May 30, 2009

Warhammer Tournament Report [NICON 09]

Day 1 Match ups and Battle Reports
March of the mighty *ahem* Stumpies

Played four games today in the following order:
  • vs. Lizardmen as Defender (1,200 pts)
  • vs. Goblins as Attacker (1,ooo pts)
  • vs. Wood Elves (2,250 pts)
  • vs. Dwarfs (2,25o pts)
Unfortunately I was unable to capture any decent photos of the Day's play as I left my camera back in my home town 2 hours drive away. I took a few with my phone but they are incredibly tiny and don't really show anything. I'll also leave the write up of Game 4 to later as because it was against Dwarves I feel it deserves something a little more special.

Game 1
My opponent with 1,000 pts was restricted but still able to field some useful units. The competing armies were:

Quarrellers x10
Quarrellers x10
Hammerers x19
Hammerers x18
Organ Gun

General on Stegadon
Skinks x10
Skinks x10
Skinks x10
Skinks x10
Salamanders x2

Lizardmen deployed and moved first which was good and bad for me. Good in that I could at least counter some of their initial deployments but bad in that with their higher movement they would be across the table faster than I would have liked reducing the number of shooting rounds that I had.

Turns 1 - 2
These saw LM magic easily dispelled by my Runesmith and the Quarrellers take a heavy toll on two units of Skinks. One eventually fled off the table while the other would spend the rest of the match hiding behind terrain at under half strength. My Organ Gun misfired in the 1st round but I was lucky enough to roll a 4 which at least meant it didnt blow up. The Salamanders also mis-fired eating several of their Skink handlers and the Quarrellers finished off the remainder, causing the Salamanders to roll on the monstrous mount table and get eternal frenzy and hatred (Oh joy!!!).

Game 1 turns 1-2

Turns 3 - 4
LM magic is again dispelled but this time the Salamanders do some serious damage on one of the Hammerer units which has moved a bit to far forward. Shooting from the LM kills still more Hammerers to see the largest unit drop below half strength before it has reached close combat. Dwarf shooting isn't as effective as it should have been wounding and eventually killing a Salamander and killing a few more Skinks. On one flank a unit of Skinks which had been attempting to next past were charged by the 2nd Hammerer unit and routed off the board. Turn 4 ends badly though as the Stegadon and remaining frenzied Salamander charge the under strength unit of Hammerers (who should have never been that far forward in the 1st place). The Hammerers lose on CR are routed, flee and are overrun. The only good news is the Quarrellers taking down the remaining Salamander.

Game 1 turns 3-4

Turns 5 - 6
I have a single unit of Hammerers left, my Organ Gun & Bolt-Thrower and two units of Quarrellers left as Turn 5 starts. The LM are down to the Stegadon and a single unit of Skinks with a Mage. The Skink unit proceeds to wipe out my Bolt-Thrower while the Stegadon rampages through one of my Quarreller units. Rather than attack the remaining Quarreller unit the Skinks elect to exit the board giving the LM a valuable 440pts (the unit with the Mage was worth 220pt and this was doubled under the scenario rules). In Turn 6 the Hammerers are too far away to do anything and the Stegadon overruns the Quarreller unit to its front but comes up 1 inch short of my Organ Gun. After 5 turns of doing nothing this is finally in a position to fire and it opens up on the Stegadon - 2 hits on the riders, 8 on the beast see it splattered over the board in the last act of the game.

End Result - Lizardmen WIN 8-2


Game 2 as Attacker
Dwarfs 1,000pts vs. Goblins 1,200pts

I had to modify my list for this game and it turned out to be seriously outnumber and out gunned. The armies for this game were:

Quarrellers x10
Quarrellers x10
Hammerer x19

Night Goblin (NG) Big Boss
NG Shaman
NG x41
NG x30 (2 fanatics)
NG x30 (2 fanatics)
NG x30 (2 fanatics)
Snotlings x2
Snotlings x2
Squidhoppers x6
Spear Chucker
Spear Chucker

The rules meant that as a Dwarf I was allowed to deploy 21" across the table rather than 12" to make up for the movement differences, something I didn't use in Game 1 to maximise my shooting time. I deployed after the Goblins and in order to be sneaky I put most of my army behind a large LOS blocking hill on the right hand side of the board. This left a gap between the hill and the table edge wide enough for my units but also meant I couldn't been seen until I popped out from behind the mountain. The Goblins were all deployed across the board away from me. I had placed my Bolt-Throwers down first on the left flank as a decoy. In hindsight I made two mistakes here:
  • I should have deployed entirely on the left directly opposite the Goblin warmachines and gone hell for leather straight at them, instead I deployed across the table from them and attempted (foolishly) to break through the strongest units in the Goblin army.
  • Given the deployment option I took the Gyrocopter would have been better placed on the left flank were it could have attacked the Goblin Warmachines. I used it to draw out Fanatics first, but this perhaps wasn't the best idea.
Turns 1 - 2
Goblins moved first and the whole line turn left and headed toward my mountain hidey hole. At least those NG units that weren't fighting each-other. My opponent was unlucky in that at least two of his NG units were immobile each turn due to squabbling. As planned I charged straight at the table edge exit with my Hammerers. The idea was to get them off the board a.s.a.p with the Quarrellers who were deployed behind them and on their left to screen them and protect their flanks. The Gyro would tease out any fanatics with those nasty little buggers hopefully not moving 8" toward the machine.

Game 2 deployment & turn 1

But as they say - 'The beest laid plans of mice and men' - a Goblin Rock Lobber and two fanatics scuttled by plan in Turn 2. The Rock Lobber scored a direct hit on the Hammerers killing 6-8 of them putting it near half strength and making it to weak to cut through the Squid Hoppers who have blocked the exit (the NG units were all still moving toward its flank). The Gyro teases out a couple of fanatics but these both run 12" and destroy it in one go ending my attempts to have them run amok in the middle of the massed NG ranks.

Game 2 turn 2

Turns 3 - 4
This is where I stuffed up. Rather than keep up my move toward the table edge even with the weakened Hammerer unit I wheeled it and ended up charging a unit of Snotlings that were slightly in the road. Killing them I then choose to overrun into the 40 strong NG unit instead of holding, with 5 ranks, a Banner, BSB and outnumbered the NG are already starting ahead of me on CR. The result the Hammerers are brutalised, flee and are destroyed. The only good outcome in my turns are the Bolt-Throwers shooting down rank of full rank of NG from the trailing units.

Turns 5 - 6
The game is pretty much over now. Sheer weight of numbers sees my Quarrellers get chewed up by NG and Snotlings and only my Bolt-Throwers are left at the end of Turn 6.

End Result - Goblins Win 9-1


Game 3 - Capture
Dwarves 2,250 pts vs. Wood Elves 2,250 pts

Having played a few games against Wood Elves before I kind of knew what to expect with this one. At the same time my opponent Joel used this army at RUNEFANG and did very well with it so I knew it would be particularly tough. For this battle I used the NICON list I posted in an earlier post while my opponent had:

Wood Elves 2,250pts
Noble on a Budgie *ahem* Eagle
Glade Guard x10
Glade Guard x10
Glade Guard x10
Dryads x8
Dryads x8
Glade Riders x5
Wardancers x7
Wardancers x7
Wild Riders x6
Wild Riders x6

I deployed and moved first in this game. I opted from the beginning to aim all of my efforts at the 300 VP objective and ignore the others. Consequently, I concentrated my units on the left hand side of the board directly in line with that objective. The only exception were a Bolt-Thrower on its own just off center and the Gyrocopter out on the extreme right. Once again mistakes in deployment would prove to be costly in terms of the final result. First I forgot about Wood Elves ability to use Woods against you and deployed 1 unit of Quarrellers in a forest on the left hand table edge. The idea was to move them forward to cover the objective marker and to target the Glade Guard on the hill to their front, the forest offering soft-cover from the better Elven archers. My 2nd was putting the Organ Gun behind that forest where it was out of firing range for several turns. The idea here had been to have it set up so it could fire at the rear of my infantry holding the central objective. This would provide some modicum of protection against the Elven fast cavalry deployed on my far right. A good idea in theory it cost me with the Organ Gun being out the battle for too long.

Turns 1 - 2
Lots of shooting and movement in these turns as the Elven fast units wheeled from the right hand edge toward my right flank and as I moved toward the objective. All of the action was destined to take place around that left hand objective and my key aim was to survive long enough to claim the VP. Elven magic was dispelled in these turns, while their shooting proved more effective than mine killing 10 Quarrellers across both units and 2 Hammerers vs. a single Glade Guard and one Glade Rider.

Turns 3 - 4
Where things got nasty. The smaller unit of Hammerers (on my extreme left) charged the Glade Guard on the hill. At least they would have except the Dryad units were in the way. The Longbeards and other Hammerer unit (with accompanying Lord) were more toward the middle of the table. These angled right to meet the Elven cavalry, the Treeman and advancing Wardancers. This saw my line form a rough L ship with the Longbeards at the pivot and the Artillery lined up about 10" behind the L in a rough line - Elven units were spread eqaully on all sides of that L and approaching the Artillery.

My shooting was a little better here with the Eagle and numerous Glade Riders taken down by the Bolt-Throwers and few remaining Quarrellers (6 at this stage - a unit of 2 and a unit of 4). Elven shooting and more importantly magic (which I failed to dispel) caused more damage though, as did the fast cavalry. I lost more Hammerers, my Gyro and a Bolt-Thrower in those phases.

Turns 4-5 "The Meatgrinder"
I stopped taking effective notes here as my attention was firmly fixed on the grand melee around the 300VP objective. In simple terms this involved my Longbeard unit of 25 with BSB, and my Hammerer unit of 19 (now 11) with Lord and combats in the following order (I think as my memory is terrible):

  • Treeman & Glade Riders charge the Hammerers & Lord (the other Hammerers were by this time quite dead)
  • Wardancers flank charge the Hammerers
  • Longbeards flank charge Treeman.
  • Dyrads flank charge Longbeards.
  • Wardancers rear charge Longbeards.
Over 3-5 rounds the Treeman cut down my BSB, Longbeard Champion and Hammerer Champion before I finally had no choice but to accept his challenge with my Lord - SOMETHING I SHOULD HAVE DONE FIRST TIME ROUND (YET ANOTHER MISTAKE). The Wardancers, damn they are brutal, cut down 7-8 Hammerers and 3-4 Longbeards while the Dryads took out a few more. In return my Lord slaughtered the Glade Riders who were routed and destroyed. The also forced the Wardancers to flee and eventually with the help of the Longbeards (and the 3 Hammerers left alive by this time) paniced the Treeman as well. The Longbeards also killed off the other Wardancers and forced the Dryads to flee. The RO Stoicism on both units, the War Banner on the Longbeards and their 3 ranks were a telling factor as sheer numbers and better armour helped me win on CR. I was lucky though in that the Wardancers were unable to cut through the Hammerers fast enough, and in that their Stubborness kept them stationary long enough for the Longbeards to get the flank charge in.

Turns 5 - 6
The remaining couple of turns saw the Dryads finish of the 2 man Quarreller unit and my remaining Bolt-Thrower. The Budgie rider killed the other 4 Quarrellers and was drawn into combat with my Runesmith and the Organ Gun crew where he stayed (Budgie less eventually) till games end. My Longbeards and Hammerers were unable to make any further headway and the game ended with the Elves in charge of 2 of the key objectives and a large part of the battlefield.

Final Result - Victory to the Elves 15-9

Warhammer Tournament Report [NICON 09]

NICON 09 - Tournament Format

The Warhammer Fantasy for NICON 09 was split into 6 rounds, since extended to 7 so all 8 players can play each other once, spread over two days. Matches started at 8.30am and ran to 6.30pm depending upon finishing time.

Game 1 & 2 - Breakthrough
Attacker (1000pts) Defender (1200pts)

Players alternated between attacker and defender assuming each role once. VP were standard but with following changes:
  • No points for table quarters
  • Attacker gets VP for units of US 5+ that exit the board using a normal move on the defenders side. Attacker recived double the original cost of each exiting unit. VP not awarded for flyers, scouts or tunnelers.
Bonuses were awarded for Game 3 for winning attacking player won the battle and exited at least one unit - Flanker Bonus would force enemy in Game 3 to deploy within a single table 1/4)
Defenders who won or drew, or prevented the exit of all enemy units earned Negate Flanker. This allowed them to prevent any player with Flank bonus from restricting their deployment.

Games 3 & 4- Capture + Flanker 2,250pts
Three landmarks in centre of board in middle and 18" from either edge. Special rules were:
  • Game length variable or 2.5 hours. Rolled D6 at end of turn after turn 4. In turns 4 & 5 a roll of '6' would end the game. In turn at the end of each players turn a roll of 4,5 or 6 would end the turn. If turn 6 didnt end then you would continue in same manner to maximum of 8 turns.
  • No VP for table quarters.
  • In Game 3 each of 3 landmarks gave a separate bonus: (1) 300 VP bonus (2) +1 PD or DD for rest of tournament (3) Reroll all rallies during that battle only. Had to have US 5+ within 12" to claim landmark.
  • In Game 4 the bonuses changed to: (1) Reroll all rallies during that battle only (2) Gain bonus magic item of upto 25pts; this had to be declared as part of your submitted army list and could not exceed normal character or unit maximums (3) +1 on dice roll for 1st turn in remainder of tournament.
Games 5, 6 & 7 - Pitched Battles 2,250pts
Standard rules for deployment, VP etc applied although killing the enemy general would give you a bonus battle point of +1 to your tournament total.

May 29, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report [Dwarfs vs. Dark Elves]

Gromil, axes and pointy eared assassins
2000pts Dwarfs vs. Dark Elves

It had been many a long year since the armies of Karak Thorinkin had emerged to do battle, and many more since the King himself had led them forth. The last instance was in 2959 when King Druegar Stromnisson had fulfilled his oath and satisfied his Grudge against the oath breaker Baron Northover [Read history]. In a short, but brutal, campaign in the human lands known as the Empire a series of increasingly larger skirmishes [Read battle reports] culminated with the King himself drawing blood on the field of battle [Read battle report]. Thirty years had passed since those events and now a new threat had emerged to the lands of the Thorinkin - Druchi or Dark Elves - had begun to encroach onto their lands. A series of border clashes, raids and attacks on outlying settlements had now culminated in the advance of a large Elven warband into Thorinkin lands. Approching his 70th on the throne of Karak Thorinkin King Druegar had begun to hope that the dark cloud that had shadowed much of his early reign had finally passed. It seemed that once again his people were to be tested by Grungi. With a heavy heart he doned his army, called forth his bodyguard of Hammerers and marched from Karak Thorinkin to do battle once more. Looking back at its gates as his army marched past him he could not help but think that it would be many a year before he returned, change was coming and the dark cloud was returning the Druchi were but the first step.

The Throng of Karak Thorinkin (2000pts)
King Druegar Stromnisson
Gimurt Lofsson Runesmith
Tholim Goronhad Thane & BSB
Longbeards x25
Quarrellers x10
Quarrellers x10
Hammerers x21
Organ Gun

The Druchi
Warriors x20
Warriors x20
Crossbowmen x10
Crossbowmen x10
Assassins x2
Fast Cavalry x5
Cold One Chariot
Cold One Knights x8

Dwarven artillery and Quarrellers deployed on the large hill dominating the battlefield with the infantry spaced in front in a typical castle formation. The only exceptions were the Organ Gun and Gyrocopter of Clan Ragnell. These King Druegar ordered positioned on the right flank behind a small forest. From there the Gyrocopter could aid in march blocking the Elven cavalry preventing any outflanking of the Dwarven line, while the Organ Gun would have a clear field of fire at the flanks of the advancing Elven infantry.

Thorinkin Longbeards deploy with Gimury Loffson Thane Goronhad assumes his position on the hill behind

Turn 1 - Dwaves move first

Organ Gun & Gyrocopter on right flank You can see the Elven battleline in the distance

The battle opened with Dwarven Bolt-Throwers and Quarrellers taking a terribly toll on the Cold One Chariot and Crossbowmen opposite them. With five of their number dead the Crossbowmen are forced to flee while the Chariot which failed its stupidity test (along with the Cold One Knights) takes 3 wounds as a single Bolt lances through it. On the right the Gyrocopter flies forward to screen the Organ Gun from the approaching Elven cavalry.

Turn 2

King Druegar watches the Elven advance atop his Shield

Recovering from their initial loses and stupidity the Elven battleline marches boldy and quickly across the field. King Druegar can only watch as the missle units on the hill continue to take a bloody toll on the forces arranged before him. First to fall is the Cold One Chariot struck down by yet another bolt before it can move. Further damage is done to the Elven Warriors who are now closing in on charge range of the Thorinkin Longbeards, while the Organ Gun & Gyrocopter make short work of the Elven cavalry forcing it to flee in panic. Druchi magic beings to crackle across the battlefield but is dispelled causing no damage although repeated fire from their Bolt-Thrower cuts down several of King Dreugars accompanying Hammerers.

The Dwarven battleline tenses as the Cold One Knights approach

The Longbeards charge the Druchi Warriors & their General

Hand to hand combat sees the Longbeards victorious

Run Druchi Run

Tactical situation as the Druchi flee

Foolishly advancing into charge range the Druchi General and her accompanying Warriors are rushed by the stout Longbeards who proceed to butcher them with ease. Panicing due to their losses the Warriors flee from the might of Dwarven steel. No pursuit is offered though as the frail pointy ears run to far and as King Dreugar orders the Longbeards to hold as the Cold One Knights are now dangerously close.

King Dreugar meets the Cold One charge and challenges their Champion

Tactical situation as Cold Ones charge

In the mintues that follow the panic of the Druchi spearmen the Cold One Knights charge into the massed ranks of the Hammerers, calmly ignoring the threat of King Druegar atop his Shieldbearers. Issuing a challenge King Druegar calls out the Cold One Champion whose puny weapons are unable to penetrate his Runic Armour. King Druegars mighty axe then cleaves the Cold One Champion in two hacking through his armour with ease and into the body of his mount, both fall dead at his feet. Around him though his bodyguard are not so lucky as two of their number are cut down. Outnumbered and having suffered terrible loses the Cold Ones however remain steadfast.

Longbeards flank charge the Cold One Knights
In the background the Gyrocopter fresh from killing Crossbowmen attacks the Warriors

Mintues later though the Cold Ones regret their decision to stand as their flank is charged by the Longbeards. Together they and the Hammerers tear the Cold Ones to pieces the scattered remnants fleeing only to run into the Gyrocopter which has taken up position behind them.

Tactical situation as Longbeards flank charge Cold Ones

The 2nd Druchi warrior regiment coming to their aid finds it has arrived too late to be of assistance - perhaps distracted by the Organ Gun to their rear exploding as it misfires - but they arrive early enough to be charged by the Hammerers and King Druegar. They are literally torn to pieces as battle rage takes over the King and he wades through their ranks. Victory his in sight but is at this moment that a fateful decision is made, Gimurt Loffsson in leading the Longbeards chooses not to pursue the fleeing Cold Ones. Forgetting about the Druchi Warriors he has earlier routed he leaves his flank open to their charge. And charge they do. In the ensuing melee the Longbeards resolute as they are flee in panic and only just manage to outrun the pursuing Druchi. The Hammerers who had been locked in combat with the 2nd Warrior regiment are shocked as wounded Longbeards stumble through their ranks in panic.

But it is too late for King Druegars bodyguard to assist their kin they have given chase to the fleeing Druchi Warriors and are now badly positioned in the middle of the battlefield. Without the Longbeards to protect their flank King Druegar is now open to attack from the all sides by Druchi Crossbows and their Bolt-Thrower. In his rear the Longbeards are charged again by the Druchi and are overrun as their paniced flight sees them mill around in confusion almost failing to move any distance at all. On the hill above Tholim Goranhad can only watch in shock as the Longbeards and Gimurt Lofsson are cut down. He gives the order for his warmachines and quarrellers to open fire on the pursuing Druchi. One bolt from the thrower to his right punches through an entire rank of 6 Druchi killing them all and exacting some revenge for the Longbeards loss. The remaining Druchi break and flee to all corners of the battlefield, their unit cohesion utterly destroyed.

Near the end Hammerers turn back as the remaining Druchi Warriors are cut down

As darkness falls over the battlefield King Druegar wisely orders his Hammerers to fall back toward the safety of the hill and the Dwarven gunline. Druchi missle fire has destroyed the Gyrocopter that offered him some protection as well as several more of his accompanying Hammerers. While the Druchi army including its General has been largely destroyed King Druegars own losses have been higher than expected, the loss of the Longbeards are cruel blow to his pride and his people lessening their victory. While the threat of the Druchi warband has been ended the King senses that change has definately come to his lands, the Dark Cloud that has plagued his people throughout their history is now clearly visible in his mind. The loss of the Longbeards serving only to reinforce the ill luck that has plagued many of his hold and his kin.

Final Result - Dwarfs 1281 VP / Druchi 862 VP - Marginal Victory to Dwarfs.

May 28, 2009

NICON 2009 Warhammer Tournament Report

Opponent list for NICON out

The schedule for the first two rounds of NICON was released today along with the player list. Unfortunately there are only 8 people playing WHFB at NICON this year compared to the 32 who were at RUNEFANG a fortnight ago. The majority I suspect will be playing FOW and Ancients, but at least with 8 players the final result will be more balanced as everyone would have played nearly everyone else.

Army's competing at NICON 09
Wood Elves
Dwarfs (me)
Wood Elves
High Elves

My Matchups
1st Round vs. Lizardmen
Should be interesting this one. I am going to be at a serious disadvantage when it comes to movement but unlike my High Elves I will be less fragile and more able to do damage in the combat phase. High leadership will also help although I will miss my magic as that came in handy during RUNEFANG. Have to remember to kill that damn Stegadon quickly if he has one.

2nd Round vs. Goblins
Should be fun I saw this army at RUNEFANG and it looked pretty tough with a nice mix of units. I will miss the High Elves causing Fear and the Hatred angle is going to cause me problems. Going to have to use the Gyrocopter to tease out the fanatics.

vs. Bretonnians
Never played against this army before so it would be nice to get a match against them. All I know is that there cavalry is outstanding so a castle orientated defence is my best bet.

vs. Wood Elves
Oh bugger!! Thats about all I can say about these guys. I am going to get seriously chewed to pieces by missle fire against these guys. I am simply going to have to charge right up the guts and get stuck into them as quickly as possible. MR Challenge will be useful here.

vs. High Elves
This will be fun if I get the match-up depending upon what the army has, probably a Prince on Star Dragon combo which will cause problems for me if I can't get my Lord into fight it (he is immune to breath weapons).

No Vampires at this tournament, will be interesting to see what people bring to Horned Rat in July, which I registered for last week.

May 27, 2009

Zombie Dwarfs & Manfred von Carstein all complete

Vampire Counts taking shape
Zombie Dwarfs raised and ready to feed

My Vampire Counts are now nearly ready to play with the 2nd of my Zombie regiments and Manfred von Carstein all completed. Unlike the regular GW Zombies these guys are made out of left over Dwarf Warrior bits, weapons from the Skeleton unit and a couple of Crypt Ghoul arms and heads. Decided to make them really bloody as well to represent Dwarfs that had been killed and then promptly, almost immediately, raised to serve the Vampire army. Think it looks pretty neat, ill go with the same bloody look on my Ghouls as well.

Also completed Manfred von Carstein after finally getting his sword arm attached properly. Had to pin it which was difficult as the pieces arent that thick and it would be easy to drill right through them and ruin the model. Even so there is a noticable bulge in the left forearm but I am not too worried about that. Particularly happy with the green eyes, bloody mouth and blood covered weapons on Manfred. Also made more use of Chaos Black to aid in highlighting the armour plate.

What does everyone think? Onlya few more units to go and I can start fielding a fully painted Vampire Count army.

May 26, 2009

Retailer review

Retailer Review
Iron Halo

P: Wellington, New Zealand
T: Not listed

About the Store
Was introduced to these guys and their products at RUNEFANG II when I saw a large number of armies using their custom movement trays and bases. They also had a stall set up during the tournament offering a range of products for sale allowing me a good look at their merchandise.

The IronHalo homepage

What do they sell
Iron Halo specialise in custom movement trays, bases, and base inserts for Warmachine, 40k & LoTR. They also have a limited terrain selection. The inserts and bases come in all of the standard sizes used in each of those gaming systems and the even provide larger sized bases for Warmachines.

Shopping at Iron Halo
Is pretty easy, you need to register first which is quick and painless. After that its much like any other online shopping experience. The catalogue is well laid out with every item neatly described and provided with clear pictures of what the product looks like. Prices are listed in US and NZ dollars and two payment options are available - PAYPAL and for New Zealanders, direct deposit into the companies bank account.

My Experience & special note for New Zealand based customers
Was excellent, took me longer to figure out what I actually wanted than it did to place the order. I made one mistake when I used PAYPAL instead of the direct bank deposit option. For overseas customers this wouldn't make much difference. But for New Zealanders the direct deposit option will save you a bit of money as the PAYPAL exchange rates and fees often increase the basic cost per item.

20mm x 20mm Wlydewoode bases

After realising what I had done I contacted Iron Halo and got a response within a few hours, with the option of having the excess payment credited or additional bases added onto the order, which is the option I took. My final order consisted of:

  • 3 packs of 20mm x 100mm Wlydewoode bases, 3 bases per pack each of which can fit 5 standard WHFB infantry models per base)
  • 3 packs of 20mm x 20mm Wlydewoode bases, 10 bases per pack
  • 1 pack of 25mm x 50mm Wlydewoode cavalry bases, 5 per pack (although I got 6?!?)
Total cost of order was NZ$70 and delivery took all of 2-3 days which was just awesome. Phoenix Guard, Swordmasters and Dragon Princes are already attached to them and will get an undercoat soon. Next planned purchase from them are the custom movement trays which are either plain or custom designed to match the bases you go for.

The Dwarf cull is complete

Not as many figures as I thought?!

Well having sold the Dwarf figures I no longer wanted I did a recount of my WHFB collection and totalled up the points I had left over across all 3 armies (4 if you count Nauticans). This time rather than count equipment, command groups, and magical item extras I just added up the basic points cost of each model/unit. Final totals surprised me somewhat:
  • Dwarves - 3,197 pts
  • High Elves - 3,551 pts
  • Vampire Counts - 2,334 pts
  • Nauticans - Approx 1,200 pts
Considering that I used to be able to field a Dwarf army of 6-7000 pts it just goes to show how much of your armies points costs are taken up with optional extras.

May 25, 2009

1st order placed with Reaper Minis

Alternative figures for Warhammer Fantasy
Nauticans, Dwarfs and Vampire Counts

Found these guys via Sigmars Nautican blog and after doing some checking decided to place my first order today to test out their range of alternative miniatures. On order from Reaper Mini are the following items:

Pearl the Mermaid

Spectral Minion

Crimson Knight, Necropolis Grunt

Necropolis Standard Bearer
Durgam Deepmug, Dwarf

The mermaid will be the start of my Nautican collection. The others will make (hopefully) nice alternative additions to my Vampire Counts and Dwarfs. Delivery in 2-3 weeks (taking the cheap option) so we'll wait and see.

Paint stripping metal minis

Repainting and rebasing my High Elves easier than I thought

OK, I have read numerous forum, blog and website posts on the best techniques to remove paint from metal minis. After helping my daughter remove some nail polish (they apply it at day care sometimes) I decided to pour what was left of my wifes nail polish remover into a container and see if it worked at stripping paint. First to get the treatment were 2 Phoenix Guard, who after a 3-4 hour soak got a quick scrubbing under the tap and hey presto they were completely free of paint - and I do mean completely.

So it was off to the Warehouse where I picked up a 250ml bottle of Nail Polish remover for $2.99 and proceeded to pour the entire thing into another container. Into that mix went the rest of my Phoenix Guard and the metal pieces from a unit of Dragon Princes (Horses heads and the riders). Another 3-4 hour soak and once again a thorough scrub in some hot water (not in the kitchen this time as my wife was home) and nearly all of the paint had come off.

Only drawback to the entire process was that the nail polish remover seriously ruined i.e., melted the plastic bases each figure was on. It also loosened the superglue holding various arms etc onto the figures bodies. However, as I am rebasing all of my High Elves the melted bases didnt bother me that much.

Next task is trying to figure out how to paint strip plastic minis, after I first figure out how to remove them from their current bases without ripping their feet off.

Tournament Army List NICON 09 [Warhammer Dwarfs]

NICON is this weekend!!!!
Scenarios & pitched battle tournament format

Only 4 days until I drive up to Napier for my 2nd ever Warhammer tournament. Taking my Dwarfs this time rather than my High Elves. Tournament format is interesting and departs from the norm.

Rd 1 - A Scenario based battle 1000 pt attacker vs. 1200 pt defender
Rd 2 - Another Scenario, ambush I think for this one, 1000pt attacker vs. 1200 pt defender

Players alternate so you play one round as the defender and one as the attacker. The key thing for these first two rounds is that the 1000 & 1200 pt lists have to be built out of your 2,250pt army list. This means that anyone who loads up on Special/Rare choices is going to find it difficult to construct a workable and effective 1000/1200 pt army. The rules also prevent you modifying any of your units or characters, so if you have 150pts left and your Hero costs 151 then tough you can't use him.

At the end of those first two Rounds you can earn bonus points for taken objectives, killing the opposing general and for capturing secret weapons caches. These weapons caches all hold a bonus 25pt magical item that you can add to your 2,250pt army list - as long as it doesn't break any composition rules.

Not sure how many players there will be for the Warhammer Fantasy section, last I heard there were about 8-10 which isn't a lot considering the 32 we had at RUNEFANG. But then again NICON is dominated by Fields of War, Ancients, Napoleonic and Medieval warfare systems so Warhammer Fantasy tends to take a smaller role.

My Army List - 2,250pts

- Shieldbearers, GW, MR Steel, RO Resistance, RO Stone, MR Kragg the Grimm, RO Fire, RO Warding, RO Furnace

Gives this guy a 1+ rerollable AS, can only be hit at S5 nothing more, is immune to Killing Blow and poison and all fire based attacks. 5 attacks at S6 with a flaming weapon also help.

- MR Challenge, RO Spellbreaking x2

Standard set up, I dont take Anvil of Doom outside of 3000+ pt games. Single Runesmith gives mme 5 DD + 2 Scrolls more than enough. Use MR Challenge to get enemy to come to my Lord.

- RO Fire, MR Gromil, RO Preservation, RO Resistance, RO Furnace, BSB

Typical BSB set-up with a 1+ rerollable AS, immunity to killing blow, poison & fire based attacks.Makes him pretty much unkillable.

Longbeards x25
- FC, Shields, RO Battle & RO Stoicism

Not taking warriors as Lord gives me option of having a single unit of Longbeards on their own. WS5 S4 T4 is pretty damn good - that with immunity to panic, old grumblers rule, RO Battle (+1CR) and Stoicism (double unit strength) make this a rock in the middle of my line.

Quarrellers x10
- Shields

Quarrellers x10
- Shields

Prefer these guys over Thunderers despite not having AP missle weapons but they still get S4 and a better range.

Hammerers x18
- FC, Shields, RO Stoicism

Going with the Lord job is simply to stay alive and let him kill stuff, hence will probably use handweapons throughout battle not GW.

Hammerers x19
- FC, Shields, RO Battle & RO Sanctuary

Love these guys, some people take rate them and prefer Ironbreakers. But Ill take Stubborn over a extra 1+ in your AS anyday. RO Sanctuary gives them MR1 so I effectively can an extra DD from this unit. Will have Runesmith or BSB with them.

- Engineer, RO Penetrating

- Engineer

Prefer these over cannons, 48" range that I don't have to guess and you get 2 for the price of a single cannon with a RO Forging (which is pretty much mandatory) and still leave a special slot open.

Organ Gun

Love this weapon, going to do some serious damage and if it doesn't opponents will waste time trying to kill it.


March block nasty units, shoot them to bits, then use MR Challenge to force combats with those units I want to fight.

TOTAL 2,239 pts

1000 pt & 1200 pt Scenario lists.
Ok the absence of any Warriors meant I shot myself in the foot in regard to rounds 1 & 2 but I can still field some strong line ups. Either way be able to take 1 or 2 units of Stubborn Hammerers in a 1000/1200 pt game is just invaluable, a lot of people won't expect it.

1000pt Attacker List
Hammerers x19

Only 1 strong combat unit but that is protected well from magic and Gyrocopter and warmachines will target any enemy shooting. With Runesmith and RO Sanctuary I will have 6 effective DD and 2 scrolls in a 1000pt battle, don't expect anyone to be able to touch me with magic.

1200pt Defender List
Bolt-Thrower w. RO Penetrating
Organ Gun

No Gyrocopter here but both units of Hammerers. Stubborn units on the Defensive - can't beat them - and they still get a 4+/3+ AS against hth attacks and missle fire. Tried to include BSB in this list but couldn't quite fit him in without dropping a Hammerer unit and in Defence I need more infantry.

May 22, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report [Nauticans vs. Goblins]

Nauticans Revenge!!!
1000pts Nauticans v3.1 vs. Goblins

Their first incursions into the surface world had come as a shock to the Princes of the Nautican world. An expeditionary force sent to investigate the polluting of the coastal water ways by the strange green skinned land creatures had not returned. Fearing the worst scouting parties of Coral Hunters & Wave Breakers were sent out and with them returned the grave news. On an open field bordered by forests and dominated by a large lake the scouting parties had found the aftermath of a battle. Unsupported by the protective mists of their wave magic the Nautican corpses found by the scouting parties were nothing more than dried up husks. Only the great shells of the Giant Crabs gave any indication as to the nature of the army that lay among the grass.

Around the many dead, including one of the mystical Siren mages whose loss would be keenly felt, were scattered hundreds of smaller rough skinned green creatures and what looked like their larger brethren. The scouts returned with something new as well... a name for those creatures Goblins & Orcs. It was these creatures that had been despoiling the Nauticans coastal home and which had attacked and destroyed the initial expeditionary force, and these creatures against which a second more powerful Nautican army would now march. The scouting parties had bravely followed the trial left by the original Goblin force and had found their camp, close to one of the coastal reefs used as a Sprat spawning ground. Revenge was nigh... the land dwellers were about to feel the wrath of Nautican might....

Deployment & Set Up
Fought near the coastline the Nautican and Goblin armys met across an open field and deployed their forces ready for the upcoming battle. Unfortunately Goblin scouts had seen the Nautican force moving out of the water and raised the alarm removing any element of surprise. The Nauticans deployed first but it was the Green skins who gained the initial movement.

Nautican Army - 1000pts
- Scalemail, Oceanic Trident, Clam Shield, Spirit Shroud [Cause Terror]
Coral Hunters x12
Coral Hunters x12
Sandgangers x10
Sandgangers x10
Trident Guard x25
- Oceanic Tridents, Bullshark Banner [Endless Frenzy]
Giant Crabs x2
Tripoon Battery

Goblin Army - 1000pts
Orc Big Boss on Chariot
Orc Big Boss
Goblin Shaman Lvl 2
Goblins x20
Goblins x20
Goblins x20
Goblins x10
Spider Riders x5
Spider Riders x5
Trolls x2

Turns 1
Moving first Richard marched his Goblins straight ahead at least those few that passed their animosity checks. Out of range of any of the Nautican troops Goblin missle fire was unable to do any damage but magic from the Little Waugh succeeded in killing one of the Giant Crabs with 'Fit of Gork' - enraged at the death of its mate the remaining Crab gained eternal hatred and frenzy and charged forward.

Nautican shooting proved more effective. Coral Hunter units on either flank advanced forward and fired into the Goblin ranks cutting down a large number of Goblin archers and a number of Spider Riders. The Tripoon Battery also scored a direct hit on the Orc Big Bosses Chariot with 1 Bolt causing 2 valuable wounds.

Turn 2-5
These turns began with the Spider Riders charging the Coral Hunters on the Nautican right flank, and getting shot to pieces for their trouble. The sole remaining Spider Rider resolutely continued his charge however. In the centre Goblin fanatics come spinning crazily out of the Goblin ranks and tear into the Trident Guard killing 2 of them, while others run into open space. Goblin magic again proves decisive killing the remaining Crab but is unable to do any further damage.

In the centre the Orc Big Boss charges (rather foolishly) with his chariot straight into the Trident Guard, where his weapons prove ineffective. Unable to hurt enough of the Trident Guard he loses on CR and flees from the Terror causing unit causing widespread panic among a nearby unit of Goblins.

The remaining Goblin units however are not put off and charge the Trident Guard and Sandgangers, while the Fanatics continue to whirl around. Meanwhile the Spider Riders have been destroyed by the Coral Hunters on the right who now continue to send Spear Bolts into the Goblin archers to their front. On the Nautican left the 2nd unit of Spider Riders advances toward the Nautican left but is also shot down for its trouble and panics away from the Coral Hunters guarding that flank.

Combat in the centre turns ugly, the Goblins unable to break the Sandgangers get locked into 3 rounds of combat. Three rounds that prove long enough to cost them their lives. In the centre the Trolls kill 2 Trident Guard who in return, along with the accompanying Nautican Prince, literally butcher the Goblins to their front, the accompanying Big Boss, and both of the Trolls. Fleeing from combat the Goblins and Trolls are overrun and allow the Trident Guard to wheel and charge into the flank of the Goblins fighting the Sandgangers.

On the Nautican left the third large unit of Goblins that fled in panic at the demise of the Orc Big Boss continues to flee. They show more bravery than their General though and do not run off the board. The 2nd unit of Sandgangers advances to delay them in case they should turn to attack the rear of the Trident Guard.

Turn 6
The battle is now over. While the Goblins cut down the last of the Sandgangers they are powerless against the flank charge of the frenzied Trident Guard who tear them apart panicing those few who remain and running them down. The Coral Hunters on the right also continue to shoot down the few remaining Goblin Archers and Spider Riders.

The battle ends... with the NAUTICANS VICTORIOUS... only a single unit of Goblins remains while almost the entire Nautican army is still standing. Revenge is theirs.

May 21, 2009

What happened to my Warmachine posts?!?

Waiting on Warmachine Mk2

Quick apology to anyone who followed my Blog because of its Warmachine content. I have as you have noticed not posted about Warmachine in sometime, not since our last campaign ended several months ago. Basically I have fully committed myself to Warhammer for the present time and while I will keep and return to my Protectorate of Menoth army it will be a while before I do so. However, I am keeping the faith and do still follow those blogs that post about Warmachine regularly - so you never know I might return sooner than you think. At the moment I am really just waiting for the Mk2 books to come out.

In the interim 'Keep the true faith' and 'Burn the heretics' especially those @#@$! from Khador who absolutely refuse to accept their rightful place as Menoths lapdogs.

IronHalo custom bases and inserts [Warhammer & Warmachine]

Just placed my first order with for a number of different custom bases for my Warhammer Fantasy High Elf army. They also sell base inserts for Warmachine as well and after seeing the merchandise first hand over the weekend I have to say that its first rate and very reasonably priced.

Anyway as part of my plan to overhaul my High Elves and repaint, rebase and redesign them I have ordered the following bases from the Ironhalo online store. All up I will be getting 6 x 5 figure bases, 20 x single figure bases and 5 x cavalry bases for NZ$45 + $5 postage. Compared to similar products I ordered from Imperial Games a few months back these prices are an absolute bargain.

For Warmachine players the offer inserts in a range of types for all base sizes - infantry, small warjacks and large warjacks.

Selling my Dwarfs - well some of them anyway

I have way too much stuff!?!

Time for a little clean out of my WHFB and Warmachine figure collections. After returning from RUNEFANG I have decided to re-focus my armies on tournament play. This means only keeping enough figures to build 2-3 decent 2,250 pt army lists per army and repainting and rebasing a lot of my miniatures. On the repainting to do list are my High Elves who I want to repaint to get a standard look. The basic them will follow that of my Swordmasters (see below)

  • HE Phoenix Guard - going to strip these right back and repaint them like my Swordmasters
  • HE Dragon Princes - stripping these right back as well, mould lines need cleaning up and I need to give them a standard look
  • HE Spearmen - have 1 more unit box on order so will look at adopting the purple/yellow paint scheme across the entire army
  • HE Shadow Warriors - 1 more unit on order to give my 10 of these guys
The colour scheme I will use across the entire HE army

First to go are a large number of my Dwarf units. Given that I can put out 6-7,000 pts if I want to I really have far more than I need so a lot of the basic figures are getting the chop and are now on trade me. New Zealand readers might want to have a look. Anything I dont sell I will probably give away to some of the newer members at my local club at least 2 of them play Dwarves.
[Cut and paste links into yourb browser]

While thats a lot of Warriors to sell I am still keeping around 50 of which 25 are painted and flocked to a presentable standard. The other 25 are still waiting assembly and currently consist of a bunch of undercoated sprues. Total figure collection left for my Dwarfs after I sell those units and dump everything else I don't want will be:

  • 1 Lord on Shieldbearers
  • 1 BSB
  • 1 Thane/Lord
  • 2 Runesmiths
  • 2 Master Engineers
  • 50 x Warriors/Longbeards
  • 40 x Hammerers
  • 20 x Miners
  • 20 x Thunderers
  • 30 x Quarrellers
  • 2 x Cannons
  • 2 x Bolt-Throwers
  • 1 x Organ Gun
  • 1 x Gyrocopter
  • 1 x Grudge Thrower
With NICON coming up in less than 2 weeks I am furiously painting my 2nd unit of Hammerers in order to get a fully painted army ready for that tournament. As for Warmachine I haven't quite figured out what I want to keep yet but at the moment I am considering selling of the following figures/units:

  • Idrian Skirmishers - don't like, can't be bothered painting them, will never use them
  • Daughters of Flame - cool figures, were fun to paint, but again never use them
  • Devouts x2 - I have 4 of these and with the Mk2 rules I don't want as many
  • Repenter - the unpainted one
Other than that I am not sure, been a while since I played. Also really wish I hadn't sold my Medieval 15mm army now *sigh*

May 18, 2009

RUNEFANG II - Warhammer Fantasy Tournament Pictures

Just some of the pictures I took at the tournament over the weekend, unfortunately camera problems continue to plague me and most of those I took didn't turn out very well.