May 3, 2009

200th post & a new addition

Made my 200th post yesterday, and what better way to celebrate it than to announce that...


my wife is currently 3.5 months pregnant with our 2nd child!!!!

In gaming related news I finally finished painting all of Swordmasters ready for RUNEFANG II. Ill post some pictures of the army and each individual unit on this blog before the tournament. Only have the Mage left to complete now and the shields for the 2nd unit of Dragon Princes. Definately going to go to the NICON tournament in Napier now as well and the Dragon Mage will get a run there with a slightly modified list courtesy of gingerninja at Librarium Online.


Caleb said...

Congratulations John thats great news.

I dont know about you but i cant wait for runefang.

Darth Weasel said...

Congrats on the family addition. Oh, and also on having another kid... :-)

yeah, I know, lame joke. Someone had to make it and Caleb dropped the ball...

In all seriousness, congrats on the new child. Hope he or she is healthy and you have many years of joy together.

Sigmar said...

Congratulations to you and your family John.

Now, this is a great opportunity... what army are you going to get him/her to play ?

All the best,

John said...

Cheers and thanks :) :)