May 8, 2009

Thoughts behind my Dwarf list?!?

How exactly did I reach the following v2 of my proposed tournament Dwarf list... what does each unit do? and what is it meant to do?

Lord (w. Hammerers)
- Shieldbearers, GW, MR Steel, RO Stone, RO Resistance, MR Kragg Grimm, RO Fury

Runic combos & Shieldbearers mean that in defence this guy gets a 1+ rerollable AS, is immune to killing blow and poison, can be hit at a maximum of S5 so his AS never drops below a 3+. On attack the Lord has 4 S6 attacks @ WS7 + 2 S4 attacks @ WS5 from his bearers. Put him in with the Hammerers and they became immune to fear and terror as well as stubborn.

Runesmith (w. Longbeards)
- Shield, MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking
Runesmith (w. Warriors)
- Shield, Spelleater Rune, RO Spellbreaking

Runesmiths are standard for every army I field, and in fact I dont tend to include Thanes until the points get past 1200-1500 and use Runesmiths as my army Generals. 2 Runesmiths give me 6 DD, MR Balance gives me 1 more and takes 1 PD off the enemy, and RO Spellbreaking are like Dispel Scrolls. Spelleater rune performs same function but on a 4+ will remove the offending spell completely from the game, e.g., I use this to Dispel a Vampire Counts Invok of Nehek roll a 4+ and he can't cast it again for the rest of the game.

Thane (w. Hammerers)
- MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Cleaving, BSB

MR Gromil is the Armour of Caledor of the Dwarfs only better as it gives you a 1+ AS, add in the RO Resistance and he gets to re-roll that as well. RO Cleaving makes his attacks S5 and BSB adds +1CR to key units. Put him with the Hammerers who have the War Banner equivalent and you have a Stubborn, Immune to Fear & Terror unit starting any battle at +6 CR with two heavy hitting characters in the front rank.

Hammerers x18
- FC, RO Battle

Best unit in the Dwarf arsenal in my opinion. You can use their GW but honestly you are better off using their HW and Shields giving them the better AS. Their job is to stay alive so the Lord can kill the enemy. With the Thane and Lord in the front rank of this unit it will do - 7 x S6, 2 x S5, and 2 x S4 attacks in each round of combat. Or to put it another way thats 7 attacks at -3 AS, 2 at -2AS and 2 at -1AS enough to decimate any opponent even Knights.

Longbeards x24
- FC, Shields

Nice immune to panic unit in the middle of your battle line that allows other units to re-roll panic checks as well. Also striking on WS 5 @ S4

Warriors x24
- FC, Shields
Quarrellers x10
- Shields
Quarrellers x10
- Shields

Standard rank and file. I prefer Quarrellers over Thunderers as they are cheaper, fire at longer range and look better.

- Engineer, RO Penetrating
- Engineer

Enginner gives me BS 4 on each Bolt-Thrower, an extra crewman to cater for loses and HtH combat and the RO Penetrating means I have one chariot killing weapon.

Organ Gun

OK, this is the best unit in the Dwarf Arsenal then Hammerers. You can wipe out entire units of Knights with this weapons S5 No AS attacks, just roll for the number of hits on the dice. Its either 2,4,6,8,10 (maybe misfire) so either way against armoured units they are going to die pretty damn quickly.


March blocker extradionare, and also good for dealing to enemy warmachines, solo characters and skirmishers


Darth Weasel said...

I like your reasoning on the Quarrelers, but as a confirmed "heavily armored troop" player, I can say this; I fear the -2 of the Armor Piercing Handgun (as well as their plus one to hit) far more than I do the S3 of the Quarrels. But that is from the dark side, so take it with a giant salt shaker.

John said...

Yeah but remember Dwarf Crossbows are S4 not S3 so they get -1 and you can field 3 units of Quarrellers for the same cost of 2 units of Thunderers.