April 9, 2009

Ok the Choir hasn't been nerf'd

Had a comment from Cereal John regarding the Choir which caused me to re-read the new stat card for Warmachine Mk2 and it looks like I completely mis-interpreted the new ruling.

First line of the card states that "every model in the unit performing a hymn special action must perform the same hymn" I then completely overlooked the next line "every model performing a hymn special action can select a warjack" - my initial readings of the card led me to believe that all unit models sang the same hymn to the same warjack.

Not the case a 6 man unit can sing the same hymn to 6 warjacks within 3" inches of each model. Means that the Choir of Menoth can now be strung out in a long line behind a row of Jacks rather than in the clustered formation you used in Mk1 to protect the Priest.

Cheers John that clears up the only problem I had with the new version - with that change Mk2 is just superb from my point of view. Still wished Cleansers could blow up when you shot them in the back though I just loved doing that.

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