May 15, 2009

RUNEFANG starts tomorrow - opponent list is out!!!

Lots and lots of pointy ears

Just received the army and player list for RUNEFANG II which starts tomorrow, I leave for Wellington tonight straight after teaching my final class of the week, and its interesting for what is and isn't there. The 32 players registered for the tournament include:

  • Chaos Dwarves
  • Daemons of Chaos x2
  • Dark Elves x 5
  • Dwarves x3
  • Empire
  • High Elves x3 (including myself)
  • Lizardmen x3
  • Ogre Kingdoms x2
  • Orcs & Goblins x4
  • Skaven
  • Tomb Kings
  • Vampire Counts x3
  • Warriors of Chaos
  • Wood Elves x3
Of those I have never played against let alone seen a Chaos Dwarf of Daemons of Chaos army so it will definately be interesting to come up against those. Guess I have a little bit of time before I leave to figure out some basic tactics. Initial thoughts on what I might face:

Dark Elves
Effective shooting better in ways to High Elves and with stronger cavalry. Will be able to match them in infantry combat but really depends on what they bring. Have only played 2-3 games against Dark Elves all at 750-1000pts so will see a lot of new combos.

Well hey I have 7000pts of Dwarfs and have been playing them longer than Elves so I know exactly what these guys can do. Big worry here is exactly what mix of units people take and the inability of S3 Elves to cut through T4 Dwarves. Except my opponents to be fielding Ironbreakers as well, which I don't have, so hitting a T4 Dwarf with a 2+ AS in HtH combat at S3 is going to be bloody difficult. Lore of Metal for Archmage is a definate choice, wish I had my Dragon for taking out war machines.

Played against these guys a lot as my brother has a huge Empire army and Stephen at my local club plays them as well. Pretty familiar with what they can do but I expect to see units I havent come across before like Griffons for example. The damn Warrior Preists are going to be a pain in the butt as will the Flagellants.

High Elves
Playing High Elf vs. High Elf will be amusing. I know that at least 1 of the 2 other HE players is bringing a Dragon but whether its a Star Dragon with a Prince of a Dragon Mage I am not sure. I also expect them to have White Lions and Chariots which I have left out of my list.

God I hate these guys, they're are freaking hard to kill. At least with the composition scoring at this tournament I shouldn't have to worry about guys fielding (like Henk at our local club did) 50+ Skinks in their armies. New rules for Lizardmen are brutal but at least Slann has been downgraded.

Ogre Kingdoms
Stephen plays these guys as well so I know how to fight them, beating them is something else entirely. At 2,250 pts all of the nasty combos will come out but luckily I have seen most of them as I have played most games vs. Stephen at that points level. Gut magic will be difficult. Lore of Fire is a definate must have.

Orcs & Goblins
Should be fun only played them a couple of times and I was using a Nautican army vs. Richard. Haven't faced a big force of these guys yet but am fully aware of what they can do. Just have to watch out for the damn fanatics.

This is what Doug brought to our club for a couple of weeks. I playtested my list against a couple of his 2,250 pt armies and it did pretty well. Just have to remember to target the right units. Phoenix Guard will be very important here.

Tomb Kings
Never played them, never seen them, should be interesting. Lore of Life I think for Archmage?

Vampire Counts
Ah ha was expecting to see lots of these. Now composition score will keep most of the really nasty combos out but we'll see. Either way its Lore of Life or Lore of Fire and using Dragon Princes to go for the General a.s.a.p, and must remember not to waste time shooting at Zombies. Archmage will definately be taking High Magic and casting Drain Magic every damn turn.

Warriors of Chaos
Caleb's nasty army, hopefully I won't have to play it as I have been beaten by it enough at the club.

Wood Elves
Damn horrible sneaky little buggers running about and hiding behind their freaking mobile trees. Too much shooting for my liking.

Daemons of Chaos & Chaos Dwarfs
Um what who the hell are these guys? What the hell do they do? Daemons are going to hurt aren't they?


Caleb said...

yeah daemons are going to hurt!

You Look Like A Nail said...

Here's everything you need to know about Chaos Dwarfs: we haven't even had a pretend army book since 5th Edition and we still haven't taken the hint. Chaos Dwarf players are characterized by a superhuman tenacity and stubbornness coupled with vicious stupidity. He'll probably beat you and then steal your lunch money. Your best bet is to just surrender now.