April 2, 2009

Warhammer Battle Reports [HE vs. Chaos & VC]

Tournament list play testing Rounds 3 & 4
vs. Chaos and Vampire Counts

I kind of took a sicky from work yesterday, Ok i did take a sicky yesterday, and stayed home mainly so I could stain my deck but also get in a few extra WHFB games as I knew Toshi had the week off. Got in two during the day the first vs. Toshi's proposed Chaos list for RUNEFANG and the 2nd against Richard's Vampire Counts.

I'll put full details up once I have a bit more time, but basically the first game was a very very bloody draw with pretty much everything on both sides getting slaughtered. His Chaos Demon General was just horrible, but I think I got very lucky when my Swordmasters chased his Chaos Ogres off the board. That and Toshi didnt have any Chaos Knights as the new ones are pretty strong. Key lesson learnt (AGAIN) stop charging your damn Dragon Princes so early and use the Dragon Mage as a MAGE not a melee unit.

2nd game vs. Richards Vampire Counts. Or should I say mine and Richard's VC as he borrowed most of my army to flesh his out. He fielded a reasonable army couple of units of Zombies, some Black Knights, Skeletons, Crypt Ghouls, Banshees, Dire Wolves and (THE KICKER) Konrad Von Carstein, Manfred Von Carstein and Isabella Von Carstein. Oh joy for me!?! So rather than take my normal tournament list I modified it dropping my Lvl 4 Archmage and putting in Teclis, and giving the PG a Banner of Sorcery (had to drop some Swordmasters to do it though). This gave me up to 14 PD and 8 DD in every round just awesome. End result was I got slaughtered. Every freaking unit I had except for one small group of Swordmasters got destroyed while his army was virtually intact. My Swordmasters and Spears must have killed this one unit of Skeletons 3 or 4 times over but he kept raising the damn things back up. Key lessons learnt here (AGAIN) - DONT CHARGE THE FREAKING DRAGON PRINCES SO EARLY, STOP USING THE DRAGON MAGE AS A MELEE WEAPON, and when playing against VC go for the General.

Other Stuff
Recieved some nice parcels in the mail yesterday as well. Couple of bases of VC Spirit Host - already painted and extremely well flocked - so I now have enough for a full unit, a set of 16 Swordmasters which I will start painting up NOW and a GW carrying case.


Darth Weasel said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, but we used to play a card game called Raw Deal. We kept making specific errors so much we started a "Stupidity Fund". Every time we forgot to draw or forgot to make the opponent overturn or whatever we dropped a nickel in the fund. Got to where we would talk about tournaments as "I only dropped a quarter in the Stupidity Fund today"...because they were the same mistakes.

When I saw your Dragon Prince Charge/Dragon Mage comments, that brought back some good memories.

John said...

lol that would cost me a fortune as i seem to do it every damn time with that unit