April 3, 2009

VC Skeletons the painting process

Just thought I would outline the process I used for painting my VC Skeletons. It started with Chaos Black undercoat and moved onto

Base Coat - Khemri Brown
Wash - Flesh Wash
Drybrush - Fortress Grey
Drybrush - Codex Grey
Drybrush - Skull White
Wash - Sepia Wash/Badab Black (alternated so there would be subtle differences between each model)

Base Coat - Scab Red
Wash - Badab Black
2nd Coat - Scab Red
Wash - Badab Black/Red (mixture 2:1)

Base Coat - Bolt-gun Metal
Wash - Badab Black/Blue Wash
Drybrush - Chainmail
Wash - Badab Black

Same as for armour, shafts etc were Bleached Bone followed by Sepia Wash

Graveyard Earth
Bases are also magnetised as is the movement tray

GF9 Sand
Wash - Mud Wash
Drybrush - Fortress Grey/Codex Grey/Bleached Bone
GW Grass Flock (non-static type)

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