May 1, 2009

How the #$#$! do I beat Chaos?!?!

What does a Stumpy Elf do?
My current record against Chaos is terrible, overall

Played - 19
Won - 2
Lost - 12
Drawn - 5

The win/loss ratio is the same whether you take my Dwarf or High Elf armies and frankly its getting damn annoying. Yes, at least 4-5 of those games were monster 6-10,000 pt battles where I was simply swamped with Chaos Warriors, but honestly it is getting a bit disheartening. Bad decision making is one thing, and I make enough of those, but a 2-12 win-lose ratio just sucks. To top it all off another Chaos player has joined our club *sigh*


Caleb said...

Hey john,
Look you started the last game right by targeting my fast light stuff in the first turn i dont think you went far enough with it by not finishing off my fast cav and sorcerers that ride around with them. If you could take out one of those sorcerers i lose one DD dice and a scroll which should be enough to give you magical superiority. Also i think lore of metal is the go vs WoC on your lvl 4 where you choose spells. For example if you take 1 3 4 and 6 you lvl4 casts #1 and picks out my Lvl2 general and throws 2 dice at it he would take a S7 no AS which i have to dispel so thats two DD gone or a scroll. Then throw 4 dice at #6 which will cast on an average roll at my knights or warriors 2d6 S7 or S5 no AS which i also have to stop so good by scroll. My magic defense is effectively gone and you still have a bound 2d6 S4 and another 2PD on your lvl2. Sometimes your big spell will fail to cast but not every time and you should have 2 turns to try to cast before contact. I would cast in this order
Bound, lvl2 2pd, lvl4 2pd, lvl4 4pd.

Caleb said...

On a side note john what do you teach?

John said...

Cheers mate appreciate that, I did some further reflection and am still wondering why I skipped Lore of Metal. I had a plan in mind but it got side tracked after you advanced those Marauders up the middle like that. Talked myself out of it. I teach Management & Meteorology

Caleb said...

What is Meteorology?

Yeah those marauders up the middle was great! Couldnt believe how little of them died to the DP's. I had planned for both them holding and fleeing tho.