May 25, 2009

1st order placed with Reaper Minis

Alternative figures for Warhammer Fantasy
Nauticans, Dwarfs and Vampire Counts

Found these guys via Sigmars Nautican blog and after doing some checking decided to place my first order today to test out their range of alternative miniatures. On order from Reaper Mini are the following items:

Pearl the Mermaid

Spectral Minion

Crimson Knight, Necropolis Grunt

Necropolis Standard Bearer
Durgam Deepmug, Dwarf

The mermaid will be the start of my Nautican collection. The others will make (hopefully) nice alternative additions to my Vampire Counts and Dwarfs. Delivery in 2-3 weeks (taking the cheap option) so we'll wait and see.


Binz said...

Cool :) am i correct in noticing that mermaid is topless? :D

Sigmar said...

nice one John. I'm getting some orders in too !

Is the "Necropolis Standard Bearer" for the Chanty Singer ? It's a great find if it is.

Thanks for sharing, I need to go back to the reaper site !

M said...

You may want to check the link in the post to Reaper Minis. It is linking to a bare site that looks more than a little dodgy.

Sigmar said...

Hi john, about that link that "M" pointed out.

The site is (without the "s" at the end)

I'm doing a bit of shopping myself right now ;)

All the best,

John said...

Oops - changed the link to the right one thanks M & Sigmar.

Hand't thought about the Necroplis guy being the Chanty Singer, that would work I was looking for as a Standard Bearer for my Vampires. But Chanty Singer would fit better I think

And yes I have noticed the Mermaid is topless, ill green stuff a top onto her