May 26, 2009

Retailer review

Retailer Review
Iron Halo

P: Wellington, New Zealand
T: Not listed

About the Store
Was introduced to these guys and their products at RUNEFANG II when I saw a large number of armies using their custom movement trays and bases. They also had a stall set up during the tournament offering a range of products for sale allowing me a good look at their merchandise.

The IronHalo homepage

What do they sell
Iron Halo specialise in custom movement trays, bases, and base inserts for Warmachine, 40k & LoTR. They also have a limited terrain selection. The inserts and bases come in all of the standard sizes used in each of those gaming systems and the even provide larger sized bases for Warmachines.

Shopping at Iron Halo
Is pretty easy, you need to register first which is quick and painless. After that its much like any other online shopping experience. The catalogue is well laid out with every item neatly described and provided with clear pictures of what the product looks like. Prices are listed in US and NZ dollars and two payment options are available - PAYPAL and for New Zealanders, direct deposit into the companies bank account.

My Experience & special note for New Zealand based customers
Was excellent, took me longer to figure out what I actually wanted than it did to place the order. I made one mistake when I used PAYPAL instead of the direct bank deposit option. For overseas customers this wouldn't make much difference. But for New Zealanders the direct deposit option will save you a bit of money as the PAYPAL exchange rates and fees often increase the basic cost per item.

20mm x 20mm Wlydewoode bases

After realising what I had done I contacted Iron Halo and got a response within a few hours, with the option of having the excess payment credited or additional bases added onto the order, which is the option I took. My final order consisted of:

  • 3 packs of 20mm x 100mm Wlydewoode bases, 3 bases per pack each of which can fit 5 standard WHFB infantry models per base)
  • 3 packs of 20mm x 20mm Wlydewoode bases, 10 bases per pack
  • 1 pack of 25mm x 50mm Wlydewoode cavalry bases, 5 per pack (although I got 6?!?)
Total cost of order was NZ$70 and delivery took all of 2-3 days which was just awesome. Phoenix Guard, Swordmasters and Dragon Princes are already attached to them and will get an undercoat soon. Next planned purchase from them are the custom movement trays which are either plain or custom designed to match the bases you go for.


Toshi David said...

Hey John, what were the prices like, comparable to other shops like this?

Did you find them pretty cheap, to custom base a large number of models?

John said...

Prices are really good and much cheaper than other options like Imperial Games in NZ or back to bases in Australia - so I would definately use them as a preferred source.