April 15, 2009

Building a Nautican army

So cool but where are the miniatures?

The Nautican army is lot of fun to play and quite easy to put together with a great mix of units questions is how do you play an unofficial army without any official figures? Well you proxy what you have and borrow or make what you don't. To complete my Nautican lists yesterday, and the lists I will run tomorrow night at the Club I used the following unit conversions.

Nautican Prince
Lizardman Saurus Old Blood

LM Saurus Old Blood converted to include Sharks Head

HE Mage for these games, but a Wood Elf Spell Singer or Branch Wraith would be better

Core Units
Coral Hunters & Crest Riders
I used old edition Skinks which are smaller than the new ones and a perfect fit

Wavebreakers & Tide Watchers
New edition Lizardman Skinks, bigger than the old version so another good fit

VC Spirit Host, although 3 bases of these = a unit of 12 Sandgangers due to base size differences

Special Units
Trident Guard
Used a mixture 4th, 5th & 6th edition Lizardman Temple Guard

Giant Crabs
Ummm I used a small toy frog and a clay turtle. But anything on a 50mm base would be good, still searching for appropriate toys. McDonalds happy meals have the occassional good one

Used Spirit host again 2 bases of these gives same width as a unit of 3 lobsters

Currently modifying a very old edition Lizardmen Salamander, but again there should be reasonable looking kids toys out there.

If anyone has any ideas for further conversions let me know, and more importantly let Sigmar know through his blog and the associated forums.

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