May 27, 2009

Zombie Dwarfs & Manfred von Carstein all complete

Vampire Counts taking shape
Zombie Dwarfs raised and ready to feed

My Vampire Counts are now nearly ready to play with the 2nd of my Zombie regiments and Manfred von Carstein all completed. Unlike the regular GW Zombies these guys are made out of left over Dwarf Warrior bits, weapons from the Skeleton unit and a couple of Crypt Ghoul arms and heads. Decided to make them really bloody as well to represent Dwarfs that had been killed and then promptly, almost immediately, raised to serve the Vampire army. Think it looks pretty neat, ill go with the same bloody look on my Ghouls as well.

Also completed Manfred von Carstein after finally getting his sword arm attached properly. Had to pin it which was difficult as the pieces arent that thick and it would be easy to drill right through them and ruin the model. Even so there is a noticable bulge in the left forearm but I am not too worried about that. Particularly happy with the green eyes, bloody mouth and blood covered weapons on Manfred. Also made more use of Chaos Black to aid in highlighting the armour plate.

What does everyone think? Onlya few more units to go and I can start fielding a fully painted Vampire Count army.


M said...

Looking good John. I love the idea of non-human zombies. Can't wait to see more when they're ready.

John said...

Cheers very much - i have another unit of mixed Empire/Chaos zombies as well trying to source more bits of people to build more. I like the idea of a huge Zombie army.