May 14, 2009

Nauticans v3 out now and its good :)

Sigmar's finished updating the Nautican army to v3 and I like it!!!

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Going to be play testing v3 of the Nautican army at my local club tonight, and also plan on spreading the word about the army at the RUNEFANG tournament this weekend. Doing some number crunching on various combos and lists and am really having fun putting particular units together.

One thing I like to do is to have a clear idea of the basic abilities of the army regarding special abilities, and the Nauticans have quite a few that make for interesting army lists. These may seem extreme to some but they are well balanced vs. the WS, S, T and equipment of the various Nautican units.

Fear causing Units
Giant Crabs (Special unit 160pts)
Man o War (Rare unit 170pts)
Octopus (Rare unit 200pts)
Zharc (Unique Hero 140pts)
Units carrying 'Creatures from Below' Banner (40pts)

Stubborn Units
Giant Crabs (Special Unit 160pts)
Trident Guard (Special Unit, limited availability, 12 pts per model)
Interceptors (Special Unit, 1 per army max, 12 pts per model to max of 15)
Leviathan (Rare unit 380pts)

Unbreakable Units
Lobstrosities (Special Unit 35pts each)
Sandgangers (Core Unit 6pts each)

Terror Causing Units
Leviathan (Rare unit 380pts)
King of the Seas (Unique Lord 490pts)
Characters wearing the Spirit Shroud (45 pts)

My favourite unit is, even after only 2 games with the Nauticans, the Giant Crab. 160pts for a mating pair with US 6. They are Stubborn, Cause Fear, Tough, Strong and do a ton of damage with multiple attacks. At 160 pts you can also put two units of them into a 750pt list and really go to town with them.

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Sigmar said...

Thanks for the write up John, I hope the tournament goes well for you tomorrow.

Re: the Giant Crabs, I'd like to say that they are an excellent unit need to be used with care ! A wily enemy will soon get to grips with them if they send in standard rank and file with great weapons and a good combat res. With a leadership of 7 and stubborn the crabs will stick around for a while but not forever.