May 22, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report [Nauticans vs. Goblins]

Nauticans Revenge!!!
1000pts Nauticans v3.1 vs. Goblins

Their first incursions into the surface world had come as a shock to the Princes of the Nautican world. An expeditionary force sent to investigate the polluting of the coastal water ways by the strange green skinned land creatures had not returned. Fearing the worst scouting parties of Coral Hunters & Wave Breakers were sent out and with them returned the grave news. On an open field bordered by forests and dominated by a large lake the scouting parties had found the aftermath of a battle. Unsupported by the protective mists of their wave magic the Nautican corpses found by the scouting parties were nothing more than dried up husks. Only the great shells of the Giant Crabs gave any indication as to the nature of the army that lay among the grass.

Around the many dead, including one of the mystical Siren mages whose loss would be keenly felt, were scattered hundreds of smaller rough skinned green creatures and what looked like their larger brethren. The scouts returned with something new as well... a name for those creatures Goblins & Orcs. It was these creatures that had been despoiling the Nauticans coastal home and which had attacked and destroyed the initial expeditionary force, and these creatures against which a second more powerful Nautican army would now march. The scouting parties had bravely followed the trial left by the original Goblin force and had found their camp, close to one of the coastal reefs used as a Sprat spawning ground. Revenge was nigh... the land dwellers were about to feel the wrath of Nautican might....

Deployment & Set Up
Fought near the coastline the Nautican and Goblin armys met across an open field and deployed their forces ready for the upcoming battle. Unfortunately Goblin scouts had seen the Nautican force moving out of the water and raised the alarm removing any element of surprise. The Nauticans deployed first but it was the Green skins who gained the initial movement.

Nautican Army - 1000pts
- Scalemail, Oceanic Trident, Clam Shield, Spirit Shroud [Cause Terror]
Coral Hunters x12
Coral Hunters x12
Sandgangers x10
Sandgangers x10
Trident Guard x25
- Oceanic Tridents, Bullshark Banner [Endless Frenzy]
Giant Crabs x2
Tripoon Battery

Goblin Army - 1000pts
Orc Big Boss on Chariot
Orc Big Boss
Goblin Shaman Lvl 2
Goblins x20
Goblins x20
Goblins x20
Goblins x10
Spider Riders x5
Spider Riders x5
Trolls x2

Turns 1
Moving first Richard marched his Goblins straight ahead at least those few that passed their animosity checks. Out of range of any of the Nautican troops Goblin missle fire was unable to do any damage but magic from the Little Waugh succeeded in killing one of the Giant Crabs with 'Fit of Gork' - enraged at the death of its mate the remaining Crab gained eternal hatred and frenzy and charged forward.

Nautican shooting proved more effective. Coral Hunter units on either flank advanced forward and fired into the Goblin ranks cutting down a large number of Goblin archers and a number of Spider Riders. The Tripoon Battery also scored a direct hit on the Orc Big Bosses Chariot with 1 Bolt causing 2 valuable wounds.

Turn 2-5
These turns began with the Spider Riders charging the Coral Hunters on the Nautican right flank, and getting shot to pieces for their trouble. The sole remaining Spider Rider resolutely continued his charge however. In the centre Goblin fanatics come spinning crazily out of the Goblin ranks and tear into the Trident Guard killing 2 of them, while others run into open space. Goblin magic again proves decisive killing the remaining Crab but is unable to do any further damage.

In the centre the Orc Big Boss charges (rather foolishly) with his chariot straight into the Trident Guard, where his weapons prove ineffective. Unable to hurt enough of the Trident Guard he loses on CR and flees from the Terror causing unit causing widespread panic among a nearby unit of Goblins.

The remaining Goblin units however are not put off and charge the Trident Guard and Sandgangers, while the Fanatics continue to whirl around. Meanwhile the Spider Riders have been destroyed by the Coral Hunters on the right who now continue to send Spear Bolts into the Goblin archers to their front. On the Nautican left the 2nd unit of Spider Riders advances toward the Nautican left but is also shot down for its trouble and panics away from the Coral Hunters guarding that flank.

Combat in the centre turns ugly, the Goblins unable to break the Sandgangers get locked into 3 rounds of combat. Three rounds that prove long enough to cost them their lives. In the centre the Trolls kill 2 Trident Guard who in return, along with the accompanying Nautican Prince, literally butcher the Goblins to their front, the accompanying Big Boss, and both of the Trolls. Fleeing from combat the Goblins and Trolls are overrun and allow the Trident Guard to wheel and charge into the flank of the Goblins fighting the Sandgangers.

On the Nautican left the third large unit of Goblins that fled in panic at the demise of the Orc Big Boss continues to flee. They show more bravery than their General though and do not run off the board. The 2nd unit of Sandgangers advances to delay them in case they should turn to attack the rear of the Trident Guard.

Turn 6
The battle is now over. While the Goblins cut down the last of the Sandgangers they are powerless against the flank charge of the frenzied Trident Guard who tear them apart panicing those few who remain and running them down. The Coral Hunters on the right also continue to shoot down the few remaining Goblin Archers and Spider Riders.

The battle ends... with the NAUTICANS VICTORIOUS... only a single unit of Goblins remains while almost the entire Nautican army is still standing. Revenge is theirs.


Sigmar said...

Excellent wrtie-up John, thanks for taking the army for another test drive.

Did you uncover any major issues ? Can we discuss in the Battle Reporter forum ?

I'll link back here from the Nautican blog.

Thanks again,

Darth Weasel said...

Good to see the Nauticans have some success.