May 21, 2009

What happened to my Warmachine posts?!?

Waiting on Warmachine Mk2

Quick apology to anyone who followed my Blog because of its Warmachine content. I have as you have noticed not posted about Warmachine in sometime, not since our last campaign ended several months ago. Basically I have fully committed myself to Warhammer for the present time and while I will keep and return to my Protectorate of Menoth army it will be a while before I do so. However, I am keeping the faith and do still follow those blogs that post about Warmachine regularly - so you never know I might return sooner than you think. At the moment I am really just waiting for the Mk2 books to come out.

In the interim 'Keep the true faith' and 'Burn the heretics' especially those @#@$! from Khador who absolutely refuse to accept their rightful place as Menoths lapdogs.

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