April 8, 2009

A Warmachine Mk II Poem

Courtesy of John Christensen at Getting Small

Twas the day before Mark II, and all through the house,
Not a figure was painted, "Thank God" said my spouse.

The computer was warmed up, right next to the stair,
In the hopes that Matt Wilson, soon would be there.

The gamers were tucked in their beds all alone,
They couldn't sleep a wink, worried their troops will be boned.

With Sorcha in here fur hat, and Feora on Fire,
They'd been put away tonight, their future a mire.

Then out on the internets, their arose such a clatter,
The server was up, Mark I lay in tatter.

Away to the browser I flew in a hurry,
What jacks would be cool, are the Idrians scarey?

The packets of data streamed in from the net,
The PDF download would be big, you can bet!

When what to my wondering eyes would appear,
Mark Wilson's new master work, best fetch me a beer!

So up to the books I arose to go gather,
I must see whats changed, I am up in a Lather!!!

On Menoth, On Cygnar, On Khador, On Cryx!
Was Privateer kind or did they treat us like Dicks!

The Jacks were all mighty in their new Mark II dress,
They all gained Relentless and their points now cost less!

Vlad had been nerfed, and TB was less,
The Bile Thralls still purged, just like we had guessed.

The Zealots cost more, and the Choir more still,
But low, all the jacks, could charge right through a hill!

The Avatar now cost 20 points less,
The knights numbered 10, but their buffs were a mess!

The feats hurt the warbeasts just like they were jacks,
And the troopmachine lists ended up set in stacks

No more would jacks suck, and gather dust on the shelves,
The troop lists were done for, in spite of ourselves

Pathfinder and All Terrain were now one the same,
With these brand new rules we had no one to blame!

And as Matt Wilson left, he cried out his new dare!
"Have fun with the play test! Now pull out your hair!"

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