May 8, 2009

Dwarves it is for NICON 2009

Decision made this morning that I will take my Dwarfs to NICON 2009 not my High Elves. High Elves are cool but its too hard to break them down to workable and effective 1000 and 1200 pt lists. That and my lack of Eagles and White Lions means I am at a serious disadvantage when it comes to high AS enemies. So my proposed list is....

2,250 pts Dwarves v.2

Lord (w. Hammerers)
- Shieldbearers, GW, MR Steel, RO Stone, RO Resistance, MR Kragg Grimm, RO Fury
Runesmith (w. Longbeards)
- Shield, MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking
Runesmith (w. Warriors)
- Shield, Spelleater Rune, RO Spellbreaking
Thane (w. Hammerers)
- MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Cleaving, BSB
Hammerers x18
- FC, RO Battle
Longbeards x24
- FC, Shields
Warriors x24
- FC, Shields
Quarrellers x10
- Shields
Quarrellers x10
- Shields
- Engineer, RO Penetrating
- Engineer
Organ Gun

TOTAL 2,243

But my evil twin could take over and I might consider fielding a HUGE GUNLINE ARMY including as much artillery as possible.

If I went completely crazy I could field the following missle units and really go to town in the shooting phase....

3 x Units of Quarrellers (12 per unit)
3 x Units of Thunderers (1o per unit)
2 x Bolt-Throwers (w. Engineers & RO Penetrating)
2 x Cannons (w. Master Engineers & Engineers)
1 x GrudgeThrower (w. Engineer)
2 x Organ Guns

Use the Master Engineers to entrench both of the Organ Guns and to give the Cannons D6 rather than D3 wounds whenver the hit anybody and each shooting round I would be looking at

36 x S4 shots at -1 AS RNG 36"
36 x S4 shots at -2 AS RNG 24"
2 x S8 shots at NO AS RNG 48" D3 wounds
2 x S10 shots at NO AS RNG 60" D6 wounds
1 x S8/S5 shots NO AS RNG 60" D3 wounds
2 x S??? shots AP RNG 24"

Nasty isn't it??? More importantly as I would have 6 core units my composition score wouldnt suffer so badly and would counter the hit I would take in list points.

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