May 28, 2009

NICON 2009 Warhammer Tournament Report

Opponent list for NICON out

The schedule for the first two rounds of NICON was released today along with the player list. Unfortunately there are only 8 people playing WHFB at NICON this year compared to the 32 who were at RUNEFANG a fortnight ago. The majority I suspect will be playing FOW and Ancients, but at least with 8 players the final result will be more balanced as everyone would have played nearly everyone else.

Army's competing at NICON 09
Wood Elves
Dwarfs (me)
Wood Elves
High Elves

My Matchups
1st Round vs. Lizardmen
Should be interesting this one. I am going to be at a serious disadvantage when it comes to movement but unlike my High Elves I will be less fragile and more able to do damage in the combat phase. High leadership will also help although I will miss my magic as that came in handy during RUNEFANG. Have to remember to kill that damn Stegadon quickly if he has one.

2nd Round vs. Goblins
Should be fun I saw this army at RUNEFANG and it looked pretty tough with a nice mix of units. I will miss the High Elves causing Fear and the Hatred angle is going to cause me problems. Going to have to use the Gyrocopter to tease out the fanatics.

vs. Bretonnians
Never played against this army before so it would be nice to get a match against them. All I know is that there cavalry is outstanding so a castle orientated defence is my best bet.

vs. Wood Elves
Oh bugger!! Thats about all I can say about these guys. I am going to get seriously chewed to pieces by missle fire against these guys. I am simply going to have to charge right up the guts and get stuck into them as quickly as possible. MR Challenge will be useful here.

vs. High Elves
This will be fun if I get the match-up depending upon what the army has, probably a Prince on Star Dragon combo which will cause problems for me if I can't get my Lord into fight it (he is immune to breath weapons).

No Vampires at this tournament, will be interesting to see what people bring to Horned Rat in July, which I registered for last week.


M said...

Good luck at NICON John. Hope to see you post the battle reports after the carnage is over.

Darth Weasel said...

Good luck indeed. On the Brets, a word to the wise; do NOT, under any circumstances, let them get the charge if you can help it. By the time they hit67% of the time with multiple attacks and, with S6, probably wound on a 2+ with a -3 to your armor, you are going to be fortunate indeed to even get a chance to strike back. Being short and slow, that is obviously an issue for you, but anything you can do to slow them up and keep them from a charge is something vital towards having a chance. Just sayin'

John said...

Cheers guys :)