May 29, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report [Dwarfs vs. Dark Elves]

Gromil, axes and pointy eared assassins
2000pts Dwarfs vs. Dark Elves

It had been many a long year since the armies of Karak Thorinkin had emerged to do battle, and many more since the King himself had led them forth. The last instance was in 2959 when King Druegar Stromnisson had fulfilled his oath and satisfied his Grudge against the oath breaker Baron Northover [Read history]. In a short, but brutal, campaign in the human lands known as the Empire a series of increasingly larger skirmishes [Read battle reports] culminated with the King himself drawing blood on the field of battle [Read battle report]. Thirty years had passed since those events and now a new threat had emerged to the lands of the Thorinkin - Druchi or Dark Elves - had begun to encroach onto their lands. A series of border clashes, raids and attacks on outlying settlements had now culminated in the advance of a large Elven warband into Thorinkin lands. Approching his 70th on the throne of Karak Thorinkin King Druegar had begun to hope that the dark cloud that had shadowed much of his early reign had finally passed. It seemed that once again his people were to be tested by Grungi. With a heavy heart he doned his army, called forth his bodyguard of Hammerers and marched from Karak Thorinkin to do battle once more. Looking back at its gates as his army marched past him he could not help but think that it would be many a year before he returned, change was coming and the dark cloud was returning the Druchi were but the first step.

The Throng of Karak Thorinkin (2000pts)
King Druegar Stromnisson
Gimurt Lofsson Runesmith
Tholim Goronhad Thane & BSB
Longbeards x25
Quarrellers x10
Quarrellers x10
Hammerers x21
Organ Gun

The Druchi
Warriors x20
Warriors x20
Crossbowmen x10
Crossbowmen x10
Assassins x2
Fast Cavalry x5
Cold One Chariot
Cold One Knights x8

Dwarven artillery and Quarrellers deployed on the large hill dominating the battlefield with the infantry spaced in front in a typical castle formation. The only exceptions were the Organ Gun and Gyrocopter of Clan Ragnell. These King Druegar ordered positioned on the right flank behind a small forest. From there the Gyrocopter could aid in march blocking the Elven cavalry preventing any outflanking of the Dwarven line, while the Organ Gun would have a clear field of fire at the flanks of the advancing Elven infantry.

Thorinkin Longbeards deploy with Gimury Loffson Thane Goronhad assumes his position on the hill behind

Turn 1 - Dwaves move first

Organ Gun & Gyrocopter on right flank You can see the Elven battleline in the distance

The battle opened with Dwarven Bolt-Throwers and Quarrellers taking a terribly toll on the Cold One Chariot and Crossbowmen opposite them. With five of their number dead the Crossbowmen are forced to flee while the Chariot which failed its stupidity test (along with the Cold One Knights) takes 3 wounds as a single Bolt lances through it. On the right the Gyrocopter flies forward to screen the Organ Gun from the approaching Elven cavalry.

Turn 2

King Druegar watches the Elven advance atop his Shield

Recovering from their initial loses and stupidity the Elven battleline marches boldy and quickly across the field. King Druegar can only watch as the missle units on the hill continue to take a bloody toll on the forces arranged before him. First to fall is the Cold One Chariot struck down by yet another bolt before it can move. Further damage is done to the Elven Warriors who are now closing in on charge range of the Thorinkin Longbeards, while the Organ Gun & Gyrocopter make short work of the Elven cavalry forcing it to flee in panic. Druchi magic beings to crackle across the battlefield but is dispelled causing no damage although repeated fire from their Bolt-Thrower cuts down several of King Dreugars accompanying Hammerers.

The Dwarven battleline tenses as the Cold One Knights approach

The Longbeards charge the Druchi Warriors & their General

Hand to hand combat sees the Longbeards victorious

Run Druchi Run

Tactical situation as the Druchi flee

Foolishly advancing into charge range the Druchi General and her accompanying Warriors are rushed by the stout Longbeards who proceed to butcher them with ease. Panicing due to their losses the Warriors flee from the might of Dwarven steel. No pursuit is offered though as the frail pointy ears run to far and as King Dreugar orders the Longbeards to hold as the Cold One Knights are now dangerously close.

King Dreugar meets the Cold One charge and challenges their Champion

Tactical situation as Cold Ones charge

In the mintues that follow the panic of the Druchi spearmen the Cold One Knights charge into the massed ranks of the Hammerers, calmly ignoring the threat of King Druegar atop his Shieldbearers. Issuing a challenge King Druegar calls out the Cold One Champion whose puny weapons are unable to penetrate his Runic Armour. King Druegars mighty axe then cleaves the Cold One Champion in two hacking through his armour with ease and into the body of his mount, both fall dead at his feet. Around him though his bodyguard are not so lucky as two of their number are cut down. Outnumbered and having suffered terrible loses the Cold Ones however remain steadfast.

Longbeards flank charge the Cold One Knights
In the background the Gyrocopter fresh from killing Crossbowmen attacks the Warriors

Mintues later though the Cold Ones regret their decision to stand as their flank is charged by the Longbeards. Together they and the Hammerers tear the Cold Ones to pieces the scattered remnants fleeing only to run into the Gyrocopter which has taken up position behind them.

Tactical situation as Longbeards flank charge Cold Ones

The 2nd Druchi warrior regiment coming to their aid finds it has arrived too late to be of assistance - perhaps distracted by the Organ Gun to their rear exploding as it misfires - but they arrive early enough to be charged by the Hammerers and King Druegar. They are literally torn to pieces as battle rage takes over the King and he wades through their ranks. Victory his in sight but is at this moment that a fateful decision is made, Gimurt Loffsson in leading the Longbeards chooses not to pursue the fleeing Cold Ones. Forgetting about the Druchi Warriors he has earlier routed he leaves his flank open to their charge. And charge they do. In the ensuing melee the Longbeards resolute as they are flee in panic and only just manage to outrun the pursuing Druchi. The Hammerers who had been locked in combat with the 2nd Warrior regiment are shocked as wounded Longbeards stumble through their ranks in panic.

But it is too late for King Druegars bodyguard to assist their kin they have given chase to the fleeing Druchi Warriors and are now badly positioned in the middle of the battlefield. Without the Longbeards to protect their flank King Druegar is now open to attack from the all sides by Druchi Crossbows and their Bolt-Thrower. In his rear the Longbeards are charged again by the Druchi and are overrun as their paniced flight sees them mill around in confusion almost failing to move any distance at all. On the hill above Tholim Goranhad can only watch in shock as the Longbeards and Gimurt Lofsson are cut down. He gives the order for his warmachines and quarrellers to open fire on the pursuing Druchi. One bolt from the thrower to his right punches through an entire rank of 6 Druchi killing them all and exacting some revenge for the Longbeards loss. The remaining Druchi break and flee to all corners of the battlefield, their unit cohesion utterly destroyed.

Near the end Hammerers turn back as the remaining Druchi Warriors are cut down

As darkness falls over the battlefield King Druegar wisely orders his Hammerers to fall back toward the safety of the hill and the Dwarven gunline. Druchi missle fire has destroyed the Gyrocopter that offered him some protection as well as several more of his accompanying Hammerers. While the Druchi army including its General has been largely destroyed King Druegars own losses have been higher than expected, the loss of the Longbeards are cruel blow to his pride and his people lessening their victory. While the threat of the Druchi warband has been ended the King senses that change has definately come to his lands, the Dark Cloud that has plagued his people throughout their history is now clearly visible in his mind. The loss of the Longbeards serving only to reinforce the ill luck that has plagued many of his hold and his kin.

Final Result - Dwarfs 1281 VP / Druchi 862 VP - Marginal Victory to Dwarfs.


Toshi David said...

Nice report dude :)

Darth Weasel said...

Nicely done. Glad to see the Dark Elf army go down. Always tough to see a good win get knoed back by one or two poor rolls but sounds like a good time was had.

John said...

Cheers guys thank you - although it turns out I owe my opponent an apology. I mistakenly believed the Gryo was strong enough to auto-kill the fleeing Cold One Knights. Turns out it isn't its US 3 not the req'd US 5. Might have a made a slight difference im not sure?!