May 7, 2009

High Elves ready & packed for RUNEFANG II (lots of images)

I'll let the pictures tell the story this time - all the images should expand out when clicked on *fingers crossed*


Swordmasters, Archers, Shadow Warriors & Archmage

Dragon Princes, Bolt-Throwers, Phoenix Guard, Spears & BSB

Swordmasters (Unit 1)

Spear Elves (note Command Group of 4 model base)

Phoenix Guard

My entire HE collection packed in foam (except for Dragon)

Spears, Bolt-Throwers & Heroes

Swordmasters (2 trays like this)

Silver Helms, Lion Chariot & Bolt-Throwers

Phoenix Guard, Archers & Mounted Noble

Dragon Princes

The trays all packed away

Recently completed Alith Anar the Shadow King

Total cost of foam about $20, cost of toolbox also $20 (from the Warehouse). If I want to carry the Dragon I can just leave out the Silver Helm tray (I don't use them that much) move the Swordmaster trays over to the left and pack the Dragon down the side. Also room on top for Army Book, BFSP Rule Book, and other stuff I might need. Dice etc are in little trays on top of lid.

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