May 5, 2009

WIP - Manfred von Carstein & Black Knights

Nearly finished Manfred Von Carstein a fantastic looking model overall although size wise he is a bit out of scale compared to the rest of the Vampire Counts units. Pictures aren't that great as my camera is acting up again, it is 5 years old after all.

Also working on my Tomb Kings to VC Black Knight conversions. With my High Elves now complete as far as having everything painted for the upcoming tournaments it seemed a good time to move back onto my Vampire Counts. Again photos are a bit off need a new camera.

I have to say that so far it looks like my Vampire Counts will be my best painted WHFB army. My High Elves are (with the exception of the Dragon & Swordmasters) pretty average as they were the first units I owned, my Dwarfs are pretty good (not display standard but still pretty good) but I think I am starting to get some techniques down pretty well now.

For anyone who wants to look at my previous painting efforts the following links to previously completed unit pictures might be interesting.
- HE Dragon Mage
- HE Silver Helms Champion & SB
- HE Silver Helms & Shadow Warriors
- HE Swordmasters
- Dwarf Hammerers
- Dwarf Gyrocopter
- Dwarf Core Units 1 & 2
- Dwarf Artillery entrenchment
- VC Lord & Skeletons
- Menoth eFeora, Daughters of Flame & Castigator
- Menoth Zealots & Monolith Bearer, Wracks, Severius, Rupert Cavalo

Lots more on here just search under Modelling/Painting


Darth Weasel said...

I particularly like the basing. Nice work. That has been the, by far, most difficult portion for me, getting basing to work. *sigh* Should just go back and do what I did before; ocean sand, glue, green paint. Actually worked better than the stuff I am trying now. But yours, particularly the spotty ground/foliage look....awesome. Love it.

John said...

Thanks Darth :)

Rysm said...

Dude, I envy your painting. I am so lazy as I like playing the game more. Keep up the great work. People like you make warhammer games look cool. I make them look like black blurs charging each other. :)

John said...

Thanks Rysm much appreciated :)