May 1, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report [High Elves vs. Chaos]

Ah crap its the forces of darkness again!?!
2250pts High Elves vs. Chaos: Battle of the RUNEFANG II lists

Third match up against Calebs Chaos army tonight this time against his finalised RUNEFANG II list. He posted it yesterday on his blog and I have to admit it is a very good list, well balanced with good combinations of magic, speed and hitting power. The standard Chaos deficiencies in shooting are made up for by the speed of his fast cavalry units and his good magic.

My list is OK, it could be better but I can't muck around with it anymore than I have already the submitted version I posted a few days ago was version 12 and the cut-off date for submissions is tomorrow. Much better to stick with a list and get used to using it.

You can view the army lists at the following links
- High Elves
- Chaos

I chose sides and took the one with the hill as it gave me slightly more options, but also because the layout of the forests suited what I wanted to do. Basically I aimed to deploy on the left side using the trees as a buffer zone preventing any of the Chaos cavalry units from hitting me. With my infantry stationary I could use my artillery and missle fire to weaken the Chaos units as they advanced. Hopefully the presence of the Dragon Princes in the middle would deter any rapid movements by Chaos towards my infantry. Either way Chaos units would have to expose their flanks to either my DP's or my infantry units. The Shadow Warriors on the right were there purely to guard the single RBT on the extreme right and to act as an annoyance factor.

Caleb's Chaos had more individual units so he had some advantages in that he could wait for me to finish before putting his stronger units down, e.g., the Chaos Knights. With one unit on my right flank I was worried but reckoned it had at least 3 turns before it got toward my main battleline due to the Shadow Warriors and RBT's. My Archmage went on the hill with the RBT, which in hindsight was a mistake, the BSB with the Spears and the Level 2 Mage with the Phoenix Guard.

Turns 1-2
Basically a lot of maneavuring on both our parts my line extending out so it was between the forest and the hill. A single unit of Swordmasters moving around the extreme left flank to take up position between the two left-hand forests, the other remained behind the Spears to act as support. My Archers and RBT's went for the Warhounds (this time I concentrated on one unit at a time rather than spreading the wounds out) and killed off all 3 Hound units inside two turns. They and the Shadow Warriors also got stuck into the Marauders (infantry and foot) causing a few casualties there.

HE magic proved largely ineffective although one spell did see of 3 Chaos Horseman. Chaos responded in these twos by attacking the Shadow Warriors killing all but 1 of them (who I promptly forgot about for the rest of the game - he was hiding REALLY WELL) and charged the lone bolt-thrower. The right flank unit of Chaos Knights hung back as did most of Caleb's battleline. The only exception were the Marauder infantry who advanced forward right into the middle of the board baiting me into charging them.

Turn 3-4
Guess what I took the bait - AH HA HA - the joke was on me. CR meant I needed to score 4 more kills than the Marauders with both units of DP to win the combat. Unfortunately despite doing that and winning the combat the Marauders held and the DP were unable to kill enough of them in subsequent rounds. Enter the Maruader Horseman and Chaos Knights on my right flank who prompty rampaged into the centre melee. The end result the DP's got slaughtered only 2/10 survived to run away eventually fleeing off the board. Final tally for 300pts worth of Dragon Princes... 10 dead Marauders :(

On the other flank Chaos magic took its toil on the Swordmasters but did little else whereas my magic and missle fire managed to take care of the 2nd Marauder Horse unit leaving only its accompanying Sorcerer to continue the fight. A couple of wounds were scored on the Ogres but that was about it as outside of the DP vs. Everybody battle no-one else had charged yet.

Turns 5-6
Um, bugger, darn, nuts... I got slaughtered here. The Phoenix Guard charge the Chaos Warriors draw the first combat and hold long enough for a unit of Swordmasters to charge the Chaos Warriors flank. End result 6-8 Chaos Warriors go down they break and run and I for some inexplicable reason decide to pursue. This despite the presence of an as yet untouched unit of Chaos Knights perfectly positioned to hit any pursuer in the flank - which they did. To their right the BSB and the Spears took care of the remaining Marauders but this was the last small victory the HE gained.

The Chaos Ogres charged the Spearmen forcing them to flee straight into the Marauder Horseman who were waiting behind them. The PG eventually break but only after surving 3-4 rounds of combat. The Swordmasters panic and flee and the Chaos Knights slaughter the Archers and remaining Bolt-Thrower. At battles end only 2 units of weakened Swordmasters remained - 10 models in all along with my BSB. My Mages both died under a hail of Chaos magic and under the hooves of the Chaos Knights.

End Result - Massacre to Chaos (nevermind)

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Darth Weasel said...

Entertaining report. Sorry Chaos is such a tough match-up for you but sounds like a fun battle overall.