April 12, 2009

High Elf painting backlog nearly done!!!

Amazing what a bit of incentive will do for you, in my case having a fully painted army for the upcoming RUNEFANG II tournament. After working on my remaining Swordmasters last night I realised that my High Elf painting backlog is now complete. Not a single unpainted High Elf model anywhere. Ill get the Swordmasters finished tonight and Alith Anar and they are all done. Such a nice feeling seeing everything completed like that.

On a side note though after finishing my Elves it will be a while until I can get stuck into my Dwarfs and finish of those guys. My modelling/painting room has been emptied out and I have put pretty much all of my stuff into our garage. WHY!? Well so I can strip and paint the room PINK and make it my daughters new bedroom. Means I have lost a gaming room but hey she will get a nice new bigger room with a nice girly look for her....

... in other news I will be playtesting my Nautican list on Tuesday and Thursday this week. After multiple purchases on Trade Me I now have A LOT of lizardman models to use as Nautican troops. Too many in fact, I went a bit nuts with the purchases as they were so cheap - everyone dumping their models now the new army book is out. So far I have

- 96 old version Skinks - perfect as Coral Swimmers
- 18 new vesion Skinks - slightly bigger than old version and great as Tide Watchers
- 18 old version Saurus - good as Trident Guard
- 10 new version Saurus - will use as Trident Guard or something else?
- 2 Big lizard heros

Already been green stuffing one of the big Lizard heros (my first use of Green stuff - its sticky and quite enjoyable, did it while watching the Godfather) into Zhurf the Shark headed hero character from the Nautican list.

Lists and pics up soon - will update my panoramic of my Elven army as well

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