May 5, 2009

High Elf army lists - trying something different

NICON 2009 - High Elf Army list ideas
What you can do with special hero characters and no PD restrictions

OK, the NICON 2009 tournament has two big rule differences from RUNEFANG first there is no implicit restriction on the number of PD you take hence you can have more than 8, and you can take named special characters from the hero list.

This means I could take characters like Alith Anar - the portable, skirmishing, hates everybody look I have my own personal Bolt-Thrower or the Captain of the Phoenix Guard. No real options with Dwarfs, and Vampire Count options arent that great except for Vlad and Manfred who are Lord level choices.

So what do I do? I want to take my Dragon, but then again I like magic so why not max that out? Or do I max out combat power take a couple of scroll caddies as anti-magic defence and put in all my heavy hitting units? .

Option 1 - Magic Heavy
Archmage Lvl 4
- Folraiths Robe, Annulian Crystal
Mage Lvl 2
- Seerstaff, Dispel Scroll
Mage Lvl 2
- Ring of Fury
- GW, Armour of Caledor, Amulet of Light, BSB
Spears x20
- FC, Lion Standard
Archers x10
Phoenix Guard x19
- FC, Banner of Sorcery, Gem of Courage
Swordmasters x11
- SB, Bladelord, Banner of Arcane Protection
Dragon Princes x5
Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower

TOTAL 2,242 pts
10 PD + D3 + 1 Bound & 6 DD + 1 from Annulian Crystal + 1 Scroll & 1 unit with MR2

Option 2 - Combat focused

- Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Enchanted Shield, Star Lance
- Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Lance, BSB, Banner of the World Dragon
Dragon Mage Lvl 2
- Silver Wand, 2xDispel Scrolls
Seaguard x10
Seaguard x10
Dragon Princes x5
- FC, Banner of Ellyrion, Amulet of Light
Dragon Princes x5
- FC, War Banner, Skeinsliver
Silver Helms x8
- Shields, MU
Lion Chariot
Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower

TOTAL 2,237 pts
4 PD 3 DD + 2 Scrolls

Would love to take a Prince on a Star Dragon in the 2nd list but I dont have one only a Dragon Mage (the mage is glued to it so I cant swap in the Prince figure). Either way I am going to be taking 3 Bolt-Throwers (or I could take 4?!?)regardless of the impact that has on my composition score. Or I might take my Dwarfs, so many choices...

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Caleb said...

There is one other big change in the comp. Where you get points removed before standard tier for the amount of core in the army Highelves need at least 34% core to not get hit 50%.

It kinda sucks for most armys my runefang one (33% core units) for example would score 46/90 in this system (about 15% to tournament score) where as for runefang i should get about 18/24% from comp.

Its an interesting system but think its kinda silly basing comp on core choice %.