April 10, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report [High Elves vs. Chaos]

Where the light and darkness meet
2250pts High Elves vs. Chaos

The morning sun glinted off the massed ranks of Elven infantry as Lord Analitheon, Mage of Ulthuan, prepared himself for the coming battle. To his right blocks of citizen levy Spearmen, the mainstay of the High Elven army, nervously tightened the buckles on their armour and took position around the armies Battle Standard. Beyond could be seen ranks of Archers and a battery of repeater bolt throwers already deployed in the outskirts of the human village over which so much blood would soon be spilt. The nervous actions of the citizen militia were in stark contrast to the disciplined behaviour of the Swordmasters of Hoeth ranked behind them. Standing silently they seemed unaffected by the thought of what was to come., and glared scornfully at the nervous antics of their militia comrades. Although Lord Analitheon couldn't help but think their bravado was more for the benefit of the White Lions of Chrace whose Chariots were to their flank - competition between these groups of warriors for pre-eminence among the people of Ulthuan was still strong after countless centuries.

Around him his own Phoenix Guard were more calm the movement of their cloaks in the wind the only sign of movement in their ranks. Even this served to heighten the statue like stillness with which they waited for what was to come. Looking to his left Lord Analitheon grunted in satisfaction as his second battery of repeater bolt throwers moved into position on the edge of the nearby forest. Behind them the lances of the Caledorean Dragon Princes moved into view the sound of horses adding to the bird song echoing from among the trees. While he could not see them Lord Analitheon knew that still more Dragon Princes were hidden in and around that forest. At least he hoped they were, after the lose of so many Dragon Mages at the hands of the Chaos army in recent months few Caledoreans were willing to face the Dark Horde unless sorely pressed. Brave as they were their loses in recent battles had been severe and no longer could they be counted on to be a regular component of any Ulthuan army. Lord Analitheon's thoughts were soon cut short though as the Phoenix Guard commander drew his attention to the front.

"My Lord Chaos cavalry and warhounds shall I signal the advance?"

"I see them Belear pass the word to the levies and let us hope our Caledorean brethern will arrive as promised."

"Yes my Lord."

Looking one last time at the forest to his left Lord Analitheon prepared himself to draw upon the magical energies of the Lore of Fire and marched forward with his army to meet the Chaos horde.

The Chaos Horde
3 Sorcerers, Chaos Knights 2 units of 5, Maruader horsemen 3 units of 5, Marauders 20, Chaos Warhounds 3 units of 5, Chaos Warriors 20 and Chaos Ogres 4.

The forces of Ulthuan
Mages x2, Battle Standard Bearer, Spears x20, Phoenix Guard x18, Swordmasters 2 units of 10, Dragon Princes 2 units of 5, Bolt-Throwers 2, Archers x 10.

Turns 1 -2
Magical energy crackled through the air as Chaos magic erupted over the Elven battleline. Were not dispelled the Chaos magic proved largely ineffective and only a few Swordmasters were seen to fall. Behind the waves of Chaos magic hordes of Marauder cavalry and Chaos Warhounds ran forward screening the stronger forces to their rear and offering the Elven line their first targets.

In response High Elf infantry advanced in concentrated formation behind a hail of missle fire as the repeater bolt throwers began to decimate the advancing Chaos fast cavalry units. Elven magic lanced across the battlefield but was dispelled by the Nurgle Sorcerers seen accompanying the Chaos advance guard.

Turn 3
Chaos Ogres charge the Elven right flank assaulting the farm buildings held by the citizen archers. Arrows fly and wound the advancing Ogres but they are too strong and soon clear the Archers out of the farm buidings. Warhounds harass the massed ranks of Elven infantry beggin them to charge, hoping to tempt them to open their flanks to the Chaos Knights who are only now just coming into view.

With the Archers fleeing the first unit of Swordmasters exact early revenge for the forces of Ulthuan charging into the farm buildings and butchering the Ogres. The Bladelord leading the charge smiles grimly as his men literally tear the Ogres apart and secure the buildings. Repeater bolts continue to decimate the Maruader horsmen and Chaos Warhounds and Elven magic finally begins to take an equal toll on the Chaos ranks.

Turn 4
With the mighty Ogres defeated the Chaos Knights on the Elven right flank now charge into combat crashing into the citizen levy spearmen. Chaos magic continues to play havoc with Elven warmachines and the Warhounds finally tempt the Dragon Princes into charging them, as the Chaos infantry do the same to the Phoenix Guard.

Surviving, somehow, the initial charge by the Chaos Knights the hard pressed Spearmen watch in awe as ranks of bloodied Swordmasters charge from the nearby farm houses into the flank of the Chaos Knights. Unable to stand against their frenzied attacks the Knights are cut down and those few who remain flee only to be cut down. Repeater bolts skewer the Nurgle Sorcerers and the Elven army begins to see victory approaching. But it is not to be, the Phoenix Guard can only watch in horror as the Chaos General cuts down Lord Analitheon. Outnumbered the Phoenix Guard are forced back, and then routed as the Chaos Warriors chop through their ranks.

Turn 5
Chaos reigns supreme as the Marauder infantry and Chaos Knights flank charge the Dragon Princes on the Elven left. Both units are cut down as is the bolt-thrower stationed in the forest, Chaos magic getting through with ease following the death of both Elven mages.

In response the remaining bolt-thrower kills the second beast mounted Nurgle Sorcerer, and the Spears and Swordmasters continue to chase down the retreating Chaos cavalry units. But the Elven army is all but wiped out with the Dragon Princes cut down and the second unit of Swordmasters surrounded on three sids by victorious Chaos units.

Turn 6
Night falls on the battlefield as the Chaos Warriors overun the remaining bolt-thrower. But they are unable to inflict any more death on the Elven army that is now either running or too scattered to be in reach.

The battle ends in a solid victory for Chaos 1950 pts to 1300....


John@Plastic Legions said...

Seems like the swordmasters did ok? did they earn their points back before they went down?

nice write up!

Darth Weasel said...

very entertaining. one thing I love about the current incarnation of Warhammer is the way a game will seem won or lost 3 or 4 times before the ultimate conclusion.

Caleb said...

Yeah one unit of sword masters got there points back taking out the orges(260pts) the other unit just couldnt get into any combats that favoured them. Your deployment was not the greatest in this game i felt like your 2 units of dragon princes were to isolated on the other flank of the board from the rest of your army and were easly kept in check by 2 units of dogs and 1 knight unit.

John said...

@John - thanks mate and yes they did cleaned out the Ogres quite easily. Other unit didnt do anything except die unfortunately.

@Darth - yeah its great most games I find arent decided until Turns 4 or 5

@Caleb - your dead right there Im going to have to re-think that tactic although you use your dogs damn well