman Skinks, bigger than the old version so another good fit

VC Spirit Host, although 3 bases of these = a unit of 12 Sandgangers due to base size differences

Special Units
Trident Guard
Used a mixture 4th, 5th & 6th edition Lizardman Temple Guard

Giant Crabs
Ummm I used a small toy frog and a clay turtle. But anything on a 50mm base would be good, still searching for appropriate toys. McDonalds happy meals have the occassional good one

Used Spirit host again 2 bases of these gives same width as a unit of 3 lobsters

Currently modifying a very old edition Lizardmen Salamander, but again there should be reasonable looking kids toys out there.

If anyone has any ideas for further conversions let me know, and more importantly let Sigmar know through his blog and the associated forums.

April 14, 2009

Warmachine Mk2 how many points do I have?

Added up my Mk2 points for my Protectorate of Menoth army tonight to see what I have. Cool thing about upgraded version is that it gives you ALL of the unit cards allowing you to proxy everything not just those cards you can find the details for, i.e., swapping my Exemplar Errants for Knights Exemplar. Anyway my points (only counting actual models I have) are:

Kreoss & eKreoss
High Reclaimer
Amon Ad-Raza

Redeemer - 6
Repenters x2 - 8
Revengers x2 - 12
Devouts x4 - 20
Crusaders x2 - 12
Reckoner - 8
Avatar - 10
Castigator - 8

Paladin Order of the Wall - 2
Exemplar Seneschals x2 - 6
Wracks x3 - 1
Heirophant - 2
Vassal - 2

Choir (6 models) x3 - 9
Deliverers x10 - 8
Zealots x8 - 4
Monolith Bearer - 2
Temple Flameguard x10 -6
Temple Flameguard UA - 2
Flameguard Cleansers x6 - 5
Daughters of Flame x5 - 5
Exemplar Errants x6 - 5
Rhoven & Bodyguard - 5
Idrians x10 - 11
Idrians UA - 2

Eiryss - 3
Aiyana & Holt - 5
Rupert Cavalo - 3

TOTAL 172 pts

Nautican Army review - thoughts on my first experience

Well it was definately fun, and I have to say that Sigmar has done a great job with his Nautican list as it was enjoyable to play. So here is my review - N.B. this is only after two small games with them so should be taken with a grain of salt.

Sea Storm (Army Special Rule)
Was OK but was too weak in terms of its effects only affecting the enemies BS and march ability. This helped in some cases but didnt stop the larger stronger units getting at me. Perhaps having it block or reduce LOS the way a real storm does might improve it. I forgot the bound lightning spell though which would have mae it far more effective than it was.

Impact of Generals on Army (Army Special Rule)
Having a Prince add +d3" to your charge range was great, especially when added to the Aqua Lore spells (see below). The Sirens ability to add +1 CR was also good, but needs to be clarified is it to every combat involving a Nautican unit, only 1 combat, or only combats involving the Siren??

Aqua Lore (Nautican Magic)
Worked really well the spell allowing you to move a unit forward 2d6" was a like an ongoing Dwarf Strollaz Rune only better. I used it repeatedly during the first battle to great effect. The stupidity spell was also helpful.

Best fun though was with Spell 2 on the Aqua Lore list which allowed me to lift up my Terror causing Nautican Prince and fly him directly behind the majority of the Goblin army. Such a cool spell and a fun tactic.

Maybe a bit low for the special units and hero characters at 7 and 8, but then I am a Dwarf guy used to L9 and L10 with lots of Stubborn units.

Coral Hunters
Great fun especially for the points cost - using old edition Lizardman skinks for these worked well as they are the perfect size.

Good unit but I should have equipped them with Sea Tridents so they could attack in ranks. Think of them as HE Spearmen but with better armour, stronger weapons and without the ASF rule.

I was using a 40x40mm base for him, which is what my modified LM Cold One character came on and I strongly suspect he should be on something smaller. Otherwise he is a good character but how about a scaly skin save as well as the AS.

Trident Guard
Awesome unit especially with Oceanic Trident. Give them the Protection of Shoal banner and let them rampage across the board. I had them starting at 7 CR before even entering combat - 3 ranks + 1 banner + 1 for warbanner effect on protection of shoal + 1 from outnumber effect from protection of shoal + 1 Siren's special rule. Put them with your Terror causing Prince (equip with Spirit Shroud) and they are just AWESOME

Giant Crabs
Great unit, fear causing, tough and strong. The Granite Crush is just great used it to sit on and squish the Orc Big Boss General - AH HA HA HA - only problem is they are too slow at M4 but the army special rules and Aqua Lore can help with that. The mating pair rule is nasty mine got eternal hatred and frenzy both times. What is their US though?

Nautican Prince
Good but should have Scalemail as standard equipment, e.g., like Dwarf Thanes get Gromil

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! nuff said

Going to try these guys again on Thursday night at the Club if I get time to go. Otherwise it will be at least two weeks until I play again as I am off to Singapore on Monday for work.

Warhammer Battle Reports [Nauticans vs. Greenskins]

The Nauticans emerge from the Deep
1000pts Nauticans vs. Orcs & Goblins

Completed my first games with Sigmar's unofficial Nautican army today two different lists allowing me to try out a number of different core and special units. My opponent was Richard who was using his Orcs and Goblin army for the first time so it was a good test of both of us and our respective armies.

The Nauticans offer a range of good options particularly with the various equipment options on the core troops and the army special rules. I wanted to test as many of them out as I could while not going to overboard taking the super-special, unique and rare choices. Testing the core choices would allow me to see how the army worked far better.

*Apology to Sigmar* - to make things slightly easier for me I took a couple of the magic items suggested in the battle reporter forums but not yet published on the Nautican blog.

Game 1 - Zharc's Expedition
After my green stuff efforts to create a Shark headed hero character I just had to play Zharc in at least one game so I built my list around him. I also really like the Giant Crabs and think they are an excellent unit for the points cost. My Nautican list for Game 1 was:

Zharc 125pts
Nautican Prince 120pts
- Scalemail, Clam Shield, Oceanic Trident, Spirit Shroud
Siren Level 2 165pts
- Coral Amulet (adds 1 PD)
Trident Guard x18 339pts
- FC, Sea Tridents, Scalemail, Kraken Shield, Protection of Shoal
Coral Hunters x10 30pts
Coral Hunters x10 30pts
Coral Hunters x10 30pts
Giant Crabs 160pts

Against this Richard took the following

Orc Big Boss
Goblin Big Boss
Goblin Shaman Level 2
Night Goblins x20
Night Goblins x20
Goblin Archers x10
Goblin Archers x10
Spider Riders x10
Orc Boar Chariot

Deployment & Setup
The sound was confusing to the Night Goblins. None had heard it before the crashing and booming sounded as if the earth itself was being picked up and slammed down repeatedly. Skitterish many began to edge away from the open plain in front of them, others stood frozen, eyes locked onto the lake that filled one side of the field. Its surface seemed to be alive moving in time with the crashing and booming sound in their ears. Only the harsh words and whips of the Big Bosses kept them in line, and they returned to their ranks as strange unfamiliar shapes emerged in the far distance... strange shapes that caused even the fierce Big Boss to stop short... "Aggh wat dat"....

...what is was the battleline of a Nautican army led by Zharc a huge shark headed monster who had led his brethren forth in response to the Goblins pollution of their coastal home. In the centre of the Nautican line a unit of Trident Guard led by a Nautican Prince moved forward Sea Tridents held high above armour so bright it was nearly blinding the Goblins who watched them advance. To either side smaller shapes darted too and fro carrying small missle weapons which soon began to spit spears at the Night Goblin ranks. Behind them a strange luminously beautifully creature could be heard singing, her haunting voice touching even the cold hearts of the Goblins. But it was the giant shapes that accompanied them that caused the greatest surprise for the Goblins huge crabs more than twice the height of a man that even at a distance towered over their Orc Big Boss General. Further to the right more of the small spear throwing carrying creatures emerged through a forest among them a much larger shape half shark, half lizard or elf.

The Battlelines at deployment (Nauticans on left)

Nautican right flank - note my daughters toy frog proxying for a Giant Crab

My Zharc LM conversion w. Skinks proxying as Coral Hunters
Turns 1-2
The Goblins moved first, luckily for me animosity caused one unit of Night Goblins too stand still unfortunately it saw the rest of the Goblin line run forward eager to do battle. The Nautican line marched forward to get the Coral Hunters Spearguns into range, while the Trident Guard and Crabs angled toward the Orc Big Boss. The Siren used Aqua magic to good effect. One spell making the Orc Big Bosses unit stupid, the other moving the Trident Guard forward on a magical wave.

Turns 3-4
The battlelines meet at this stage with one unit of Night Goblins and the Boar Chariot charging Zharc and the unit of Coral Hunters accompanying him. The Coral Hunters spearguns proved very effective against the Night Goblins killing a large number of them across the board. Zharcs own Speargun was less effective rolling to miss with his shots before he was charged. Unfortunately in combat the weak and unarmoured Coral Hunters were wiped out incredibly quickly by the Boar Chariot and despite Zharc monstering the Night Goblins he lost on CR, fled and was chased down. In the centre of the board the Crabs and Trident Guard charged the Orc Big Boss and his accompanying Night Goblins. In the ensuing battle they lost on CR seeing the Trident Guard flee but leaving the Stubborn Crabs behind. Two rounds later the Crabs Granite Crush squished the Orc Big Boss before the Goblins got lucky and killed the pair.

Turns 5-6
The Trident Guard rally, the Spider riders and some of the Night Goblins start bickering but not before they charge into the Trident Guard causing them to flee off the board. The flank charge of the Chariot the deciding factor. The Sirens haunting charm allowed her to survive 2 rounds of combat against a unit of 20 Night Goblins before falling leaving only the Crabs (proxied by my daughters small toy frog) to roam across the table looking for combat. Result a loss to the Nauticans but an interesting one


Game 2 - The Lobstrosities make an appearance
Ok, slightly different list this time. Richard still used the same one although we changed the terrain around a little. The Nautican list was:

Siren Level 2
Wavebreakers x20
Wavebreakers x20
Coral Hunters x10
Coral Hunters x10
Lobstrosities x3
Giant Crabs x2

The Lobstrosities are great and their addition gave me an unbreakable S5 T4 unit on one flank and my fear causing Crabs on the other. The Siren took Aqua Lore again this time with two different spells. The first would allow the spellcaster to summon an Albatross to pick up a single character and fly them to any point within 18", the second to corrode the abilities of an enemy unit lowering their AS, WS and BS by 1 each.

With more infantry in this game I massed my troops together and basically headed helter skelter for the Orc battleline. The Wavebreakers did OK but without the Sea Trident were unable to cause enough wounds on the Goblins to win on CR and at L7 fled from both combats they joined. The Crabs got monstered by Goblin magic after Richard rolled for the truly awful Waagh spells, and after some lucky shooting from his archers - 5's to hit 6's to wound and I fail my AS!!!

The game itself ended really quickly, with only the Lobstrosities still going toe to toe with the Boar Chariot before killing it and charging into the main Goblin units. They survived 2-3 turns of combat butchering Goblin after Goblin before sheer numbers saw them defeated. Result another loss to the Nauticans but a much closer one with a huge number of Goblins squashed, drowned and impaled over the battlefield.

*next post Nautican unit wrap up

April 12, 2009

High Elf painting backlog nearly done!!!

Amazing what a bit of incentive will do for you, in my case having a fully painted army for the upcoming RUNEFANG II tournament. After working on my remaining Swordmasters last night I realised that my High Elf painting backlog is now complete. Not a single unpainted High Elf model anywhere. Ill get the Swordmasters finished tonight and Alith Anar and they are all done. Such a nice feeling seeing everything completed like that.

On a side note though after finishing my Elves it will be a while until I can get stuck into my Dwarfs and finish of those guys. My modelling/painting room has been emptied out and I have put pretty much all of my stuff into our garage. WHY!? Well so I can strip and paint the room PINK and make it my daughters new bedroom. Means I have lost a gaming room but hey she will get a nice new bigger room with a nice girly look for her....

... in other news I will be playtesting my Nautican list on Tuesday and Thursday this week. After multiple purchases on Trade Me I now have A LOT of lizardman models to use as Nautican troops. Too many in fact, I went a bit nuts with the purchases as they were so cheap - everyone dumping their models now the new army book is out. So far I have

- 96 old version Skinks - perfect as Coral Swimmers
- 18 new vesion Skinks - slightly bigger than old version and great as Tide Watchers
- 18 old version Saurus - good as Trident Guard
- 10 new version Saurus - will use as Trident Guard or something else?
- 2 Big lizard heros

Already been green stuffing one of the big Lizard heros (my first use of Green stuff - its sticky and quite enjoyable, did it while watching the Godfather) into Zhurf the Shark headed hero character from the Nautican list.

Lists and pics up soon - will update my panoramic of my Elven army as well

April 10, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report [High Elves vs. Chaos]

Where the light and darkness meet
2250pts High Elves vs. Chaos

The morning sun glinted off the massed ranks of Elven infantry as Lord Analitheon, Mage of Ulthuan, prepared himself for the coming battle. To his right blocks of citizen levy Spearmen, the mainstay of the High Elven army, nervously tightened the buckles on their armour and took position around the armies Battle Standard. Beyond could be seen ranks of Archers and a battery of repeater bolt throwers already deployed in the outskirts of the human village over which so much blood would soon be spilt. The nervous actions of the citizen militia were in stark contrast to the disciplined behaviour of the Swordmasters of Hoeth ranked behind them. Standing silently they seemed unaffected by the thought of what was to come., and glared scornfully at the nervous antics of their militia comrades. Although Lord Analitheon couldn't help but think their bravado was more for the benefit of the White Lions of Chrace whose Chariots were to their flank - competition between these groups of warriors for pre-eminence among the people of Ulthuan was still strong after countless centuries.

Around him his own Phoenix Guard were more calm the movement of their cloaks in the wind the only sign of movement in their ranks. Even this served to heighten the statue like stillness with which they waited for what was to come. Looking to his left Lord Analitheon grunted in satisfaction as his second battery of repeater bolt throwers moved into position on the edge of the nearby forest. Behind them the lances of the Caledorean Dragon Princes moved into view the sound of horses adding to the bird song echoing from among the trees. While he could not see them Lord Analitheon knew that still more Dragon Princes were hidden in and around that forest. At least he hoped they were, after the lose of so many Dragon Mages at the hands of the Chaos army in recent months few Caledoreans were willing to face the Dark Horde unless sorely pressed. Brave as they were their loses in recent battles had been severe and no longer could they be counted on to be a regular component of any Ulthuan army. Lord Analitheon's thoughts were soon cut short though as the Phoenix Guard commander drew his attention to the front.

"My Lord Chaos cavalry and warhounds shall I signal the advance?"

"I see them Belear pass the word to the levies and let us hope our Caledorean brethern will arrive as promised."

"Yes my Lord."

Looking one last time at the forest to his left Lord Analitheon prepared himself to draw upon the magical energies of the Lore of Fire and marched forward with his army to meet the Chaos horde.

The Chaos Horde
3 Sorcerers, Chaos Knights 2 units of 5, Maruader horsemen 3 units of 5, Marauders 20, Chaos Warhounds 3 units of 5, Chaos Warriors 20 and Chaos Ogres 4.

The forces of Ulthuan
Mages x2, Battle Standard Bearer, Spears x20, Phoenix Guard x18, Swordmasters 2 units of 10, Dragon Princes 2 units of 5, Bolt-Throwers 2, Archers x 10.

Turns 1 -2
Magical energy crackled through the air as Chaos magic erupted over the Elven battleline. Were not dispelled the Chaos magic proved largely ineffective and only a few Swordmasters were seen to fall. Behind the waves of Chaos magic hordes of Marauder cavalry and Chaos Warhounds ran forward screening the stronger forces to their rear and offering the Elven line their first targets.

In response High Elf infantry advanced in concentrated formation behind a hail of missle fire as the repeater bolt throwers began to decimate the advancing Chaos fast cavalry units. Elven magic lanced across the battlefield but was dispelled by the Nurgle Sorcerers seen accompanying the Chaos advance guard.

Turn 3
Chaos Ogres charge the Elven right flank assaulting the farm buildings held by the citizen archers. Arrows fly and wound the advancing Ogres but they are too strong and soon clear the Archers out of the farm buidings. Warhounds harass the massed ranks of Elven infantry beggin them to charge, hoping to tempt them to open their flanks to the Chaos Knights who are only now just coming into view.

With the Archers fleeing the first unit of Swordmasters exact early revenge for the forces of Ulthuan charging into the farm buildings and butchering the Ogres. The Bladelord leading the charge smiles grimly as his men literally tear the Ogres apart and secure the buildings. Repeater bolts continue to decimate the Maruader horsmen and Chaos Warhounds and Elven magic finally begins to take an equal toll on the Chaos ranks.

Turn 4
With the mighty Ogres defeated the Chaos Knights on the Elven right flank now charge into combat crashing into the citizen levy spearmen. Chaos magic continues to play havoc with Elven warmachines and the Warhounds finally tempt the Dragon Princes into charging them, as the Chaos infantry do the same to the Phoenix Guard.

Surviving, somehow, the initial charge by the Chaos Knights the hard pressed Spearmen watch in awe as ranks of bloodied Swordmasters charge from the nearby farm houses into the flank of the Chaos Knights. Unable to stand against their frenzied attacks the Knights are cut down and those few who remain flee only to be cut down. Repeater bolts skewer the Nurgle Sorcerers and the Elven army begins to see victory approaching. But it is not to be, the Phoenix Guard can only watch in horror as the Chaos General cuts down Lord Analitheon. Outnumbered the Phoenix Guard are forced back, and then routed as the Chaos Warriors chop through their ranks.

Turn 5
Chaos reigns supreme as the Marauder infantry and Chaos Knights flank charge the Dragon Princes on the Elven left. Both units are cut down as is the bolt-thrower stationed in the forest, Chaos magic getting through with ease following the death of both Elven mages.

In response the remaining bolt-thrower kills the second beast mounted Nurgle Sorcerer, and the Spears and Swordmasters continue to chase down the retreating Chaos cavalry units. But the Elven army is all but wiped out with the Dragon Princes cut down and the second unit of Swordmasters surrounded on three sids by victorious Chaos units.

Turn 6
Night falls on the battlefield as the Chaos Warriors overun the remaining bolt-thrower. But they are unable to inflict any more death on the Elven army that is now either running or too scattered to be in reach.

The battle ends in a solid victory for Chaos 1950 pts to 1300....

April 9, 2009

RUNEFANG II - Another version of my army list

Oh to take the Dragon or not to take the Dragon?!?
Its so pretty, but is it useful

Still really really struggling with my army list for the upcoming RUNEFANG II WHFB tournament next month and I am still in two minds as to whether I should take my Dragon or not. Yes it looks great (IMHO) but how useful is a Dragon Mage going to be compared to what I could spend the points on. Decisions decisions decisions....

... so tonight I think ill try something completely different and go with the following list against Caleb's Chaos Army.

Mage Level 2
- Silver Wand, Dispell Scroll

Mage Level 2
- Jewel of Dusk, Dispel Scroll

- Armour of Caledor, GW, BSB

Archers x10

Spears x17
- FC, Lion Banner

Swordmasters x10
- FC, Champion w. Amulet of Light

Swordmasters x10
- FC, w. Banner of Sorcery

Phoenix Guard x18
- FC, War Banner, Champion w. Sword of Might

Dragon Princes x5
- SB

Dragon Princes x5
- SB



Lion Chariot

TOTAL 2,243 pts

Models in Army 85
Casting Pool 7 + D3
Dispel Pool 4

If I had another Bolt-Thrower I would definately take it somewhere and I could in theory put out 3 units of Swordmasters but would have to cut something else.

Warmachine MKII - Army list attempts

Lets go burn stuff!!

I have to admit I just love setting stuff on fire, nothing nicer than seeing your opponents entire army marked with FIRE tokens - lovely stuff - so Feoras new ability in Mk2 that prevents continuous fire effects from disappearing is just awesome. But how do I use it, and how do the new points values compare to the old ones.

The PP forums give some clues, one poster in the Menoth community worked out that 1pt @ Mk2 is approximately equal to 15pts @ Mk1 which means our typical game formats now look like this:
  • MK1 350 pts --> Mk2 25 pts
  • Mk1 500 pts --> Mk2 35 pts
  • Mk1 750 pts --> Mk2 50 pts
So with that in mind here is a basic comparison between a standard list I would take at 350pts in Mk1 and how it would look in Mk2 at 25 pts

Blessing of Vengeance
Exemplar Seneschal
Exemplar Seneschal
Choir (4)
Zealots (6) + MB
Rupert Cavalo

TOTAL 350pts

Same list under Mk2 rules (31 pts --> 25 + Severius +6)
Blessing of Vengeance
Paladin Order of the Wall
Exemplar Seneschal
Exemplar Seneschal
Choir (4)
Zealots (6) + MB
Rupert Cavalo
Wrack (3)

TOTAL 30 pts

Same equivalent list except under Mk2 I can take 3 Wracks instead of 1 and add in the Paladin- so not bad!

Extremely short wishlist for Warmachine Mk2

Have done some more reflection on the changes to Warmachine Mk2 and have come up with my short wish list of things I would like to see in the new version. Its a simple list

- An official quick reference sheet from PP similar to the community one available for Mk1
- An official template for Feora's Wall of Fire. The community one is fine but *hint* *hint* too small

And thats it... oh and for the new faction books I am REALLY REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to them codifying the entire history of Menoth from Superiority, Legends, Prime, Escalation and the other books into a single volume with NEW STUFF and NEW PICTURES. The history behind the factions and the game world is what makes the game interesting. Unlike Warhammer where you can create your own Mythology for your armies (see my Dwarf one here) with WM we have to rely on PP to do it for us, and so far they have done a great job I just want it all nice and pretty in a single book.

Nautican army taking shape

Plans to build my Nautican army are now fully underway with the addition of a number of new Skinks and Lizardman Warriors to my collection along with the Green Stuff I need to modify them. Once I have carved through my Warhammer painting backlog - at least with the High Elves - Ill get stuck into assembling my first 750pt Nautican army and begin play testing it.

Ok the Choir hasn't been nerf'd

Had a comment from Cereal John regarding the Choir which caused me to re-read the new stat card for Warmachine Mk2 and it looks like I completely mis-interpreted the new ruling.

First line of the card states that "every model in the unit performing a hymn special action must perform the same hymn" I then completely overlooked the next line "every model performing a hymn special action can select a warjack" - my initial readings of the card led me to believe that all unit models sang the same hymn to the same warjack.

Not the case a 6 man unit can sing the same hymn to 6 warjacks within 3" inches of each model. Means that the Choir of Menoth can now be strung out in a long line behind a row of Jacks rather than in the clustered formation you used in Mk1 to protect the Priest.

Cheers John that clears up the only problem I had with the new version - with that change Mk2 is just superb from my point of view. Still wished Cleansers could blow up when you shot them in the back though I just loved doing that.

April 8, 2009

A Warmachine Mk II Poem

Courtesy of John Christensen at Getting Small

Twas the day before Mark II, and all through the house,
Not a figure was painted, "Thank God" said my spouse.

The computer was warmed up, right next to the stair,
In the hopes that Matt Wilson, soon would be there.

The gamers were tucked in their beds all alone,
They couldn't sleep a wink, worried their troops will be boned.

With Sorcha in here fur hat, and Feora on Fire,
They'd been put away tonight, their future a mire.

Then out on the internets, their arose such a clatter,
The server was up, Mark I lay in tatter.

Away to the browser I flew in a hurry,
What jacks would be cool, are the Idrians scarey?

The packets of data streamed in from the net,
The PDF download would be big, you can bet!

When what to my wondering eyes would appear,
Mark Wilson's new master work, best fetch me a beer!

So up to the books I arose to go gather,
I must see whats changed, I am up in a Lather!!!

On Menoth, On Cygnar, On Khador, On Cryx!
Was Privateer kind or did they treat us like Dicks!

The Jacks were all mighty in their new Mark II dress,
They all gained Relentless and their points now cost less!

Vlad had been nerfed, and TB was less,
The Bile Thralls still purged, just like we had guessed.

The Zealots cost more, and the Choir more still,
But low, all the jacks, could charge right through a hill!

The Avatar now cost 20 points less,
The knights numbered 10, but their buffs were a mess!

The feats hurt the warbeasts just like they were jacks,
And the troopmachine lists ended up set in stacks

No more would jacks suck, and gather dust on the shelves,
The troop lists were done for, in spite of ourselves

Pathfinder and All Terrain were now one the same,
With these brand new rules we had no one to blame!

And as Matt Wilson left, he cried out his new dare!
"Have fun with the play test! Now pull out your hair!"

Warmachine MKII - Initial thoughts

The Good, the Bad and they nerf'd the Choir!!!
A review of the rule-test for Warmachine Mk II

Ok, downloaded and printed out the Mk2 rulebook and Protectorate of Menoth faction cards yesterday and spent most of last night digesting them. Overall, the changes to the basic gaming system aren't that drastic and the new LOS rule regarding base sizes makes things a lot easier - no more debates over whether you can see a little part of a model. The new points system is confusing and I really have no idea why they introduced it, but hey the old system was confusing to me as well at first so I will give it time. Other big change is the lay out of the faction cards - symbols are used now to indicate special abilities like pathfinder and stealth etc making the cards less confusing and easier to read. The symbols are easy to follow and look good so I think its a positive change.

As for my beloved Protectorate of Menoth there have been some major changes there. General change is an almost faction wide increase in MAT and RAT and the changing of some caster spells into special abilities - Severius's Convert for one!!! The MAT changes are great, the RAT don't always offer anything and the special ability changes are great. So here's my thoughts on the overall changes unit by unit focusing on the ones I use.

+ Positive Change (IMHO)
- Negative Change (IMHO)
+/- Not quite sure (IMHO)

Warcaster Changes
+ Chain attack in melee
+ Some spells cheaper
+ Anti-magic pulse improved slightly
- Loses Ward

+ Slam attack with melee weapon (used to be a spell)
+ Sacroscant knocks enemy model down
- Elite Cadre lose +1 MAR, RAT & CMD bonus

High Reclaimer
+ Soulstorm know causes 1 pt damage to enemy within 1" for each token and is now an ability
- Feat weakened only raises d3+3 not 2d6 models and cannot create new units

+ RAT from 3 --> 5
+ Convert now a special ability
+ Vision can be cast on other models
- Death Sentence gives re-roll not auto-hit

+ Engine of Destruction boosts MAT by +4 not +2
- Death Pyre gone

+ Fire effects within here control area do not expire (love this)
+ New spells

+ Extra focus point
+ Slightly clearer weapon rules, and is not affected by knockdown penalties
- Loses meditative stance

Warjack Changes
+ Gets +1 MAT and +1 RAT

+ Gets +1 MAT and +1 RAT
+ Chain attack with weapon

+ Shield gains +1 POW
+ Jack gains +1 MAT

+ Gains +1 MAT
+ Shield gains +1 POW
- Defensive strike nerf'd, counts as normal melee attack, no boost and no MAT penalty to target

Blessing of Vengeance
+ Gains +1 MAT & RAT
+ Gains +1 POW on Shield
- Loses 2 ARM (WHY??!?!)
- Defensive strike loses bonuses to hit and damage
- Loses excessive repel

+ Gains +1 MAT
+ Fist gains +3 POW (Now POW 14)

+ Gains +1 MAT & RAT
+ Condemmer gets +1 POW
- Loses critical splash

Avatar of Menoth
+ Gains +1 MAT (now MAT 8!!!)
+ Shield gains +1 POW
+ Cannot be targeted by spells (instead of +3 DEF bonus)
- Fire effect on weapon reduced from 3" to 1"

+ Gains +1 MAT
+ Fists now +1 POW !!!!
+ Combustion now effects all enemy within 2" not 1"

Fire of Salvation
+ Gains +1 MAT
+ Fist gains +3 POW !!!!
- Loses relentless and Glyphs of reprisal
- Weapon loses Dispel effect

Solos and Unit Changes
+ Gains +1 ARM
+ Now reduces cost of all Warcaster spells by 1 focus not just one spell while in B2B

Vassal of Menoth
+ Gains +1 STR
+ Gains +2 DEF and ARM when in B2B contact with friendly unit, immune to knockdown
- Loses 1 DEF and 1 ARM

+ Gain +1 SPD
+ All members of choir can now chant so killing leader no longer neuters the unit
- Lose -2 MAT and -1 ARM
- Hymns now only affect ONE (yes only ONE) warjack within 3" and not ALL jacks within 3" + 1" for every acolyte
- FA reduced from 3 to 2

This is the one change, the only one in fact, that has got me mad enough to rant. The others I can work with as they are all reasonably balanced but this change is IMHO to far over the top and effectively neuters the Choir as an effective support unit. Mind you the fact that I have 3 full Choir units now means I can sell one and buy something else :) Hmmm - choices?!?!

+ Misfire gone
+ Gained volley (combined) attack which increases their AOE up to 5"

+ Gain +2 ARM
+ Any model can assume leader role and chant, so killing him no longer neuters unit
- Bombs lose 2 POW now only POW 12 !!!
- Lose Prayer of Protection

Monolith Bearer
- Loses 1 ARM
- Loses 1 POW
+/- Holy Monolith gives +4 ARM not +4 DEF

Knights Exemplar
+/- Gain +2 STR and ARM when unit member dies + pathfinder !!!
- Bonus only gained for one round not permanently!!!

Temple Flameguard
- Loses 1 ARM

Temple Flameguard Unit Attachment
- Loses 1 ARM
- Loses Iron Zeal

Flameguard Cleansers
+/- Back arc vulnerability now gone and they no longer explode when killed
+ Gain fire on all hits with weapon
- Lose incineration order

Not sure on these guys as blowing them up was just too damn fun.

Rhoven & Honor Guard
+ Menoths Sight given to friendly model not just unit
+ Gains +1 ARM
+ Gains +2 MAT for Rhoven, +1 ARM for Guards
+/- Gain +2 STR/ARM + Pathfinder when a model is destroyed

Well thats my two cents what do you think?

April 3, 2009

VC Skeletons the painting process

Just thought I would outline the process I used for painting my VC Skeletons. It started with Chaos Black undercoat and moved onto

Base Coat - Khemri Brown
Wash - Flesh Wash
Drybrush - Fortress Grey
Drybrush - Codex Grey
Drybrush - Skull White
Wash - Sepia Wash/Badab Black (alternated so there would be subtle differences between each model)

Base Coat - Scab Red
Wash - Badab Black
2nd Coat - Scab Red
Wash - Badab Black/Red (mixture 2:1)

Base Coat - Bolt-gun Metal
Wash - Badab Black/Blue Wash
Drybrush - Chainmail
Wash - Badab Black

Same as for armour, shafts etc were Bleached Bone followed by Sepia Wash

Graveyard Earth
Bases are also magnetised as is the movement tray

GF9 Sand
Wash - Mud Wash
Drybrush - Fortress Grey/Codex Grey/Bleached Bone
GW Grass Flock (non-static type)

Warhammer Battle Reports [HE vs. Gobbos & Chaos]

750pts is a lot of fun!!!

Two quick games last night. First was against a new club member who it turned out was playing his first ever game of Warhammer with his Orc & Goblin army. On reflection my list was way too strong for him and I should have slowed things down a bit more to explain what was going on. Even at 750pts we still took our time though getting through to 6 turns and hopefully he learned a few things. In game 2 I squared off against Caleb's Chaos again and got thrashed inside 3/4 turns. His Marauder fast cavalry is great and he uses it really well, but it was his damn Chaos Chariot that did all the serious damage - it is seriously over powered compared to the standard HE ones.

For both games I took the following list

- Mounted, Dragon Armour, Shield, Lance

Archers x10

Dragon Princes x5
- FC, War Banner

Silver Helms x5
- FC

Swordmasters x6

Swordmasters x6

Game 1
My Goblin opponent had a much larger force with a big unit of 20 Night Goblins, 10 Spider Riders, 40 Big Uns and 20 Archer Boyz. Being his first game however he deployed in a big mass which allowed my Dragon Princes and Silver Helms to basically charge through the middle of them and overrun everything. Didnt all go my way though. The 20 strong unit of Goblins charged one of my Swordmaster Units and after losing only 1 - YES 1 - Goblin to the Swordmasters won the combat on CR (when I failed 2 AS), broke the HE and ran them down. That same unit of Goblins went on to kill 3 of the 6 Swordmasters in the other unit as well making them the enemy MVP for the game. In the centre after wiping out the Archer Boyz and the Orc General with his unit of Big Uns the Silver Helms got flank charged by a 2nd unit of Orcs. The result was 9 rounds - YES 9 rounds - of combat in which the Orcs kept whittling down the Silver Helms and passing break test after break test. Eventually I had only my General left against 4 remaining Orcs resulting in me losing the next round of combat and only just passing my break test. The game ended at this point with the 4 remaining Orcs still squared off against my General.

Game 2
What can I say except I got beat and beat badly. Absolutely crushed as I was so intent on avoiding those damn Chaos Knights I positioned and maneuvered my units poorly got flank charged by the Chaos Chariot, shot to bits by the Marauders and the Nurgle Sorcerers and watched my army disintegrate in Turn 3. Looking back I think Caleb only lost 2 Marauders?

Next Week
Tournament list testing time again - against Caleb's proposed RUNEFANG list and I am still NOT sure what the hell I am going to take.

Vampire Counts units completed [WHFB]

Finally finished my VC Skeletons and first Vampire Lord this week - also got my two bases of Spirit Host in the mail from TradeMe, just love the cotton wool they guy put on them. Next project is the converted unit of Black Knights.

April 2, 2009

Modifying my list for RUNEFANG II

Well after the drubbing Richard gave me with his/my Vampire Counts I have modified by list for RUNEFANG. Modifications also take into account some problems I had when facing Toshi's Chaos and Dougs Skaven. Now seriously considering dropping the Dragon Mage altogether and investing the 400pts into something else.

Modified list now looks like this:

Archmage Lvl 4 (w. PG)
- Folraiths Robe, Dispel x2, Jewel of Dusk

Noble (w. Dragon Princes w. Ellyrion)
- Barded Steed, Amulet of Light, Shield, Lance

Noble (w. Spears)
- Armour of Caledor, GW, BSB

Spears x20
- FC, Lion Banner

Archers x10

P/Guard x18
- FC, War Banner, Champ w. Sword of Might

Swordmasters x7

Swordmasters x7

Swordmasters x7

Dragon Princes x5
- FC, Banner of Ellyrion

Dragon Princes x5
- FC

Bolt-Thrower x2

Now this is how you paint!!! Pity it wasn't me

Found these on Ulthuan.net and they are FREAKING AMAZING just wish they were mine :(

Warhammer Battle Reports [HE vs. Chaos & VC]

Tournament list play testing Rounds 3 & 4
vs. Chaos and Vampire Counts

I kind of took a sicky from work yesterday, Ok i did take a sicky yesterday, and stayed home mainly so I could stain my deck but also get in a few extra WHFB games as I knew Toshi had the week off. Got in two during the day the first vs. Toshi's proposed Chaos list for RUNEFANG and the 2nd against Richard's Vampire Counts.

I'll put full details up once I have a bit more time, but basically the first game was a very very bloody draw with pretty much everything on both sides getting slaughtered. His Chaos Demon General was just horrible, but I think I got very lucky when my Swordmasters chased his Chaos Ogres off the board. That and Toshi didnt have any Chaos Knights as the new ones are pretty strong. Key lesson learnt (AGAIN) stop charging your damn Dragon Princes so early and use the Dragon Mage as a MAGE not a melee unit.

2nd game vs. Richards Vampire Counts. Or should I say mine and Richard's VC as he borrowed most of my army to flesh his out. He fielded a reasonable army couple of units of Zombies, some Black Knights, Skeletons, Crypt Ghouls, Banshees, Dire Wolves and (THE KICKER) Konrad Von Carstein, Manfred Von Carstein and Isabella Von Carstein. Oh joy for me!?! So rather than take my normal tournament list I modified it dropping my Lvl 4 Archmage and putting in Teclis, and giving the PG a Banner of Sorcery (had to drop some Swordmasters to do it though). This gave me up to 14 PD and 8 DD in every round just awesome. End result was I got slaughtered. Every freaking unit I had except for one small group of Swordmasters got destroyed while his army was virtually intact. My Swordmasters and Spears must have killed this one unit of Skeletons 3 or 4 times over but he kept raising the damn things back up. Key lessons learnt here (AGAIN) - DONT CHARGE THE FREAKING DRAGON PRINCES SO EARLY, STOP USING THE DRAGON MAGE AS A MELEE WEAPON, and when playing against VC go for the General.

Other Stuff
Recieved some nice parcels in the mail yesterday as well. Couple of bases of VC Spirit Host - already painted and extremely well flocked - so I now have enough for a full unit, a set of 16 Swordmasters which I will start painting up NOW and a GW carrying case.