April 20, 2009

Nauticans why they deserve a chance!!!

Good army just needs time

Having read a bit of the forum etc traffic on the Nautican army project I think it is important to point out that so far only 5 official battle reports have come into the developer (Sigmar) for this army. Consequently, it is FAR FAR too early for anybody to be bagging the army as weak, underpowered or unbalanced.

After working through the Nautican blog, putting together my own PDF version of the book, building multiple lists and playing two 1000pt games with the army I have to say that it MOST definately has a lot of potential. Anyone following the Nautican army needs to realise that as a new force it will take time to develop and longer for people to figure out the best way of using it in battle. I mean readers of this blog will know (depending on how long they have been reading it of course) that it took me nearly 5 months of playing WHFB to get my first win and that was with my High Elves not the Dwarfs with whom I regularly played.

I have played dozens of games now with my High Elves and Dwarfs and am still learning how best to fit units together, build appropriate lists, deploy and move my troops and tackle different opponents (and as you can see there are a lot of armies I havent played against yet, e.g., Bretonnians, Beasts of Chaos). And I am still losing regularly due mainly to my poor general ship in a lot of situations, and to my often better generaled opponents. NONE of my losses can be attributed solely to my armies being weak and poorly developed. Every army has its weaknesses just as they all have their strengths, and overall GW has endeavoured to ensure that these are balanced out across all the army books.

The Nautican list is no different offering a range of capabilities that make it strong in some areas while also creating that balance that is so important to an effective, workable and playable army. So please for those of you who have been following the Nauticans and thinking about giving them a go give them time, they are a great army, and have a lot of potential. I have no doubt that in time they too will be "kicking arse and taking names" just like my Dwarfs and High Elves do on a *cough* semi-regular basis.

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