April 3, 2009

Warhammer Battle Reports [HE vs. Gobbos & Chaos]

750pts is a lot of fun!!!

Two quick games last night. First was against a new club member who it turned out was playing his first ever game of Warhammer with his Orc & Goblin army. On reflection my list was way too strong for him and I should have slowed things down a bit more to explain what was going on. Even at 750pts we still took our time though getting through to 6 turns and hopefully he learned a few things. In game 2 I squared off against Caleb's Chaos again and got thrashed inside 3/4 turns. His Marauder fast cavalry is great and he uses it really well, but it was his damn Chaos Chariot that did all the serious damage - it is seriously over powered compared to the standard HE ones.

For both games I took the following list

- Mounted, Dragon Armour, Shield, Lance

Archers x10

Dragon Princes x5
- FC, War Banner

Silver Helms x5
- FC

Swordmasters x6

Swordmasters x6

Game 1
My Goblin opponent had a much larger force with a big unit of 20 Night Goblins, 10 Spider Riders, 40 Big Uns and 20 Archer Boyz. Being his first game however he deployed in a big mass which allowed my Dragon Princes and Silver Helms to basically charge through the middle of them and overrun everything. Didnt all go my way though. The 20 strong unit of Goblins charged one of my Swordmaster Units and after losing only 1 - YES 1 - Goblin to the Swordmasters won the combat on CR (when I failed 2 AS), broke the HE and ran them down. That same unit of Goblins went on to kill 3 of the 6 Swordmasters in the other unit as well making them the enemy MVP for the game. In the centre after wiping out the Archer Boyz and the Orc General with his unit of Big Uns the Silver Helms got flank charged by a 2nd unit of Orcs. The result was 9 rounds - YES 9 rounds - of combat in which the Orcs kept whittling down the Silver Helms and passing break test after break test. Eventually I had only my General left against 4 remaining Orcs resulting in me losing the next round of combat and only just passing my break test. The game ended at this point with the 4 remaining Orcs still squared off against my General.

Game 2
What can I say except I got beat and beat badly. Absolutely crushed as I was so intent on avoiding those damn Chaos Knights I positioned and maneuvered my units poorly got flank charged by the Chaos Chariot, shot to bits by the Marauders and the Nurgle Sorcerers and watched my army disintegrate in Turn 3. Looking back I think Caleb only lost 2 Marauders?

Next Week
Tournament list testing time again - against Caleb's proposed RUNEFANG list and I am still NOT sure what the hell I am going to take.


Darth Weasel said...

"...Chaos Chariot that did all the serious damage - it is seriously over powered...

One reason I am re-thinking my Chaos move. They really amped up the power.

But this caught my eye:
shot to bits by the Marauders
What was he shooting with? They come equipped with a hand weapon and have no bow options. They can take throwing spears I guess...

John said...

Throwing Axes - it mainly due to my poor AS dice rolls, but even then High Elves at T3 are easy to kill usually only need 4's to wound and Swordmasters only have a 5+ AS and thats what he was aiming for