May 21, 2009

Selling my Dwarfs - well some of them anyway

I have way too much stuff!?!

Time for a little clean out of my WHFB and Warmachine figure collections. After returning from RUNEFANG I have decided to re-focus my armies on tournament play. This means only keeping enough figures to build 2-3 decent 2,250 pt army lists per army and repainting and rebasing a lot of my miniatures. On the repainting to do list are my High Elves who I want to repaint to get a standard look. The basic them will follow that of my Swordmasters (see below)

  • HE Phoenix Guard - going to strip these right back and repaint them like my Swordmasters
  • HE Dragon Princes - stripping these right back as well, mould lines need cleaning up and I need to give them a standard look
  • HE Spearmen - have 1 more unit box on order so will look at adopting the purple/yellow paint scheme across the entire army
  • HE Shadow Warriors - 1 more unit on order to give my 10 of these guys
The colour scheme I will use across the entire HE army

First to go are a large number of my Dwarf units. Given that I can put out 6-7,000 pts if I want to I really have far more than I need so a lot of the basic figures are getting the chop and are now on trade me. New Zealand readers might want to have a look. Anything I dont sell I will probably give away to some of the newer members at my local club at least 2 of them play Dwarves.
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While thats a lot of Warriors to sell I am still keeping around 50 of which 25 are painted and flocked to a presentable standard. The other 25 are still waiting assembly and currently consist of a bunch of undercoated sprues. Total figure collection left for my Dwarfs after I sell those units and dump everything else I don't want will be:

  • 1 Lord on Shieldbearers
  • 1 BSB
  • 1 Thane/Lord
  • 2 Runesmiths
  • 2 Master Engineers
  • 50 x Warriors/Longbeards
  • 40 x Hammerers
  • 20 x Miners
  • 20 x Thunderers
  • 30 x Quarrellers
  • 2 x Cannons
  • 2 x Bolt-Throwers
  • 1 x Organ Gun
  • 1 x Gyrocopter
  • 1 x Grudge Thrower
With NICON coming up in less than 2 weeks I am furiously painting my 2nd unit of Hammerers in order to get a fully painted army ready for that tournament. As for Warmachine I haven't quite figured out what I want to keep yet but at the moment I am considering selling of the following figures/units:

  • Idrian Skirmishers - don't like, can't be bothered painting them, will never use them
  • Daughters of Flame - cool figures, were fun to paint, but again never use them
  • Devouts x2 - I have 4 of these and with the Mk2 rules I don't want as many
  • Repenter - the unpainted one
Other than that I am not sure, been a while since I played. Also really wish I hadn't sold my Medieval 15mm army now *sigh*


Mark said...

Let me know when you are ready to sell the warmachine figures, and if I can talk the boss into it, I'll buy them.

John said...

Will do mate