May 18, 2009

RUNEFANG II - Warhammer Fantasy Tournament wrap up

Well I got back from my first Warhammer tournament last night and have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, there were some absolutely amazing armies there. Good time had by all.

Top 5 armies were

Ogre Kingdoms
Chaos Dwarfs
Orcs and Goblins

My fellow club mate Caleb finished 11th with his Warriors of Chaos, I unfortunately finished 26th with 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses - including one massacre to the eventual winning army.

GAME 1 vs. Orcs & Goblins
Nice game, went pretty well until his Rock Lobbers both scored direct hits on my Spearmen killing all but one of them. He went to single handedly charge and break a unit of Night Goblins (well some DPrinces did help a little). Damn fanatics are freaking horrible, opponent had 10 - YES 10 of them - running around. They wiped out 1 unit of Dragon Princes, 1 of Swordmasters and would have killed my Archmage except for his Folraiths robe.

Final Result - DRAW 10-10
MVP Unit - My solo Spearmen insane courage against 40 Night Goblins!!!

Game 2 vs. Ogre Kingdoms
Oh, look a giant and lots of other big guys - Hooray. Another very friendly game against a nice opponent. Went well for me at the beginning. Shooting from the Bolt-Throwers, Archers & Shadow Warriors combined with magic decimated several units of Ogres and caused one of his characters to flee in Turn 1 (with the result that he played no further part in battle).

Turning points came though when I was unable to finish off the Giant whose Terror caused both, yes both, of my units of Dragon Princes to flee into terrain and DIE!!!! Despite my PGuard, Spears and Swordmasters absolutely ripping through the Ogre Bulls they couldnt put a dent into the Ogre Champions, Heros, Lord and BSB. Consequently, they got whittled down and eventually I only had my Shadow Warriors and Archers left.

End Result - LOSS 0-20
MVP Unit - Shadow Warriors must have killed at least 5 Ogres on their own

Game 3 vs. Lizardmen
The only game I really didnt enjoy against a younger guy with an unpainted army that he deployed and moved using a rubber ruler. Never quite sure if his units were where they were supposed to be and which Skink was in which unit. ALso think he added up his points wrong when we tallyed the final VP. Damn big Dinosaur monster thing rampaged through my army before my BSB killed it. DPrinces wiped out his Kroxigors, and my Bolt-Throwers cut down his Saurus Warriors pretty well - one flank shot killed 6 guys in one go!!. Unfortunately in a game that was heading towards a draw or a minor win to me the final turn saw nearly 800pts of my army flee costing me valuable points.

End Result - LOSS 5-15
MVP - BSB for killing that damn Dinosaur and the accompanying mage

Game 4 vs. Dwarfs
Hooray I get to play against Dwarves for the 1st time ever and against I guy I knew. A very very enjoyable game. Damn Dwarf shooting just destroyed my PGuard and nearly saw both of my mages flee off the table. LUckily the PG passed their l/ship tests rallied and I was able to extract the mages from amongst the 3 remaining PGuard. The DPrinces got butchered by the Dwarven Lord whose deployment I hadnt watched closely enough (hiding among Quarrellers, sneaky) after being surrounded by Slayers and Miners. After 2-3 turns things were looking very very bad for me. Enter the charge of the Swordmasters!!! Straight into the main Dwarven battle line they along with the Spears and my BSB just scythed through the Dwarves in front of them. Thunderers, Bolt-Throwers and Warriors were stomped into the ground. Only a unit of Longbeards stood in their way. What followed was 6 rounds of HtH combat vs. the Longbeards which saw 2 wins to me, 2 to the Dwarves and 2 draws with both units ending the match at under half strength.

End Result WIN 11-9
MVP - Swordmasters, worth their weight in gold those boys

Game 5 vs. Vampire Counts
Last game and the best one. Opponent had a Varghulf, 8 Black Knights 2 units of 30 Ghouls, a pile of Wraiths, some Bats and a big unit of Graveguard. I concentrated all of my shooting and magic on the Grave Guard and Wraiths but couldnt stop the wraiths who wiped out one unit of DPrinces, before getting stuck against the 2nd Unit who they couldnt kill or make panic for 4 full turns. This kept both of those units out of the game.

The Varghulf slaughtered my Shadow Warriors before moving round behind my forces. Big moment though was the central battle. 4 yes FOUR full turns of combat. 1st Turn Spears and PGuard charge the VC General, a Necromancer and 30 Crypt Ghouls. Grave Guard then flank charged the PGuard. Swordmasters then flank charge the Grave Guard. Varghulf then rear charges the Spears. 4 turns later - the Grave Guard, VC BSB, Necro and Ghouls are all dead. The Varghulf has 2-3 wounds left, the VC General is laughing after slaughtering Spearmen. The PGuard are 1 model over half strength (!!!!) and the Swordmasters have just butchered the Grave Guard and VC BSB. 8 rounds of combat in which no-one was breaking - freaking awesome, if the Varghulf hadnt kept making its Regen saves I would have killed it as well. Final act of game was my last round in Turn 6 where I got Conflag of Doom, Fury of Khaine and both of my Bolt-Throwers to kill 7/8 Black Knights giving me more points. The Black Knights and 2nd unit of Ghouls had spent the entire game staring at my 2nd unit of Swordmasters too afraid to charge.

End Result - Draw 10 -10
MVP - Swordmasters again

Final thoughts
Well, for my first tournament this was a lot of fun. I had 1 win, 2 draws, 1 close loss and 1 really bad one. My army list worked pretty well but needs some tweaks and I am definately DEFINATELY buying more Shadow Warriors they are just awesome. 3 more Warhammer tournaments in next 3 months going to be fun- taking Dwarves to next one, and will take High Elves to other 2 if I can get some Reavers in time.

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Darth Weasel said...

glad to see you had fun with it. sounds like you picked up a few things about which units to use and why, so even better...