May 12, 2009

5 days till my first WHFB tournament!!!

RUNEFANG here I come... and NICON not far off
Yet another tournament announced!!!

My High Elves are all packed away and I am kind of ready to go for my first Warhammer tournament ever. Have to admit I am somewhat nervous given I have only played socially since beginning WHFB last year. Local forum traffic in New Zealand also suggests that several of the tournament players will be very (very) experienced and have particularly strong armies. Either way it is definately going to be a learning experience - now I just have to hope I don't end up facing Caleb's Chaos army in the 1st round - been *ahem* *sigh* *cough* beaten by it enough in last few weeks.

The North Island Convention or NICON tournament is also only 2-3 weeks away now, coming up on the last weekend on May. Unfortunately unlike RUNEFANG which was sold out Warhammer players have been slow to enter NICON and it looks like there will only be 6-10 player competing including myself. Disappointing by hey I still get to play.

Other big news is that Wellington will be hosting yet another Warhammer tournament this year Horned Rat tentatively scheduled for 11th/12th July.

Also finished v3 of my list for NICON and most likely Horned Rat & Call to Arms as well (High Elves are going to be put away after RUNEFANG).

2,250pts Dwarf Tournament List v3

Lord (with 1st unit of Hammerers)
- Shieldbearers, GW, MR Steel, RO Resistance, RO Stone, MR Challenge, RO Furnance

Runesmith (with Longbeards)
- Shield, MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking or MR Dismay, RO Spellbreakingx2

Thane (with 2nd unit of Hammerers)
- MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Cleaving, RO Furnace

Hammerers x18 (w. Lord)
- FC, Shields, RO Stoicism

Hammerers x19 (w. BSB)
- FC, Shields, RO Stoicism & RO Sanctuary

Longbeards x25
- FC, Shields, RO Battle & RO Stoicism

Quarrellers x10
- Shields

Quarrellers x10
- Shields

- Engineer, RO Penetrating

- Engineer, RO Burning

Organ Gun



Only query is the lack of a magical weapon for the Lord, but I'm erring more on the side of protection here. Pity Dwarfs dont have an equivalent of the HE AMulet of Light which grants evey model in a unit magical attacks. I understand reasoning behind GW vs. Shields on Quarrellers but personal experience leans me toward Shields.


Sigmar said...

nice tidy list John.

I have also always favoured hammerers in the past. Just one word of warning... I seem to be in the minority in this respect because most other Dwarf players I haev spoken to seem to favour Ironbreakers.

I'm no Dwarf expert but just thought I'd let you know. Let's see if anyone else comes back with any opinion on this.

All the best,

John said...

Ironbreakers are preferred as they offer a 2+ AS in Hth combat for the same price as Hammerers. Problem is I dont have any?!? :(