April 14, 2009

Warhammer Battle Reports [Nauticans vs. Greenskins]

The Nauticans emerge from the Deep
1000pts Nauticans vs. Orcs & Goblins

Completed my first games with Sigmar's unofficial Nautican army today two different lists allowing me to try out a number of different core and special units. My opponent was Richard who was using his Orcs and Goblin army for the first time so it was a good test of both of us and our respective armies.

The Nauticans offer a range of good options particularly with the various equipment options on the core troops and the army special rules. I wanted to test as many of them out as I could while not going to overboard taking the super-special, unique and rare choices. Testing the core choices would allow me to see how the army worked far better.

*Apology to Sigmar* - to make things slightly easier for me I took a couple of the magic items suggested in the battle reporter forums but not yet published on the Nautican blog.

Game 1 - Zharc's Expedition
After my green stuff efforts to create a Shark headed hero character I just had to play Zharc in at least one game so I built my list around him. I also really like the Giant Crabs and think they are an excellent unit for the points cost. My Nautican list for Game 1 was:

Zharc 125pts
Nautican Prince 120pts
- Scalemail, Clam Shield, Oceanic Trident, Spirit Shroud
Siren Level 2 165pts
- Coral Amulet (adds 1 PD)
Trident Guard x18 339pts
- FC, Sea Tridents, Scalemail, Kraken Shield, Protection of Shoal
Coral Hunters x10 30pts
Coral Hunters x10 30pts
Coral Hunters x10 30pts
Giant Crabs 160pts

Against this Richard took the following

Orc Big Boss
Goblin Big Boss
Goblin Shaman Level 2
Night Goblins x20
Night Goblins x20
Goblin Archers x10
Goblin Archers x10
Spider Riders x10
Orc Boar Chariot

Deployment & Setup
The sound was confusing to the Night Goblins. None had heard it before the crashing and booming sounded as if the earth itself was being picked up and slammed down repeatedly. Skitterish many began to edge away from the open plain in front of them, others stood frozen, eyes locked onto the lake that filled one side of the field. Its surface seemed to be alive moving in time with the crashing and booming sound in their ears. Only the harsh words and whips of the Big Bosses kept them in line, and they returned to their ranks as strange unfamiliar shapes emerged in the far distance... strange shapes that caused even the fierce Big Boss to stop short... "Aggh wat dat"....

...what is was the battleline of a Nautican army led by Zharc a huge shark headed monster who had led his brethren forth in response to the Goblins pollution of their coastal home. In the centre of the Nautican line a unit of Trident Guard led by a Nautican Prince moved forward Sea Tridents held high above armour so bright it was nearly blinding the Goblins who watched them advance. To either side smaller shapes darted too and fro carrying small missle weapons which soon began to spit spears at the Night Goblin ranks. Behind them a strange luminously beautifully creature could be heard singing, her haunting voice touching even the cold hearts of the Goblins. But it was the giant shapes that accompanied them that caused the greatest surprise for the Goblins huge crabs more than twice the height of a man that even at a distance towered over their Orc Big Boss General. Further to the right more of the small spear throwing carrying creatures emerged through a forest among them a much larger shape half shark, half lizard or elf.

The Battlelines at deployment (Nauticans on left)

Nautican right flank - note my daughters toy frog proxying for a Giant Crab

My Zharc LM conversion w. Skinks proxying as Coral Hunters
Turns 1-2
The Goblins moved first, luckily for me animosity caused one unit of Night Goblins too stand still unfortunately it saw the rest of the Goblin line run forward eager to do battle. The Nautican line marched forward to get the Coral Hunters Spearguns into range, while the Trident Guard and Crabs angled toward the Orc Big Boss. The Siren used Aqua magic to good effect. One spell making the Orc Big Bosses unit stupid, the other moving the Trident Guard forward on a magical wave.

Turns 3-4
The battlelines meet at this stage with one unit of Night Goblins and the Boar Chariot charging Zharc and the unit of Coral Hunters accompanying him. The Coral Hunters spearguns proved very effective against the Night Goblins killing a large number of them across the board. Zharcs own Speargun was less effective rolling to miss with his shots before he was charged. Unfortunately in combat the weak and unarmoured Coral Hunters were wiped out incredibly quickly by the Boar Chariot and despite Zharc monstering the Night Goblins he lost on CR, fled and was chased down. In the centre of the board the Crabs and Trident Guard charged the Orc Big Boss and his accompanying Night Goblins. In the ensuing battle they lost on CR seeing the Trident Guard flee but leaving the Stubborn Crabs behind. Two rounds later the Crabs Granite Crush squished the Orc Big Boss before the Goblins got lucky and killed the pair.

Turns 5-6
The Trident Guard rally, the Spider riders and some of the Night Goblins start bickering but not before they charge into the Trident Guard causing them to flee off the board. The flank charge of the Chariot the deciding factor. The Sirens haunting charm allowed her to survive 2 rounds of combat against a unit of 20 Night Goblins before falling leaving only the Crabs (proxied by my daughters small toy frog) to roam across the table looking for combat. Result a loss to the Nauticans but an interesting one


Game 2 - The Lobstrosities make an appearance
Ok, slightly different list this time. Richard still used the same one although we changed the terrain around a little. The Nautican list was:

Siren Level 2
Wavebreakers x20
Wavebreakers x20
Coral Hunters x10
Coral Hunters x10
Lobstrosities x3
Giant Crabs x2

The Lobstrosities are great and their addition gave me an unbreakable S5 T4 unit on one flank and my fear causing Crabs on the other. The Siren took Aqua Lore again this time with two different spells. The first would allow the spellcaster to summon an Albatross to pick up a single character and fly them to any point within 18", the second to corrode the abilities of an enemy unit lowering their AS, WS and BS by 1 each.

With more infantry in this game I massed my troops together and basically headed helter skelter for the Orc battleline. The Wavebreakers did OK but without the Sea Trident were unable to cause enough wounds on the Goblins to win on CR and at L7 fled from both combats they joined. The Crabs got monstered by Goblin magic after Richard rolled for the truly awful Waagh spells, and after some lucky shooting from his archers - 5's to hit 6's to wound and I fail my AS!!!

The game itself ended really quickly, with only the Lobstrosities still going toe to toe with the Boar Chariot before killing it and charging into the main Goblin units. They survived 2-3 turns of combat butchering Goblin after Goblin before sheer numbers saw them defeated. Result another loss to the Nauticans but a much closer one with a huge number of Goblins squashed, drowned and impaled over the battlefield.

*next post Nautican unit wrap up


Anonymous said...

If I knew JACK about Warhammer Fantasy...this would have made sense to me. Great write up though!!!

John said...

lol - cheers :)

Binz said...

Awesome shark conversion! He looks great.

Good to hear your games, it looks like you can have a powerful army here, i like the idea of the Lobstrosities as well! Unbreakable is always good. How did you proxy them? lol.

John said...

Yeah mate its actually a lot of fun to play just need to get the equipment choices right. Ill be bringing it to the club tomorrow night :)

Darth Weasel said...

I envy your ability to do conversions and LOVE the frog's appearance. Enjoy Singapore!

Sigmar said...

Brilliant !

Thanks for test driving the new army John, I'm pleased you had fun. This is the 4th and 5th loss the Nauticans have suffered thus far.

I have a game in a weeks time (2250pts vs Dark Elves), I'll see if I can turn things around for them.

I'll try to get all the reamining updates for draft 3.0 online this weekend. Then we only have to wait for a couple of pics from Gareth fot eh new units and we're ready for the 1st pdf :)

Thanks for all your support in this project,

PS. I'll put a link in the Nautican blog to this battle report.

John said...

No probs mate they are definately a fun army to play and I have been making up army lists non stop for past week and working through various combos. Going to be looking for some appropriate figures in Singapore this week.

Loses were due largely to some poor decision making on my part and a couple of bad dice rolls which saw units break at the wrong time. That and I was still learning how best to use them - forgot about the damn Trident Guard stubborn rule :( The 2nd game especially could have easily been a Nautican win.

Sigmar said...

I really messed up in my last battle against Dark Elves, got shot to pieces. This time I'll be susing sandgangers as a missile shield to get the other units into combat.

Gangers are good when combined with Tide Watchers because the tide watchers can reduce the initiative and strength of the enemy while the ganagers actually fight with the enemy's original profile so they are fighting at +1 strength if the enemy are "netted" and the same initiative.

Also, this will be my first outing with some missile support (ie Coral Hunters) and a means of quickly closing the gap and engaging enemy missile troops with Crest Riders.

I can't wait. I need vengeance :)

Good to have you back,

PS. I'll respond to all your ideas in the Nautican thread soon. I have written a response for the magic items (it's on my desktop in a text file) and a couple of the banners have already been added. I have yet to post the response though because I'm mulling over a few ideas first.