April 14, 2009

Nautican Army review - thoughts on my first experience

Well it was definately fun, and I have to say that Sigmar has done a great job with his Nautican list as it was enjoyable to play. So here is my review - N.B. this is only after two small games with them so should be taken with a grain of salt.

Sea Storm (Army Special Rule)
Was OK but was too weak in terms of its effects only affecting the enemies BS and march ability. This helped in some cases but didnt stop the larger stronger units getting at me. Perhaps having it block or reduce LOS the way a real storm does might improve it. I forgot the bound lightning spell though which would have mae it far more effective than it was.

Impact of Generals on Army (Army Special Rule)
Having a Prince add +d3" to your charge range was great, especially when added to the Aqua Lore spells (see below). The Sirens ability to add +1 CR was also good, but needs to be clarified is it to every combat involving a Nautican unit, only 1 combat, or only combats involving the Siren??

Aqua Lore (Nautican Magic)
Worked really well the spell allowing you to move a unit forward 2d6" was a like an ongoing Dwarf Strollaz Rune only better. I used it repeatedly during the first battle to great effect. The stupidity spell was also helpful.

Best fun though was with Spell 2 on the Aqua Lore list which allowed me to lift up my Terror causing Nautican Prince and fly him directly behind the majority of the Goblin army. Such a cool spell and a fun tactic.

Maybe a bit low for the special units and hero characters at 7 and 8, but then I am a Dwarf guy used to L9 and L10 with lots of Stubborn units.

Coral Hunters
Great fun especially for the points cost - using old edition Lizardman skinks for these worked well as they are the perfect size.

Good unit but I should have equipped them with Sea Tridents so they could attack in ranks. Think of them as HE Spearmen but with better armour, stronger weapons and without the ASF rule.

I was using a 40x40mm base for him, which is what my modified LM Cold One character came on and I strongly suspect he should be on something smaller. Otherwise he is a good character but how about a scaly skin save as well as the AS.

Trident Guard
Awesome unit especially with Oceanic Trident. Give them the Protection of Shoal banner and let them rampage across the board. I had them starting at 7 CR before even entering combat - 3 ranks + 1 banner + 1 for warbanner effect on protection of shoal + 1 from outnumber effect from protection of shoal + 1 Siren's special rule. Put them with your Terror causing Prince (equip with Spirit Shroud) and they are just AWESOME

Giant Crabs
Great unit, fear causing, tough and strong. The Granite Crush is just great used it to sit on and squish the Orc Big Boss General - AH HA HA HA - only problem is they are too slow at M4 but the army special rules and Aqua Lore can help with that. The mating pair rule is nasty mine got eternal hatred and frenzy both times. What is their US though?

Nautican Prince
Good but should have Scalemail as standard equipment, e.g., like Dwarf Thanes get Gromil

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! nuff said

Going to try these guys again on Thursday night at the Club if I get time to go. Otherwise it will be at least two weeks until I play again as I am off to Singapore on Monday for work.

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