April 30, 2009

8th Edition Warhammer Dwarfs wishlist

If I have to wait till 2011 this is what I would love to see

I think I can wait till 2011, gives me time to save up for more stuff and I have my Vampire Counts and Nauticans to keep me busy. Plus I still have more Protectorate to buy and paint and some White Lions to add to my High Elves. Still if we are going to have to wait till 2011 here is my (short) wish list of changes I would like to see to the Dwarf army book.

Slayers given the Scout Skirmish rule.
Considering that these guys are supposed to be loners fulfilling a blood oath it seems contradictory to me to have them fight in ranked units. Give them the option to play as Skirmishers or in ranks (if you want to take a Slayer army) at a point cost per model.

A steam-tank warmachine
Empire has them why not Dwarfs who after all taught the Empire Engineers everything they know. It wouldnt be outside the current lore/history of the Dwarves either as the majority of Warhammer Dwarf novels make reference to Steam Tanks or similar engines being used to pull the Dwarven artillery and supply trains when their armies march to battle.

Rangers as core choice with Skirmish
Again not totally outside the existing lore as far as Skirmish rule goes, but give it a point cost so it becomes a matter of choice either they skirmish or they dont. As a core choice they would make sense given that all Dwarven holds have Rangers to some degree responsible for scouting and protecting the above ground territory.

Thunderers move and shoot
Bring back the Thunderers ability to move and shoot - enough said, given superior nature of Dwarven handguns this again shouldnt be considered unrealistic.

Increase special and rare choice limits
Probably not likely, but given that Dwarven war machines are a defining feature of the army they should have the ability to take more of these options i.e., in a 2000pt game I dont consider it unreasonable to be able to field 2 Gyrocopters and an Organ Gun.

Pre-designed special Runic items
Designing your own is fun but the gaming community is full of standard builds commonly used by most players. Why not make some of them standard runic items.

Thane leadership to 10
Again not likely but given that Thanes are historically capable of being Lords of small Dwarven holds I wouldnt consider increasing their LS from 9 to 10 too unreasonable. Most opponents not familiar with Dwarves assume its 10 anyway and are surprised when you correct them.

Plastic models for everything
I love the metal Hammerers and Gyrocopter think they are fantastic models. But given the new range of plastic Chaos and Vampire counts units it seems strange to me that many of the key Dwarven units are still sold in metal in blisters of 3-5. This makes them extremely costly, e.g., my 1st 20 strong unit of Hammerers (all metal) cost me NZ$50 for the Command Group, and then NZ$150 for 3 box sets of 5 models to complete the unit. I purchased my 2nd unit of 20 off TradeMe for only $70 - but overall would love to see these guys come out in plastic. (Same thing for High Elf Dragon Princes, White Lions and Phoenix Guard).

There are probably other things I have thought about over the last year or so but these are the ones that stick in my mind at the moment...


Darth Weasel said...

"plastic models for everything"

Preach on, brother. Not only are they less expensive, they are far easier to paint and assemble.

Sean said...

Not just paint and assemble, convert and transport as well; who hasn't had a flimsily-glued metal model come apart in transit at one point or another? Or regretted lugging twenty pounds of white metal around because you wanted to field something outside of core units?

John said...

Thanks for feedback guys - and your right having to pin models for Warhammer is a pain and transporting my High Elves for example is difficult as my Dragon Princes, Phoenix Guard, Swordmasters & Bolt-Throwers are ALL metal. The Dwarf Gyrocopter is a great model but assembling it takes a lot of work

Sigmar said...

With regards to bits falling off in transit and problems sticking metal minis together... My friend has actually given up on one of his war hydra's heads !

He got that upset with it :D


You forgot about the Dwarf Bear riders, once beloved of the short legged ones ;)

Good to have you back,

Gakumm said...

I agree with everything you posted and do not forget with the doom wheel now the Skaven have a tank as well.

BuRock said...

a neat wishlist. i think what dwarfs get will be some kind of ancient golem-like thingie, not a steam tank.

i have my doubts about skirmish rangers; but i second your plea for slayers being skirmishers. that will be fun to have.

John Murrie said...

I think a new Dwarf book is a long way off as they are struggling trying to figure out what to do with the Runic items given the dramatic downsizing of magic items in the other new books.

A host of pre-made runic items is likely to match the common items in the rulebook. Every new book is getting some form of cavalry and monster and Im not sure how they would fit into Dwarven lore - maybe a mechanical construct e.g. a Golem.

Not holding my breath - Dwarfs are a low seller and low on priorities for GW