May 30, 2009

Warhammer Tournament Report [NICON 09]

NICON 09 - Tournament Format

The Warhammer Fantasy for NICON 09 was split into 6 rounds, since extended to 7 so all 8 players can play each other once, spread over two days. Matches started at 8.30am and ran to 6.30pm depending upon finishing time.

Game 1 & 2 - Breakthrough
Attacker (1000pts) Defender (1200pts)

Players alternated between attacker and defender assuming each role once. VP were standard but with following changes:
  • No points for table quarters
  • Attacker gets VP for units of US 5+ that exit the board using a normal move on the defenders side. Attacker recived double the original cost of each exiting unit. VP not awarded for flyers, scouts or tunnelers.
Bonuses were awarded for Game 3 for winning attacking player won the battle and exited at least one unit - Flanker Bonus would force enemy in Game 3 to deploy within a single table 1/4)
Defenders who won or drew, or prevented the exit of all enemy units earned Negate Flanker. This allowed them to prevent any player with Flank bonus from restricting their deployment.

Games 3 & 4- Capture + Flanker 2,250pts
Three landmarks in centre of board in middle and 18" from either edge. Special rules were:
  • Game length variable or 2.5 hours. Rolled D6 at end of turn after turn 4. In turns 4 & 5 a roll of '6' would end the game. In turn at the end of each players turn a roll of 4,5 or 6 would end the turn. If turn 6 didnt end then you would continue in same manner to maximum of 8 turns.
  • No VP for table quarters.
  • In Game 3 each of 3 landmarks gave a separate bonus: (1) 300 VP bonus (2) +1 PD or DD for rest of tournament (3) Reroll all rallies during that battle only. Had to have US 5+ within 12" to claim landmark.
  • In Game 4 the bonuses changed to: (1) Reroll all rallies during that battle only (2) Gain bonus magic item of upto 25pts; this had to be declared as part of your submitted army list and could not exceed normal character or unit maximums (3) +1 on dice roll for 1st turn in remainder of tournament.
Games 5, 6 & 7 - Pitched Battles 2,250pts
Standard rules for deployment, VP etc applied although killing the enemy general would give you a bonus battle point of +1 to your tournament total.

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