May 21, 2009

IronHalo custom bases and inserts [Warhammer & Warmachine]

Just placed my first order with for a number of different custom bases for my Warhammer Fantasy High Elf army. They also sell base inserts for Warmachine as well and after seeing the merchandise first hand over the weekend I have to say that its first rate and very reasonably priced.

Anyway as part of my plan to overhaul my High Elves and repaint, rebase and redesign them I have ordered the following bases from the Ironhalo online store. All up I will be getting 6 x 5 figure bases, 20 x single figure bases and 5 x cavalry bases for NZ$45 + $5 postage. Compared to similar products I ordered from Imperial Games a few months back these prices are an absolute bargain.

For Warmachine players the offer inserts in a range of types for all base sizes - infantry, small warjacks and large warjacks.

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