May 13, 2009

Vampire Counts Zombie Regiment all done

Getting my first Zombies ready for the table

Well its taken a bit of time due to work and family commitments but my Vampire Count army is nearing completion. With the latest additions to their fully painted ranks being another unit of 20 Skeletons and my first unit of Zombies.

Again pictures aren't my usual quality as I am still having major camera issues, that and its winter here so its kind of dark and hard to get good lighting.

Painting process was actually a lot of fun once I figured out the look I wanted which was a brown, dirty unit of dead plague ridden peasant corpses freshly raised from the ground.

Painting process for Zombies

Undercoat - Tanned Flesh, very thin layer just enough to cover Chaos Black primer
1st Layer - Rotten Flesh
2nd Layer - Flesh Wash
3rd Layer - Dwarf Flesh, highlights only
4th Layer - Elf Flesh, highlighting only
5th Layer - Sepia Wash, Ogre Skin Wash & Mud Wash, mixture of all 3 in different places etc

Clothing & Boots
Undercoat - Scorched Brown
1st Layer - Snakebite Leather highlighting
2nd Layer - Bestial Brown highlighting
3rd Layer - Vomit Brown highlighting
4th Layer - Sepia Wash & Mud Wash

Undercoat - Bleached Bone
1st Layer - Mud Wash & Sepia Wash or Bolt-Gun Metal & Badab Black

Undercoat - Scab Red
1st Layer - Tentacle Pink
2nd Layer - Skull White
3rd Layer - Blood Red, highlighting/dry brushing
4th Layer - Ogre Flesh Wash

Next project will be a unit of Dire Wolves and then my unit of Zombie Dwarfs...., although as I am taking 2 units of Hammerers to NICON I will need to get the 2nd unit painted so guess Ill do those first.

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