May 26, 2009

The Dwarf cull is complete

Not as many figures as I thought?!

Well having sold the Dwarf figures I no longer wanted I did a recount of my WHFB collection and totalled up the points I had left over across all 3 armies (4 if you count Nauticans). This time rather than count equipment, command groups, and magical item extras I just added up the basic points cost of each model/unit. Final totals surprised me somewhat:
  • Dwarves - 3,197 pts
  • High Elves - 3,551 pts
  • Vampire Counts - 2,334 pts
  • Nauticans - Approx 1,200 pts
Considering that I used to be able to field a Dwarf army of 6-7000 pts it just goes to show how much of your armies points costs are taken up with optional extras.

1 comment:

Caleb said...

Thats a lot of stuff man. I might have to work out my chaos.