April 30, 2009

I really really need a game!!!

Its been 3 weeks since I last played Warhammer and at least 2 months since I played Warmachine and I am really hanging out for a game. Unfortunately as I have been overseas for last week or so I don't have anything organised for the Club tonight. I might just have to risk heading down and seeing whats happening.

Need lots of practice with my High Elves as the RUNEFANG tournament is now only 17 days away.... slightly nervous as it will be my first one ever. On another note I've been following the rumours about new Warhammer army books and I just have to ask WHY OH WHY do I have to wait to 2011 and the new 8th Edition rules to get a new Dwarf army book?!?!? *sigh*


Caleb said...

Ill give you a 2250 pt game tonight john if you are keen to play aginst WoC?

John said...

Awesome see you there, you already know what my list is going to be :)

Caleb said...

yeah im going to post mine in a little while.

cu tonight