April 9, 2009

RUNEFANG II - Another version of my army list

Oh to take the Dragon or not to take the Dragon?!?
Its so pretty, but is it useful

Still really really struggling with my army list for the upcoming RUNEFANG II WHFB tournament next month and I am still in two minds as to whether I should take my Dragon or not. Yes it looks great (IMHO) but how useful is a Dragon Mage going to be compared to what I could spend the points on. Decisions decisions decisions....

... so tonight I think ill try something completely different and go with the following list against Caleb's Chaos Army.

Mage Level 2
- Silver Wand, Dispell Scroll

Mage Level 2
- Jewel of Dusk, Dispel Scroll

- Armour of Caledor, GW, BSB

Archers x10

Spears x17
- FC, Lion Banner

Swordmasters x10
- FC, Champion w. Amulet of Light

Swordmasters x10
- FC, w. Banner of Sorcery

Phoenix Guard x18
- FC, War Banner, Champion w. Sword of Might

Dragon Princes x5
- SB

Dragon Princes x5
- SB



Lion Chariot

TOTAL 2,243 pts

Models in Army 85
Casting Pool 7 + D3
Dispel Pool 4

If I had another Bolt-Thrower I would definately take it somewhere and I could in theory put out 3 units of Swordmasters but would have to cut something else.

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