May 7, 2009

Dwarves or High Elves for NICON?!?

I can wait until after RUNEFANG too submit my list (I think) so I am not quite sure what to take, Dwarfs or High Elves. Tournament scoring is very different as is set up with the 1000 & 1200 point games at the beginning. Taking Dwarves would give me a definate advantage in both of those scenarios and with the composition score. My RUNEFANG II High Elf army scores 53.3% on the NICON composition scoring format which isn't that great, but then I am hampered by an absence of core models - need one more unit box of Spearmen.

Oh - also put a link to a panoramic image of my entire High Elf collection (except for the Tiranoc Chariot) on the right hand side bar if anyone is keen. Just scroll down to you see the 'High Elf Army History' section.

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