May 25, 2009

Paint stripping metal minis

Repainting and rebasing my High Elves easier than I thought

OK, I have read numerous forum, blog and website posts on the best techniques to remove paint from metal minis. After helping my daughter remove some nail polish (they apply it at day care sometimes) I decided to pour what was left of my wifes nail polish remover into a container and see if it worked at stripping paint. First to get the treatment were 2 Phoenix Guard, who after a 3-4 hour soak got a quick scrubbing under the tap and hey presto they were completely free of paint - and I do mean completely.

So it was off to the Warehouse where I picked up a 250ml bottle of Nail Polish remover for $2.99 and proceeded to pour the entire thing into another container. Into that mix went the rest of my Phoenix Guard and the metal pieces from a unit of Dragon Princes (Horses heads and the riders). Another 3-4 hour soak and once again a thorough scrub in some hot water (not in the kitchen this time as my wife was home) and nearly all of the paint had come off.

Only drawback to the entire process was that the nail polish remover seriously ruined i.e., melted the plastic bases each figure was on. It also loosened the superglue holding various arms etc onto the figures bodies. However, as I am rebasing all of my High Elves the melted bases didnt bother me that much.

Next task is trying to figure out how to paint strip plastic minis, after I first figure out how to remove them from their current bases without ripping their feet off.


Chris said...

There's a cleaning product out there called Simple Green, and it's worked well for me. Use a very old metal bowl or cooking pot from a second-hand store, use a ratio of 2:1 Simple Green and tap water, and soak your plastics for 24 hours. After that, a good scrub with a dollar-store toothbrush peels the paint right off, leaving just the bare plastic.

John said...

Thanks mate Ill try that