May 4, 2009

Warhammer Tournament NICON 2009

Another Tournament for New Zealand Warhammer fans
Places still available get in now!!!

Just registered for NICON 2009 the 2nd New Zealand based Warhammer tournament to be held this month, and the third this year to be held within travelling distance of my home town. Places are still available for it and it is being run on a very interesting format.

The Tournament

Tournament Official: Neil Williamson Email -
When: 30 May and 31 May
Where: Napier Boys High School
Start Time: 8.30am
Army lists due:16 May to
Cost: Due to the late posting of this event - $30.00

General Format
Army Size: 2250 points + divisions from the list of: 1000 points & 1200 points
Rounds: 6
Opponents: Random for games 1 and 2 and 3, thereafter Swiss system
Details (usual blurb) :
• NICON 2009 will be run under the 7th Edition Warhammer Fantasy rule set.
• No BOTB lists are allowed.
• All armies must use an Army book that has been published and released in Australia at least 1 month before the commencement of the tournament. Chaos Dwarf generals must use the list from the Ravening Hordes booklet.
• Dogs of War armies may be used as published in the Chronicles 2004, including all Regiments of Renown published in the Chronicles 2004 and in White Dwarf, and released in New Zealand at least 1 month before the commencement of the tournament.
• Non Dogs of War armies may include Dogs of War or Regiments of Renown as Rare choices as indicated in the appropriate DoW unit description. Note that the Ogre Rhinox cavalry are allowed and will use up the stated 2 rare slots in non DoW, non Ogre Kingdom armies.
• Dogs of War units of Pikemen, Heavy Cavalry and Paymaster's Bodyguard can carry a magic banner up to a value of 50 pts.
• Weapons, armour options and upgrades chosen from the army list must be shown on the majority of the models in a unit.
• Proxies are not allowed.
• No Special Characters are allowed, EXCEPT hero level characters, including the “named” characters published in the 7th edition army books. Special Character models may be used to represent 'normal' characters.
• Warhammer Tournament Scenario Games will use various scenarios.

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