April 14, 2009

Warmachine Mk2 how many points do I have?

Added up my Mk2 points for my Protectorate of Menoth army tonight to see what I have. Cool thing about upgraded version is that it gives you ALL of the unit cards allowing you to proxy everything not just those cards you can find the details for, i.e., swapping my Exemplar Errants for Knights Exemplar. Anyway my points (only counting actual models I have) are:

Kreoss & eKreoss
High Reclaimer
Amon Ad-Raza

Redeemer - 6
Repenters x2 - 8
Revengers x2 - 12
Devouts x4 - 20
Crusaders x2 - 12
Reckoner - 8
Avatar - 10
Castigator - 8

Paladin Order of the Wall - 2
Exemplar Seneschals x2 - 6
Wracks x3 - 1
Heirophant - 2
Vassal - 2

Choir (6 models) x3 - 9
Deliverers x10 - 8
Zealots x8 - 4
Monolith Bearer - 2
Temple Flameguard x10 -6
Temple Flameguard UA - 2
Flameguard Cleansers x6 - 5
Daughters of Flame x5 - 5
Exemplar Errants x6 - 5
Rhoven & Bodyguard - 5
Idrians x10 - 11
Idrians UA - 2

Eiryss - 3
Aiyana & Holt - 5
Rupert Cavalo - 3

TOTAL 172 pts


Anonymous said...

I have mixed emotions about your inventory. It's really a shame what they did to the Idrians. I never bought any but I feel for those that did. I am also a little sad about Rhovan and the Bodyguards...they are much less cool, but for 5 points...they are acceptable. The biggest problem there is that you are in Jack territory, and the Dervish is the same cost...and the Dervish is very very cool.

I will add up my points and post it on my blog as well. I have about 3000 MkI pts of Menoth.

John said...

Yeah unfortunately for me I started buying stuff b4 i figured out what it all did - you know the old they look cool ill have some of those....

... next on list will be more Knights Exemplar, more Zealots and Exemplar Horseman.

Binz said...

Cool, even though i can only put in 3 out of my 5 warcasters, i got to a 175 point list. (including WJ points and stuff)

I used to be able to bring every warcaster, with 3000 odd points. Its interesting how it converts down.